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It is 1:56am and I'm thinking about how sad I really am bc I just saw a post have a very happy man And I resent that

gordie u r such a bright star and that happy man has nothin on you. i hope you feel better soon because you deserve it  ☀ now get some sleep, bug. staying up will only make you feel ickier. 

send me a message telling me what time it is and what you are doing! (or whatever else you wanna say)

Just scheduled my first laser hair removal appointment! I’ve been saving up for this for ages, and am super excited for it. 

I’m getting a full Brazilian done (with a bit of a landing strip remaining; see below). 

Why am I doing this, you may ask? Well first off, it’s not to please anyone. I don’t really care what others think of my pubic hair (it’s mine), but I personally am not a fan. I feel itchy, sweating makes everything 500% ickier, and overall I feel unclean. I’ve tried literally every other hair removal method to no avail. Shaving, depilatories, epilation, waxing, etc. Literally everything. They all gave me horrifically painful ingrown hairs, no matter what direction I shaved in, how much I exfoliated, used after-treatment creams, etc. 

Not to mention that since my family is good friends with the doctor who does the surgery, we get 50% off. And I’m not likely to find those savings again anytime soon, so I figured, here we go! 

I’m sooo excited at the prospect of having this hair gone forever. 

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Idk why I thought u lived up north by Santa Rosa or something. I'm in the south bay & it's suppose to get to 102 today & there are clouds! I'm like, go away clouds ur making it ickier! At least we aren't in the valley. It's suppose to get to 110!

I’m glad I don’t live by Santa Rosa lol it’s always soooo hot there. but yah it’s around 100 here and sunny which is ok but not….ideal

Cons of living in a warm country: i cant use body lotion because it makes me feel warmer and ickier when i eventually sweat

i have 4 bottles of lotion (why idk it just piled up), all around probably 750 ml, when am i going to use them

i cant even use lip balm without worries i might wipe it off along the sweat on my face, we don’t just pap the sweat on our faces anymore we wipe it, it’s so hot you wouldn’t care about proper face papping (???)