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So I made the mistake of joining the YOI fandom recently. Don’t get me wrong! I loved the show! It’s inspiring, the characters are great, and the absence of heteronormativity in an anime is refreshing.

But the tags on Tumblr have got me pulling my hair out. Mainly over people drama queening about Yuri and Otabek possibly being the next Victor and Yuuri.

I don’t see why people are making a fuss over Yuri’s age when this age trope is in anime all of the time??? Usagi and Mamoru from Sailor Moon, Amu and Ikuto from Shugo Chara, Hatsuharu and Rin from Fruits Basket, Inuyasha and Kagome from InuYasha(it’s okay though, Inu has the appearance of a 15 year old 😒🙄😩). I’m sure the list goes on.

Why don’t I see people bitching in their tags though? Is it because half of them are iconic anime couples? Is it because they are canon? Is it because we assume they aren’t sexually active or whatever? Is it because they are straight? I don’t want to assume that people feel this way, but come on. If middle school student Sailor Moon can be in a relationship with a college student, I don’t see why Yuri can’t be in a platonic-to-romantic relationship with Otabek.

I legit want to know why people aren’t bitching about every canon, heterosexual anime couple with a similar age difference. If someone can give me an actual reason that has nothing to do with American laws(because American laws don’t dictate the entire world), then please. Let me know.

If not, I would like to remind everyone that if you don’t like something, then please, don’t look at the tag. I see people spamming the same shit on multiple posts and I just don’t get it. If you don’t want to see it, then blacklist it so you don’t have to. People are going to ship what they want to and they won’t change their mind because you are shouting your unwanted opinion at everyone. It’s just an anime. Relax, blacklist, move on.

Yuzuru Hanyu x Ice Jewels Vol. 4 Translations Pt 1/3


Signs of Evolution

Q: How’s your life been back in Toronto after the 2016 World Championships?

YZ: It was just resting my body. Because of my inability to walk, I practically did not go out at all. I just kept studying (laughs).  I also played some video games, read some comics and listened to music, something like that. 

Q: How were you feeling during the period of rest?

YZ: I  wanted to be able to move ASAP. I just had the desire to skate.

Q: Didn’t you feel down?

YZ: Definitely, I was depressed and discouraged. At the beginning of the second to third week, my body did not move at all. I knew that I am dropping muscles and growing fat so I was really down. 

Q: Were you down because of the fact that the medal just slipped out of your hand during the World Championships?

YZ: It’s true. The subsequent 2 weeks after the Championships, I dreamt about the competition each and every night. In those dreams, I was losing every single competition. I don’t really remember my performances but despite that, I would lose every competition, attend the gala, return back to my hotel room, and just cry. I always had these same dreams. 

Q: I believe that all your staff have the same feelings too. But the one who hurts the most would be you, Yuzuru Hanyu…

YZ: It was a competition in which my short program gave me a lead so the fact that I was unable to portray everything I did in my training to the actual competition led to a feeling of bitterness, and this bitterness is completely different from the regret last year. 

Last year, I did go through a series of training, but there was still the lingering feeling that I am not thorough with my practice. So after my failure, I felt really regretful because I was able to execute everything well during my training but made mistakes during the actual performance. 

Actually, my foot was hurting a lot and it was quite late by the time I resumed my training. However, as I went through quite sufficient practice, it seemed as though I was able to execute my performances perfectly. But because of this, the fact that I was unable to perform well in the competition made me feel even more regretful. 

Q: “It shouldn’t be like this.” Was this the feeling you had?

YZ: Rather than this, it was more of a feeling of disappointment and failure. 

Q: When did your foot start to hurt?

YZ: It started before Skate Canada and during the Autumn Classic, I was unable to execute the later half of the quads and to tackle this problem, I started training desperately. Since then, the condition of my foot worsened.

During the World Championships, judging by the condition of my foot, I had to rest my foot for at least one and a half months. Hence, during the day of my performance, I skated with the consciousness that that was the last chance for me to skate in my life. 

