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so I was sitting with a guy this one time and you know we’re men we were manspreading and we were trying to get our legs comfortable and I said,

“New sport: Manspreastling. You sit next to a man and you spread your legs and you fight each other for leg room to see who can be the most alpha and manly.”

and he just really quietly goes,

“Is that the opposite of scissoring?”

I’m still screaming

Killing Stalking

I surprisingly have a lot of time for the first week of school! But I’m not here to talk about that, no I’m talking about a well-known manhwa that goes by the name of Killing Stalking.

Before I start “ranting”, understand that I respect people who don’t want to read it/uncomfortable with it/triggered by it/etc. I completely understand, and I wish you the best in life!

Now that we have the out of the way, I’m gonna be pretty blunt 

If you:

  • Believe all readers and people who enjoy KS are homophobic/ableist/misogynistic/etc Then you may need to rethink a couple of things. If you would talk to some of the fans you would see that they aren’t the “monsters” you portray them as.
  • Believe that minors who read KS and enjoy it have been or are currently being manipulated by adult KS fans you probably should rethink some things or just not interact with me I am a fan of KS, I haven’t read up on it in a while but I do like reading it. I am 14 years old, to some of you I am practically a baby but believe it or not no one forced me to read it. It was more curiosity on my part. A YOI blog reblogged a post about it, I went searching, read the description and continued anyways. I knew it was not for me, I read it anyway. That’s just how it works. 

  • Believe that gay men and survivors are the “bad kind” for reading and enjoying it you need to get your head out of your ass and rethink a lot of fucking shit stay the fuck away from me too while you’re at it  Just, no, please stop.

  • Believe that all (female) readers of KS are “fujoshis” or “yaoi fangirl” You make me laugh and you should probably rethink a couple of things. Not saying that there aren’t yaoi fans making those cringy fics (UWU SANGWOO HU MP MEE :>>>>> IM A SINNER) Just know that no one on this site is fucking 10 and it isn’t 2010. Like dude I have yet to see someone do that shit, and if they do do it caaatch me hitting that block button lmao. 

  • Believe that accusing KS fans of some really serious shit or harassing readers and shippers is ok because they read that “icky wicky nasty homophobic content uwu” Then fucking go away, why would ever even believe for one second that that shit is ok.

I bet you are starting to see a pattern here. Listen, KS isn’t a pure happy rainbow type of manhwa. You know that I know it, and I’m pretty sure everyone knows it. 

I’m not saying you can’t be uncomfortable with it, no not at all. However, harassing and calling readers gross/homophobic/abusers is so fucking shitty and the fact that you would say that shit over a fictional manhwa is ridiculous. Listen if you read KS and you enjoy it, good. Let it stay that way, don’t let hateful people bring you down over fiction. 

Make content, keep shipping and most of all stay safe. Because I love all of you guys, and you don’t deserve the shit you guy are going through <3

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honestly i'm like. ok with most kinks but i'm so glad chubby kink hasn't been used in the fandom yet. idk if i'm overreacting to the kink but it always kinda feels icky when i read something with it but i haven't so far and it's so nice. i get to read fics where mitch is hot for jonas bc he's jonas and not because he's chubby and it's. A+

DUDE FUCK ME TOO!!!!!! God I haven’t even thought of that at all bc there hasn’t be any??? Implications of that anywhere, but GOD yeah I’m so happy that shit stays far away from mitjo,,,,,,,,,,, let mitjo stay the way it is

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Men always talk and say the most desired age for a woman is 18. The most popular porn search term is teen. Women ALWAYS said they got sexual looks or advances from men the moment they hit their teens or were about to. being ignorant of male sexuality makes you look dumb and frankly jealous.

So your argument is that lots of men do it? Well lots of men drink and drive, and cheat on their wives but that doesn’t make it okay. Just because lots of old men are attracted to young teen girls doesn’t mean it’s not gross. You keep saying I’m jealous as if I’m old or ugly. I’m a sugar baby and I get plenty of attention from men (both wanted and unwanted) there’s nothing for me to be jealous of. Like honestly how is this a debate I feel so icky just reading all of these asks.


Even now, all he had to do was denounce Laurent and he could face Kastor with a real chance of taking back his throne.

But he had asked himself the question in Ravenel, and now he knew the answer.

A kingdom, or this.

“I met the Prince in Vere. I thought as you did. I didn’t know his heart.”

It was Laurent who said, “No.”

“I came to learn it slowly.”

“Damen, don’t do this.”

“I came to learn his honesty, his integrity, his strength of mind.”

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if youre not a wlw you really shouldnt be judging which voltron wlw month supports us better. the first month was created by a lesbian, with entirely wlw ships, and a LOT of effort put into it. the second one was created by a non-wlw and has mostly non-wlw ships. they even ignore like half the female characters (florona, plaxum, luxia, haggar) and their wlw ships dont even outnumber their gross genderbent mlm ships!!

my dearest, sweet anon, imma level with you. i’m a massive wlw, i dont often yell it from the rooftops bc thats not the entirety of my identity. Love me, or hate me, before you know my gender, age, sexuality, or other background trivia because i am a person, but believe me, i’ve loved ladies since my earliest of days.

