icing injuries

So me and raindrop talked about the future of figure skating in yoi, and here are some headcanons:

Parings: Otayuri, JJbella, mild Viktuuri, Leoji, hinted Chrisnami (not really), hinted SeungChuChu (barely)

((All these headcanons are based on s1 ending December 2016))

  • Yuuri, Viktor, Chris and Georgi all retired after the 2017/2018 season
  • Neither of them had won any gold medal that year
  • Viktor had been known as the “Russian Legend” from the day he first stepped on the ice, to the day he left the ice at age 29
  • He had won five gold medals at worlds in ten years, won the gpf even more often, helped russia win the team trophy again and again and even won european championships often
  • He was sure no one would reach his level easily, and he knew his body wasn’t the way it had been for years anymore
  • Yuuri had decided to stop, because he wanted to start a more “normal” life
  • He and Viktor moved to Japan, and helped Yuuri’s family with Yuutopia
  • Chris had some small injurys over his time as a skater, and now decided to finally give his body a rest
  • Georgi had also realized that his best days were gone
  • Yuri on the other hand was at the start of his career
  • He won Gold at the GPF with his senior debuet, followed by Gold at the Europeans and Worlds, as well as the Team Trophy for Russia
  • His second season was just the same, he made new records, new personal bests with almost every performance
  • He even won Gold at the 2018 Olympics, being the first minor to ever win a medal at figure skating in the olympics
  • And even though he hasn’t won as many medals as Viktor, people were already calling him “the new russian legend”
  • After Yuri had won the Olympics he had kissed Otabek, who won bronze
  • He was feeling so many different ways of happiness he wasn’t even thinking about what he was doing
  • But Otabek had kissed him back and pulled him into a long hug, ending with both of them crying
  • After Viktor, Yuuri and Chris retired a lot of things changed
  • Chris started coaching Minami, who moved to Europe with him
  • Otabek moved to Russia, to also train under Yakov, and he, Yuri and Mila all moved in together
  • Guang Hong had to find a new coach, becuase his coach was pregnant, and moved to Canada, training under JJ’s parents
  • Soon after Leo also went to Canada with his coach, living in the same town as JJ and Guang Hong
  • Phichit and Seung Gil became friends
  • The 2018 GPF was Yuri, Otabek, JJ, Leo, Guang Hong and Minami
  • One time Seung Gil made the gpf instead of JJ, but besides that it siad the same for years
  • JJ and Isabella got married on New Year’s Eve 2018/19 and all the skaters were invited
  • Even Yuri came
  • That night he started talking to JJ, and they realized they actually did get along
  • In October 2021, when Yuri was twenty, Yuri broke his leg, and he was out for the season - and with that for the Olympics
  • That year was a mess in figure skating
  • JJ won the GPF
  • Leo won Worlds
  • Guang Hong won 4CC
  • Japan won the Team Trophy - thanks to Minami
  • And Otabek won Gold at the Olympics
  • Yuri was mad at first that he would only be able to watch at the Olympics, but when Otabek skated off the ice, gold medal arond his neck and tears in his eyes, Yuri was sure he had never been so happy in his life
  • That night all the skaters got drunk and celebrated, even if they hadn’t won
  • Because even if all of them were competitors on the ice, they were friends
  • After Yuri’s leg had recovered he got back to winning everything

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Ice pack - Yuuri

“Oh, my poor Yuuri. That looks awful!” Victor frets, running a gentle finger over Yuuri’s swollen cheek, before pressing an ice pack to the irritated skin. “What happened, love?”

Yuuri flinches away from the cold touch, his cheeks going a bit red. “I fell,” he says quietly, refusing to make eye contact.

Behind him, Yuri starts snickering. Victor whips around to stare at him, his eyebrows raised. “And just what is so funny about my fiancé’s injury?”

Yuri waves him off. “It’s not that he’s hurt. It’s how he got hurt that’s amusing.”

“What does that mean?” Victor asks, puzzled.

“He’s just laughing at me because I fell while skating and I’m supposed to be graceful!” Yuuri says desperately, his entire face turning bright pink. He shoots Yuri a pleading look.

If he was hoping for mercy, he’s disappointed; Yuri just grins wider. “Sorry katsudon, I can either be disgusted by this or laugh at you.” He turns to Victor. “Your precious fiancé fell because he got distracted by your ass.”

There’s a moment of shocked silence; Yuuri wonders if it’s possible to sink through the floor through the power of sheer embarrassment.

“I seriously hate people who try to skating moves from Yuri On Ice. I was so close to reenacting Yuzuru Hanyu’s accident back in 2014 because some inexperienced fangirl tried to do a 4S. I was lucky to catch myself before running into her but if I hadn’t, I would’ve had to sit out of my very first competition with a concussion”

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Hi! What about an all nauseous/dizzy Viktor with a concussion? Please xx

WARNING: descriptions of vomit below

read the warning

read the warning

read the warning

okay, you’ve been warned!  enjoy the fic!

