Friend: i don’t think yoi is a good anime

Me: i don’t think you know what you are talking about 

  • YOI: look at this well-researched show filled with characters with promising development and backstories and personal goals and dreams and-
  • Me: where is the gay
  • YOI: everywhere. everything you know and love is gay here
  • Me: literally take all my money this year is saved my crops are flourishing I'll never talk about anything else in my entire life where is season two

*In the car*

Yuuri: hey, Viktor?

Viktor: yes, Yuuri?

Yuuri: are we… forgetting something?

Viktor: huh? I don’t think so; we bought everything on the list

Yuuri: hmm, okay

Viktor: ……
Yuuri: …….
Viktor: ………
Yuuri: ………



What Yuuri means to Yuri

So I was having a discussion with @uniwurm about why Yuri (Plisetsky) acts so differently about Yuuri (Katsuki),  such as the scene in ep 9 where he shared the katsudon piroshkis with Yuuri

and how he badmouths about Yuuri to Viktor in ep 10:

We had a very interesting discussion about this, but since the post might get a bit too long, we’ll put it under keep reading!

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interncastiel  asked:

What if in the twin au Viktor meets the boys at the same time but on has that love at first sight moment with Yuuri even though Yuki and Yuuri are identical?? He's like"Yuuri is amazing and beautiful and the most handsome boy in ever meet!" and if someone asks about if Yuki is cute too he's just like "meh I guess so"


Cuz Viktor would rather fall for a sweet and shy guy with chocolate brown eyes than a loud mouth with amber ones jkjk XD
((seriously he loves Yuki so much as a friend but not as much as he loves Yuuri of course XDD))