If my foot is not cured by this season, the next season will be greatly affected. Currently, my foot isn’t completely cured yet, but I will try my best for my foot to get better soon. you better take care of yourself you lil

Q: Did you ever had the thought of not participating in this season and just focus on curing your injury?

YZ: I did consider that. After 1 month of resuming my training, my jumps were quite bad and I was thinking that if this continues, I would be unable to catch up to the next season. Time for choreography is running out and practice sessions were insufficient. The first thing I thought was to demerit a season.

Q: Wouldn’t it be hard to sustain your level after a long period of rest?

YZ: Yes. Now that I think of it, those skaters who have rested for a season have a hard time after coming back to compete. I would not wish to be like that. 


[Disclaimer: It’s my first time translating so please understand if I used any awkward phrases or made any translation errors :3  I’m not sure if there is an existing translation of this interview on tumblr but I haven’t come across any yet so I’ll just translate this for the time being. If this translation sucks I’m really sorry because I’m not a fluent Japanese speaker and I’m not a fluent English speaker too what :(((( ]

Translator’s note: 

Ok this is really long but this interview is really touching and really really precious. It narrates all the hardships Yuzuru went through after his defeat last year in the World Championships and his foot injury. SO please please do treasure this interview as it records the genuine inner thoughts of Yuzuru Hanyu and it really struck me how strong and determined Yuzuru is. 

“I would lose every competition, attend the gala, return back to my hotel room, and just cry. I always had these same dreams.” 

This part really brought me to tears. It showed me how vulnerable Yuzuru actually is, despite all the tough fronts he puts up in front of his fans. I am sure that all of us, his fans, were really saddened by his defeat last year in the World Championships and especially when the news of his injury came out. But I believe that the one who suffered the most is still Yuzuru. I really have no idea how tormented he may be or how torn apart he may be but the only thing I can do now is to continue believing in him and just support him no matter what happens. 

Yuzuru Hanyu is truly, indeed a person to look up to. Mark my words to it. 

^ I’m sorry my Engrrrrish skills totally flopped my attempt to sound cheesy and touching. But yeah you get me. 

Cr: @栗将軍_羽生党 weibo (Translated from a Chinese source)
Hit and Run Chapter 3

Hey guys, as promised here’s chapter 3 of Hit and Run!

For those who haven’t read the previous chapters yet…


Tumblr: 1 / 2

Thanks @gays-on-ice (aka @peanut-jars) ,  @ppastelderpp, and @peachyviktor for putting up with me <3

Also… considering the new information revealed by the last few episodes… I may need to review my general outline and make appropriate changes.

Chapter 3 : Hospital Stay (2)

Yuuri plastered his most serene expression onto his face and hoped that Victor wouldn’t be able to call his bluff.

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Hit and Run Chapter 2

Welp. I know I’m very late in posting. I’m really sorry. I’m very slow at writing orz

Thanks to @gays-on-ice​ for letting me bounce ideas for this chapter off of you!

For those of you who haven’t read chapter 1…

AO3 (I’ll post this on AO3 tomorrow!)


This is unbeta’d by the way. Feel free to point out any mistakes you may find!


Chapter 2…

Victor slowly came into awareness, rising towards consciousness slowly, but surely.

“…sorry… couldn’t… save… too severe…”

The figure skater’s brows furrowed, as he tested those words out in his mind.

Couldn’t… save? …who…?

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bitchboydiva  asked:

I recently broke my left arm again ( hasn't happened since I left competitive sports ages ago) and was painfully reminded that it is hard to deal with especially if it is your strong (?) leading (?) hand Now imagine Yura and Beka at different times in their relationship having to deal with the other being injured I think young-ish Yura would rush to Almaty the second he hears about the accident and being really worried just to have Beka tell him it is not that bad ( part 1/2)

bitchboydiva said to daddybek: ( part 2/2) because let’s be honest a broken arm/ wrist is one of the most common injuries in ice skating But Yura still dots over him and ignores yakovs scolding When a few years later Yura crashes badly Beka was there at the rink and is nearly sick with worry when they rush him of to the hospital When Yura gets home after a minor surgery at his wrist he complaints about how he can’t train for months but absolutely loves how Beka takes care of him ~ just my thoughts - love Саша

have you ever read something so sweet in your life

Uhguzhugfhgh I am a suCKER for these two taking care of each other and just being there for love and support??? Give me dedicated friends to loyal lovers Otabek Altin and Yuri Plisetsky who are always there for one another goD

