icky love poem

If I Needed Last Words Tonight

I forget its Friday,
you’re nowhere in sight,
I wonder if you’re working
or if its another tiny white lie,
how many times will I let you cross lines,
how many times will I miss you and not understand why?

I wish I didn’t feel this pull towards you
I feel like you’d be more into me
If I stood taller and never needed you,
but I do need you
I know you know that
But do you care?

Friday night and I’m all alone
Even my cat is sleeping through this one
I want you here to hold me, I’m scared,
If tonight was our last night on earth

I want to tell you,
Let me explain
Over and over and over again,
Victory or death, love is war,
Every woman has her breaking point
You might try to understand,
Open that third eye I pried open (with my small hands)
Unleash those hidden double feelings (be my man)
Stick out your Gemini heart (I know you can)
Eat it whole,
Awaken my love, taste this curse of ours
Never let me go, I’m your crazy girl.