“Viktor, sit down,” Yuuri ordered firmly, but his voice was quiet.  The older man was wincing and had a hand to his head, which he had just slammed - hard - on the ice, but he was still trying to stand on shaking legs.

“I’m okay, Yuuri, don’t worry, I-“ Viktor sucked in a pained gasp and stuck his arms out to his sides for balance as he swayed dizzily.  He was still on the ice, and there was no doubt that he would have fallen had Yuuri not been there to catch him and gently lower him to the ground.  Still, Viktor frowned.  “I’m alright,” he insisted, even as the world tilted sickeningly before his eyes.

“No, you’re not.”  Yuuri gave Viktor’s shoulder a squeeze, both for reassurance, and to ensure that the injured skater wouldn’t try standing up again.  Yuuri pulled out his phone to call for an ambulance, but Viktor stopped him with a lethal combination of techniques including a hand on his arm, puppy dog eyes, and a desperate verbal plea.

“Yuuri, darling, please.  I don’t like hospitals, and it’s probably nothing.”

Yuuri frowned, hesitant, but somewhat relieved that Viktor seemed slightly more stable now than he had moments ago.

“Please.  Let’s just go home.  The ice is cold.”

It was so like Viktor to offer a compromise in this situation.  As reluctant as Yuuri was to use the word compromise anywhere near related to Viktor’s health, he didn’t like the idea of forcing his fiancé to do anything he wasn’t comfortable with, and at least this way he would be able to easily keep an eye on Viktor.  He nodded, and offered Viktor his hand, which the older man grasped with a smile.

As soon as he stood, however, his smile became a grimace. and any coloring in his already-pale face fled it immediately.  Yuuri’s heart leapt in his chest, fearing that Viktor might pass out, so he stepped closer.

Instead of passing out, though, Viktor pushed Yuuri away and doubled over as watery vomit poured from his mouth.  He heaved, hands clutching his head, and more sick spilled over his lips, splashing against the ice.  Yuuri held him steady and rubbed circles on his back, unspeaking, until the puking and then the dry heaving came to a stop.  This time Viktor sunk to the ground of his own accord, no longer caring about how cold the ice was.


“Yuuri,” Viktor interrupted, voice slow in a heavy, weighed down sort of way.  “Perhaps I’m not as okay as I thought.”

Yuuri’s chest fluttered; seeing his fiancé sick and injured was one thing; hearing him admit it was another, and it sent his anxiety through the roof in an instant.  He stuttered out a laugh and fumbled with his phone.

“You don’t say,” he murmured, squeezing Viktor’s hand tightly as he dialed for an ambulance.

Victuuri and injuries
  • Viktor: [scrapes knee somehow]
  • Yuuri: are you ok babe?
  • Viktor: I'm-
  • Viktor: -fine

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number 19 victuuri ?? maybe a injury or the illness hurts one of them a lot ?

19-sad kiss. Also I’m totally using this to write a fic idea that I had the other day, sorry not sorry. This is set after regionals.

Yuuri had seemed fine after hitting the wall during his free skate. He’d been a little dazed and wobbly on his feet during the awards ceremony, but Victor had chalked it up to relief and exhaustion, not to mention the adrenaline crash after performing. Really, he had been too torn between pride and annoyance at his wayward student to notice the way that Yuuri kept swallowing convulsively and pressing a hand to his forehead as if his head hurt.

In his defense, Yuuri had chosen not to say anything about it until they were almost halfway back to Hasetsu. “Victor?” he asked hesitantly, pressing a hand to his mouth for a second as his face paled a little. “Could we possibly stop and pull over?”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Victor promises, not taking his eyes off of the road as he navigates a particularly difficult patch of traffic. When he’s able to, he glances over at Yuuri, and frowns. “Are you feeling alright? You look a bit pale.”

“I’m okay,” Yuuri mumbles. “Just a bit-” The rest of his sentence is cut off by a wet burp. Yuuri clamps a hand over his mouth as his face goes a pale shade of green.

Cursing under his breath, Victor delicately navigates through the mess of other cars until he’s able to stop on the side of the highway. Yuuri stumbles out of the car as soon as it stops, one hand wrapped around his stomach and the other still clamped firmly over his mouth. He barely makes it two steps from the car before he doubles over with a harsh retch. Vomit spatters the pavement.

“Oh, my poor Yuuri,” Victor coos sympathetically. He walks over to Yuuri’s side and starts rubbing his back gently, not at all put off by the puddle of puke. Gently, he reaches a hand up and sweeps Yuuri’s bangs out of his face-both to check for a temperature and keep them out of harm’s way. In the process, his hand brushes Yuuri’s forehead. He startles, withdrawing his hand when Yuuri moans in protest at the gentle touch.

“What’s wrong?”

“My head hurts,” Yuuri slurs, his words punctuated by a painful belch. “It hurts, Victor,” he croaks again, tears forming in his eyes.

