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cought up with the boys at comic con and had Good Convos with them all. dean commented on my hoodie and was like what youtuber’s merch is that and i was like imallexx and he was like oh yeah i thought so and then we talked about alex for several minutes and if he goes on the camp cast thank me and me only xoxo

tom is ill and tired and dying and bitched to us about people coming to see him five times in a row which was iconic. pj was just generally perfect as always and honestly talking to all of them is the chillest thing even My anxiety had a nap


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Saeran: Shit…

Who's you're bias in BGA?

Mine is Jeungri. I freacking love Juncurryahn man

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never forget the time i was in spelling bee and our audience demographic was a little politically split (if mostly liberal) and our director asked our logainne to come up with a politics-free ad-lib and the fucking genius comes up with “this bee is as confusing as….as….bees! according to all known laws of aviation, a bee should NOT-“


KIM POSSIBLE: Madelaine Petsch

You need a redhead. We’ve seen Petsh in Riverdale. Her performance always radiates badass capable of kicking butt and taking names.


You would need to somehow bring down his natural attractiveness. However, I think he could pull off the aloof and charming best friend/love interest. Also, let him jump out of his archetype. 

WADE LOAD: Jacob Batalon

Does this one need explaining? He is perfect for this.

DR. DRAKKEN: Frank Dillane

This one is an odd choice, yes I know. I aged him down so all the actors could be roughly on the same playing field. Dillane can pull this off I think, he has got fair acting chops from what we have seen in Fear The Walking Dead. Still wondering if he can play the slightly deranged failure of a villain? Yeah, he is the guy who played a young Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. Case closed.

SHEGO: Eiza González

The most important one of all, my main girl. Who else can pull off this iconic, generally annoyed, stunning, deadly, witty fan favourite villain?

I would love for there to be more diversity in the actual cast, however, for my purposes, I tried to stay close to what the cartoon looked like. Except for Shego, shes green.