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I’m not a big one on—I don’t know what to call it—getting all glamorous. I don’t really worry about my looks, and I don’t worry about getting old. Exterior beauty doesn’t mean a lot to me. I mean, sure I like to look nice—sometimes. This is going to contradict all the pictures with the interview, because I’m very glammed out. I’m a total hypocrite.

genzelda  asked:

When I saw your icon changed back, I thought tumblr glitched out and had Mr. G take over again. "Guess he was tired of Sasster's ugly mug taking over senpai's blog." <;3c

“ ’UGLY MUG’…?”


thelazerbird  asked:

Ü brought your old icon back i see

It’s just a temporary icon. Queen princess Marco icon and I have shared so many amazing moments and memories…but I need to move on, it’s time to let go.

Alright Zoras! Dekudad here with a revamp!

Could you please bump this along if you‘d be interested in rping with a multiverse Kinjō Shirasu/Fūma Kotarō of Karakara Kemuri’s Manga ‘Donten Ni Warau’ (And it’s sequel Donten ni Warau Gaiden).

Primarily manga based, though the anime did not seem to divert too far from the manga plot.

Many years ago when we took over the show I was like ‘We should go out all night and then go straight to do the Breakfast Show’. I remember being at my house, it was like an after party after the Brits, then another after party, and then I said 'Hey! We can all go to my house!’ And I remember a man being in my kitchen, who I didn’t know, and I said 'Hello!’, and he said 'Hi! Your car’s here to go to Radio 1.’ I said 'It shouldn’t be here until 6.’, and he went 'Yeah. It’s 6:10, you’re on the radio in 20 minutes.’ So I had to get everyone out of my house and bring them into Radio 1. And when we got here there were no producers. So it was me, my friend Emily, my friend Jamie, a cardboard cutout of Robbie Williams, and Harry Styles. And that’s actually what happened.
—  Nick reminiscing about THAT post-Brits show, and deciding they’re gonna do that again this year cause they “didn’t got fired last time, let’s risk it again!”

some winter garnet icons, requested by… me! (if all the other main gems can have winter icons, so can she)

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