Branding & Interior Design for Gizmo by Emil Kozole

“Gizzmo.si is the first digital concept store in Slovenia, where customers can browse through more than 10.000 items using our iPad app in a comfy environment. Click-and-collect service allows them to have products of their choice presented live on the spot within 60 seconds for review and purchase.
The aim of the project was to unify both online and offline shopping experiences to the maximum level and make them simpler, faster, and more flexible. Collaboration with Žiga Kramperšek, Blaž Lozej, Miha Artnak, Lucijan Kranjc, Lovro Podobnik, Žan Grad & Matej Vrabec.”

Emil Kozole is a graphic designer from Ljubljana, Slovenia, currently based in London where he studies Communication Design at Central Saint Martins London. He is focused on print design, typography, art direction and interaction design.