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did i ever show you this edit i made

cropped this MOB-U out and colored him in to use as icon bc hes like the fav mob Ive ever drawn 

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a very random set of yuri!!! on ice episode 7 icons

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someone in the tags said they liked the way I draw Rand’s hair, and I was like !!!! yes, that’s the thing I’m super proud of!

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Ray/Lily (Raily) matching icons

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Icon tutorial + feel free to use the icons

I’ve been asked by several people how I get the affiliate and network icons so sharp in some of my groups, so I decided to write a tutorial. (This will also work for your tumblr dash icon.) I’m using Photoshop cc for mac, but I’m not using the mac shortcuts here, so it should work for PC users as well.

This is pretty basic stuff, but it’s a wordy tutorial so that anyone with less photoshop experience should be able to follow along. 

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irt that last post i reblogged, people know that the reason “the babadook is a gay icon” was because netflix sorted it in to the lgbt films section. are people actually thinking it’s anything more than a joke?

anyway my personal read of the movie was that the babadook represents her greif over losing her husband on the day of her son’s birth. when she says something like “i have moved on, i haven’t talked about oscar in ages”, its clear what her problem is, and the book says “the more you deny me, the stronger i get”. she keeps ignoring her deep deep depression about the loss of her husband until it builds up to unmanageable sorrow. she can’t love her son because she can’t disconnect him from the night her husband died, he was killed on the drive to the hospital to have him. and as her grief gets larger, so does her hatred for her son. it is pretty clear that sam is autistic, yes. and the fact that she finds him to be “disobedient” and “a bad kid” only adds to how much she wishes her husband was still alive. basically, yes she’s ableist but i dont think the babadook represents her ableism alone. thats just a small factor that plays in to her depression over losing her husband

so thats why the movie ends with her not getting rid of it, because you can’t get rid of it. she just acknowledges it it, she calms it down, she feeds it. like you have to do with grief when you lose someone. if you ignore it, it will overtake you and those horrible emotions will make you miserable. 

“One of my favorite moments that I lately have been thinking about was, ‘I’m coming for all of you,’” McDonnell said about an iconic moment. “And the reason I loved it because we finally got to touch on Laura Roslin’s rage and that was liberating.”

But her favorite memory was a funny one. “Katee and I were shooting one of our first scenes together and we almost got fired…because we literally could not stop laughing…It was horrifying,” she said. And it wasn’t a funny scene, they were supposed to be serious. “We were backstage crying because we couldn’t stop laughing. We promised each other that we wouldn’t laugh and we would laugh and laugh and it wasn’t funny at all.”

“We almost got fired but it was a good memory. And that was why we didn’t have too many scenes after that,” McDonnell said.



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“Vegeta is getting beat down! This is worse than when he got his ass handed to him by Frieza!”