Can you even imagine all the fluffiness to ensue

  • Beka lying in bed besides a sulking post-surgery Yuri, just listening to him rant out his frustrations and stroking his hair to calm him down, reassuring him he’ll heal up in no time if he gets lots of rest.
  • Yuri insisting on feeding Otabek, even thought he older man says he can use his non dominant hand for something like that. Yuri doesn’t listen, looking satisfied when Otabek gives up and takes a bite from the fork Yuri holds up to his lips.
  • Otabek helping Yuri get changed and it takes forever, because Yuri won’t stop squirming and that boy likes to wear lots of layers.
  • Yura literally just doodling chubby cats all over Otabek’s cast (and Otabek wants to die because he is so cuTE)
I just wanna say this real quick before the new episode tomorrow

Listen, I’m fully aware that there is very real possibility that Victor is eventually going to abandon Yuri and it will be incredibly angsty. I’m also fully aware that all the gay in the anime so far could just be queer-baiting.

Will I be disappointed if all the gay is just queer-baiting?

Well, yeah.

But is that gonna stop me from watching the anime and from shipping Victor and Yuri?

Probably not.


Reason why I’m already hooked on Yuri on Ice.

When I got an injury at the most crucial time in my ballet career it put me out of action for over a year, I gained weight because I was depressed and eating was a comfort.

When I was getting back into dance again there was a lot of pressure for me to lose weight, it was the first thing people noticed rather than the fact that I was recovering from a huge injury.

Now I’m on my way to getting back my ballet figure but seeing a similar situation on Yuuri made me really happy because it addresses a really big issue with athletes and body image, so thanks Yuri on Ice for actually putting it into light BECAUSE WEIGHT GAIN IN ATHELETES does happen. And it sucks because you’re constantly criticised for it. But yeah :) seeing this flaw in another anime character gives me the courage to push on and get back up shape after my injury!

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         ♛ ~ “Yeah, I can see that ‘fine’. Then I’m also fine.”

Deimona gave the woman a once-over, letting her words sink in - the part where this mechanic had declared her unfit for duty. 'Fine’. What a lie.

        “What happened to your shield shit? Thought you were prepared for a problem.”


Those burning eyes, the arrow…aimed at her heart. The enemy hand released it and it sank in as she screamed out. Amber’s eyes fluttered open and all she felt was pain. Pain was not a thing felt by the dead. She had survived? Her hand went to the place where the arrow had hit. There wasn’t anything there. No scars. How was she alive with no scars of the incident? Letting out a cry of pain as she shifted, taking in the room around her. There was someone there. She squinted as her eyes adjusted to the darkness.  ❝ Ozpin?❞

@izuru-ru from x

She was at least disciplined enough to not grin in her pride. Haha, she bruised the dead guy.

“Oh yeah. I reset Jinta’s shoulder– twice– hip, and at least three fingers on each of his hands.” She explained. “Lay down for me. I’m not sure how much it’ll hurt with you bein’ dead and all, but it’s much easier doing it on your back.”


yall wanna see the honestly ridiculous amount of notes i made for the yuri on ice and final fantasy xv au/crossover thing that i’m definitely never gonna write but will share regardless

and by all means, if you’d like to write it yourself, go for it lol

(its a yoi in ffxv kinda thingy fyi–tho if someone writes a ffxv in yoi au HOLLA ATYA BOI I WANT I N)

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“I once broke an arm, dislocated a jaw, and knocked out four teeth during a performance—and I still won!”

me and neo headcanoned that josee’s mama made her try out other partners in her preteens/teens bc she doesn’t think jacques is good enough for her and that’s when she got so wrekt.. ofc jacques was there in a heartbeat to nurse his bebe

(he was also totally in the stadium when it happened and his mama had to pry him off the glass screaming and crying)