🎩🍬🍬Tuxedo cotton candy garnet!! I wanted to make a new Instagram icon, so I decided to draw tuxedo garnet. I was also thinking of @nina-rosa-draw ’s comic, where garnet has cotton candy visors (so cool) and I haven’t drawn the cotton candy princess in a while, so I combined everything! She’s super cute!!💖💖

Art by @msdanig-gem
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anonymous asked:

King PAPYRUS! How do you respond to the accusations that you obtained your position through illegitimate means?

* ok, no, you don’t get to do that, that’s just not fair.

* papyrus did not cheat the system, nor did he forge any of the collective votes the underground made. he’s not like that.

* why would he even do that in the first place?

* if your question refer to his less knowledgeable answers lately, then here’s how the situation is;

* he’s had this position for 4 months. 4 months, and he’s still learning the ins and outs of what he’s supposed to do. a political figure is not made in such small of a time frame, and he’s really trying his very best here.

* give the guy at least some credit. 

This “top 10” list was floating around the web today so I decided to translate it:


1. G-Dragon
2. Bangtan Boys (BTS)
3. Black Nut
4. Big Bang
5. Yoo Byung-Jae
6. Lady Gaga, Seo Taeji
7. Shin Hae-chul, Lee Seung-hwan, Yoo Ah-in, ZICO
8. Anonymous (Hacker Group), Eminem, Block B, Kim Jae-dong, Gukkasten
9. Dok2, Justin Bieber, Ilgan Best, IKON, BOBBY, PSY
10. Miley Cyrus, Kim Jho Gwangsoo, Akdong Musician, Hyuk-Oh, Busker Busker

Do you agree with this list?