The Aug wlw month creator though…. She gives me an icky, squicky feeling. I’ve read her earliest interactions w Minty, a minor, and I saw how aggressive this adult, this old enough to drink woman got over getting brushed off. Doesn’t she have friends her own age? Why did she want Minty’s attention and validation so much? Like i said, icky, squicky. And what the hey was Broganes doing as a prompt in wlw month? Its spite i tells ya. Then there’s also the issue of her, állurá of áltéá, having shipped anzu and mai from yugioh despite their age difference. Given how adamant she, and antis in general, are about canon ages, you’d think she’d give a ship from a show she barely watched a 2 second google search.

Now, i dont know the Sept wlw month mod to this level but i suspect beyond reasonable doubt that they too are wlw based on this ask.

and i heard they amended their ship list? idk, i personally dont see an issue with the genderbends, its all inclusive, thats a good thing.


what’s this about Haggar? I thought y'all didnt want any of the galra side of the war to experience love, who’s she shipped with tho? i rly am curious and hope you get back to me, i’d love a new ship~ 💖💖💖

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hi, so, half of me LOVES your comic abt "finding out you're asexual" (1. where was that house when I was trying to figure myself out and 2. your art style is so adorable omg !!! the freckles !!! the floppy hair !! i love !!!) but I gotta say, as a bi grey-ace I felt a lil icky reading it, just bc of the incredibly sexual way you depicted the other orientations? like there is so much more to those orientations than just the sex? idk. Just wanted to hear your thoughts

So this is a very interesting question, and thank you for not being overly aggressive with it ;) I am sorry that you felt a little icky reading it though, I understand that everyone is going to have a different reaction to seeing this because this is art (subjective) and we are all humans.

But maybe I can add a little context for this comic. I’m technically a grey-ace panromantic person (though I prefer to ID with the umbrella term ‘asexual’) and I would consider myself sex-positive or sex-neutral in my attitude to sex in general.

With this comic, I wanted to express the feeling of utter relief and happiness i felt at finding out what asexuality was, especially because I had spent a very long time before that trying to figure out if I was straight, gay, bi, pan, or just crazy. Because NOTHING fit. And I think this is why a lot of people find that I am portraying other identities as restricitive. Because they are … if you are trying to be something you are not.

My intentions with this was not to explore the intensely complex ways we experience our orientations, hence the over-simplification of 3 rooms and a garden (though it doesn’t mean people are necessarily confined to one room only). I needed to express my relief, and I wanted to practice comics too. This was done a year ago, when I was still figuring out how to write and draw a comic, so I kept it short and simple.

And finally, the over-sexualisation… which I still don’t actually see. Firstly, I did not ‘plan’ the comic, I just punched it out, so that was a mistake as I couldn’t then go back and edit things I only later realised could be seen as problematic. But. In all the rooms you have people making out, and people chatting. I could have shown that in the aroace garden too, I admit, but over-sexualisation looks like everyone naked and having orgasms or at least actual sex. I only tried to portray sexual/romantic attractions in a visual manner. Also, my own perceptions of sex come into play I think. I don’t think it’s a dirty thing at all, it’s beautiful for the people involved and it is something that should be celebrated. 

I come from a culture and a background that is very sex-positive, and that might also be why people reacted so badly to the STD posters on the wall. I did not realise that was seen as a bad thing. I always thought that sex was great, but you needed to do it right and know about getting pregnant and having STIs. In my sexual education, nothing was ever mentioned about non-heterosexual sex ed, which is something that really should have happened. So, to me, those posters are a call back to that feeling. 


So, I am sorry some people may have interpreted my comic in a negative way, it really wasn’t meant to be. I just wanted to explore one specific feeling of relief and happiness in a short comic. And I can’t explore the complexities of all the LGBT+ identities in a short comic, though I am aware of them, and will explore them in the future. But once you publish artwork and send it out into the public, you can’t control how people will interpret it. Especially without knowing the context it was created in. And my job, as a comic artist, is to make my message as clear as it can be, and in that department I failed. I will simply try to be better next time :)

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Hiya Hajimama! I stopped my homework because I have a lame question for you! How would everybody react if one day they woke up and were the opposite gender? And I just wanna say that this fandom has made me so many friends and made me an overall happy person so thank you! ❤️

I’ve been on Tumblr too long. I get icky when reading ‘opposite’ gender lol anywayyyy

Mikasa: be hella sad, but hey she’ll probably be a better soldier now, that’s good
Reiner: touch boobs
Bertholdt: you cannot imagine the amount of moe
Annie: only notices after someone else points it out
Eren: “Whhaaaaaaat?”
Jean: find it a weirdly interesting experience
Marco: finds it cool to know what it’s like to be a girl
Sasha: ”dicks are weird”
Connie: Kinda fucked up and scared for life
Historia: “What the fuck is this shit?!”
Ymir: lolololol
Armin: tries logical approach to figuring out why the frick this happened
Levi: binds breasts and goes on with his business
Erwin: whoopsie daisy
Hanji: What “Opposite gender”? lol
Nanaba: slightly annoyed by dick
Mike: not sure how to feel about this

I just really want to thank SJM

She has shown me how deceptive abusive relationships are and how to identify them. I’m finding so many relationships in YA books now that I can now pinpoint why I felt so icky reading them, it’s because one of the partners is in some way abusive. I definitely feel like Sarah has reached a lot of young men and women and made them really *see* what it looks like and how unhealthy certain relationships are but how much it can just seem like the person cares for you a lot. We all felt bad for Tamlin and we didn’t understand the true severity of his behavior until Rhys came along. Sarah has potentially saved hundreds of young men and women from emotionally abusive relationships by equipping them with the ability to identify the signs.