icing nail polish


Stammi Vicino Yuri’s EX version!

Made to pair with Victor’s. Although it’s not a perfect match (because Victor changes his shirt to a black one for the EX pair skate).

The design on the thumb is supposed to look like ice with lines made by skates cutting on it, with a pair of golden rings *wink wink*. The two coloured gems are also a purple-blue and a blue-purple pair (’: (i.e. trying to stuff symbolism in hahaha.)

“We call everything on the ice ‘love’.”

check out yuri plisetsky designs here and here.

*disclaimer: both are actually done on my left hand; i mirrored yuuri’s design and then flipped the photo digitally.

colours used:
china glaze fairy dust
cirque carpe diem
nail holic BL906
nail holic SV002
sally hansen xtreme wear 220 celeb city
maybelline colour show 220 blackout