Michigan Lawmakers Tried To Solve Flint Water Crisis By Banning Buttsex

You might not think of Michigan as being in the running for finding the gays the ickiest, but it’s right up there with somewhere like West Virginia or Oklahoma or Kentucky. Thinking about the gays just makes the Michigan state Senate want to get down on its knees and take it — and by take it, we mean it wanted to effectively reaffirm the state’s sodomy ban until it got publicly called out on it.


“His arms were almost as bruised as her own now, covered in blotches and blooms from the palest yellow to the deepest purple, overlapping and ever-changing. ‘An art form all its own,’ he had called them, and paid her the strangest- and ickiest- compliment of her life: 'you make beautiful bruises.’” #daysofbloodandstarlight

I’ve been plying myself with little gifts lately - a box of medjool dates turns into a few at my desk in the afternoon, a book of poems by Frank Lima, Sundays catching up with Downton Abbey, Less cardio and more walking, Two new notebooks that I’ve not managed to use yet (and that I bought for a friend but oh I love them too much to give away I think), Room to dream about walking away from this job and doing what I really love, Doing what I really love in spite of this job, Candles, Really great books.

February tends to be the ickiest month but I’m managing to turn it into the sweetest.