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sKSKSK YOU GUYSSSS..,.. last night i told my brother that we could have a “"sleepover” so i let him sleep on my room lmao and he told me to play my ~sleep playlist ~ hAA soo taylor’s cover of Bette Davis Eyes tarted playing aND HE STARTED BAWWWLLLIIINNNGGG HIs eyes out ohmygod i felt so bad


July 26, 2017


by Chaz and Slick

Established in 1962 at the corner of Selma Ave and Cosmo St., Hollywood Sound’s 50-year run saw the likes of everyone from The Doors to Michael Jackson, Natalie Cole, and Frank Sinatra record music history in its studios. It was only appropriate that OGallery, now occupying this space, tapped the talent of a few LA’s art icons to celebrate the rich history of the defunct studios, and in 2016 Chaz Bojorquez joined Slick to paint this work on the Selma Ave. wall. Originally from Hawai’i Slick came to LA to attend Otis and then Art Center, and has been on the forefront of its graffiti scene for more than 25 years, creating his iconic LA Hands back in the 90s. Applying the hands to more artistic endeavors for this mural Slick invited graffiti legend Chaz—sometimes referred to as the Godfather of Cholo graffiti—to write the names of the legendary performers to record in the studios.  @og​_slick  @chaz_bojorquez  @ogalleryla-blog  

You cannot tell me that this isn’t one of the most iconic raps in musical theatre history



with 96,000, I’d finally fix housing

give the barrio computers and wireless web browsing

Your kids are living without a good edumacation change the station,

teach them about gentrification, the rent is escalating

the rich are penetrating

We pay our corporations

when we should be demonstrating

What about immigration?

Racism in this nation’s gone
from latent to balatent!

I’ll cash my ticket and picket

Invest in protest

never lose my focus till the

city takes notice

and you know this, man!

I’ll never sleep

Because the ghetto has a

Million promises for me to



Sonny de la Vega is an iconic character and i relate to him on another level