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so I was sitting with a guy this one time and you know we’re men we were manspreading and we were trying to get our legs comfortable and I said,

“New sport: Manspreastling. You sit next to a man and you spread your legs and you fight each other for leg room to see who can be the most alpha and manly.”

and he just really quietly goes,

“Is that the opposite of scissoring?”

I’m still screaming


Even now, all he had to do was denounce Laurent and he could face Kastor with a real chance of taking back his throne.

But he had asked himself the question in Ravenel, and now he knew the answer.

A kingdom, or this.

“I met the Prince in Vere. I thought as you did. I didn’t know his heart.”

It was Laurent who said, “No.”

“I came to learn it slowly.”

“Damen, don’t do this.”

“I came to learn his honesty, his integrity, his strength of mind.”

anonymous asked:

so i've noticed that the bandom is basically split down the middle with people who think ryan ross is smol and people who DEAD FUCKING HATE HIM and like... what did he do? i think i heard he cheated on his girlfriend but like?

So I’ve actually done a lot of thinking on this! And I’m just gonna give a little rundown on the stuff I’ve seen on why people really fucking hate him. 
So I think the biggest thing is there is a nice chunk of people out there who genuinely believe that he was manipulative and abusive to Brendon during the course of the band, apparently Shane Morris (his ex manager who’s nastiness is a story for another ask) posted a text convo of Ryan laughing at a transphobic joke or somethin like that. Idk. And I think a lot of this dislike towards Ryan just comes from the fact that he did leave the band, and people out there are just bitter over that. And yeah he did cheat on his gf back in like 2009. Oh and I think another bit of it comes from the people who think he’s a drug addict. 

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Hiya Hajimama! I stopped my homework because I have a lame question for you! How would everybody react if one day they woke up and were the opposite gender? And I just wanna say that this fandom has made me so many friends and made me an overall happy person so thank you! ❤️

I’ve been on Tumblr too long. I get icky when reading ‘opposite’ gender lol anywayyyy

Mikasa: be hella sad, but hey she’ll probably be a better soldier now, that’s good
Reiner: touch boobs
Bertholdt: you cannot imagine the amount of moe
Annie: only notices after someone else points it out
Eren: “Whhaaaaaaat?”
Jean: find it a weirdly interesting experience
Marco: finds it cool to know what it’s like to be a girl
Sasha: ”dicks are weird”
Connie: Kinda fucked up and scared for life
Historia: “What the fuck is this shit?!”
Ymir: lolololol
Armin: tries logical approach to figuring out why the frick this happened
Levi: binds breasts and goes on with his business
Erwin: whoopsie daisy
Hanji: What “Opposite gender”? lol
Nanaba: slightly annoyed by dick
Mike: not sure how to feel about this

I just really want to thank SJM

She has shown me how deceptive abusive relationships are and how to identify them. I’m finding so many relationships in YA books now that I can now pinpoint why I felt so icky reading them, it’s because one of the partners is in some way abusive. I definitely feel like Sarah has reached a lot of young men and women and made them really *see* what it looks like and how unhealthy certain relationships are but how much it can just seem like the person cares for you a lot. We all felt bad for Tamlin and we didn’t understand the true severity of his behavior until Rhys came along. Sarah has potentially saved hundreds of young men and women from emotionally abusive relationships by equipping them with the ability to identify the signs.