Victor slowly pieces together what must of happened, and his heart breaks for Yuuri, who must be in so much pain right now. “I’m sorry, love,” he murmurs, pressing a sad kiss to Yuuri’s shoulder as he continues to rub his back in soothing circles. Yuuri doesn’t flinch away, too busy throwing up everything that he’s eaten in the past 24 hours. “We’ll stay here as long as you need to, and then I’ll try to get you home as soon as possible, okay?” Yuuri just nods miserably.

ice rink aus

short n sweet

- youre a pro figure skater and im taking my child/nephew/cousin for a fun session and youre just finishing up as i arrive and dear lord you’re hot
- im literally like bambi on the ice and youre the lovely stranger who skates over and holds my hand for the entire thing
- i bashed into you and sent you flying oh my god im so sorry can i buy you a hot chocolate to make up for it
- you just took a really hard fall are you okay
- i have a deathly fear of getting my fingers sliced off by a skate and i slipped and now im having a panic attack on the rink and youre calming me down

Broken Toy Soldiers

It had been a while now since Yuri Plisetsky had considered the word “impossible”. To call a task impossible implied that it could not be done, and Yurio had long since decided that his passion for skating would crumble that word, tossing its dust onto the ice he skated on. Ever since he was a young boy, it was all he could do to keep going, to make people astonished, to make himself proud.

But that had changed. As the beeping grew somehow louder in the otherwise silent room and the smell of sterilizers filled his nose, Yurio couldn’t find the will to open his eyes again. So he let his mind wander instead.

He’d finally added the word “impossible” back into his vocabulary.

It had been impossible to think he could drive Otabek’s motorcycle alone. Impossible for that to have been a decent decision, he knew that. But it wasn’t supposed to have cost him his arm.

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“You may be oblivious but I’m determined.” or “Do you even realize what you do to me?” or both? x3c

These two prompts wound up in wildly different sections of Quinn and Mara’s timeline. “You may be oblivious but I’m determined” is here, and is a slice of their lives after their daughter is born. This prompt is before they declared their feelings to each other, roughly Tatooine-ish in terms of the Warrior timeline.

Mara’s lightsaber hissed and wove like something alive, its magenta light casting odd shadows as the Pureblood woman fought four assailants. Quinn stood at her back, blaster in one hand and vibroknife in the other. Most of the enemies rushing them from his direction dropped to precision blaster fire, but a handful had made it close enough to wet his blade before they, too, joined the ranks of those dead with a blaster bolt between the eyes.

A glint of light caught Quinn’s eye and he glanced upward to see a woman with a blaster rifle trained on his lord’s back. The sniper was already leaning over her weapon, sighting down the barrel. Quinn ran the variables in his head as he raised his blaster, quickly arriving at the conclusion that firing alone would be insufficient. Best case scenario, his blaster bolt would strike home a second after hers had struck Mara in the back.

The sniper’s rifle barked shortly. Quinn dropped his knife and threw himself between Mara and the incoming shot, his pistol answering the rifle blast with a higher-pitched bark of its own. Fire lanced through his shoulder, dragging a cry from him despite his best efforts to remain silent. Before he hit the ground, the sniper jerked when his shot caught her in the chest and slumped over her weapon.

He grunted when he hit the ground, a fresh wave of heat radiating from his wound. He rolled onto his knees, blaster tracking, and took down two more would-be attackers. A third closed on Mara, bringing a vibroblade to bear, and died with her lightsaber through his chest.

He was the last, Quinn realized, sinking into a sitting position and forcing himself to breathe through the pain rolling through his shoulder.

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Could you make yurio hurt himself after he lands a jump and is crying so much to the point of being sick? Please!

I realize that this doesn’t exactly fit the prompt, but I like how it turned out. Enjoy!

The fall comes out of nowhere: one minute, Yuri is taking off for his quad lutz, confident and steady; the next, he’s panicking when he can’t quite find the landing. The ice seems to come up in slow motion as Yuri desperately tries to salvage the jump and land on his feet. The effort fails and Yuri crashes heavily, his head and his hands taking the brunt of the fall; a wet snap from his arm drags a scream from his throat.

For a moment Yuri just lays there, too stunned to move. Everything hurts and he can’t think past pain. Curling in on himself, he attempts to breathe through it. His breath is coming in sharp, painful gasps, and there’s a ringing in his ears as the pain grows from a dull, generalized ache to a sharp, more localized throbbing in his head and arm.

The sensory overload is making his stomach churn. He hears someone calling his name, but it sounds muffled and distant, like it’s coming from far away. Someone is screaming in the background, and Yuri wishes that they would stop; the noise is hurting his head.

Belatedly, he realizes that he should probably respond to whoever is yelling at him. His vision is blurry, but he attempts to sit up anyway. The motion only makes his nausea worse, and he wraps the arm that doesn’t hurt over his stomach.

“Yuri, are you alright?” It’s Mila’s voice. Yuri opens his mouth to answer her, but ends up lurching forward over the ice with a gag instead. The painful overstimulation is too much to handle. The hand on his shoulder moves to his back and rubs in soothing circles as Yuri trembles and heaves, spitting up his breakfast all over the pristine white ice.

The vomit burns his already raw throat, and Yuri feels hot tears trickling down his cheeks as he dry heaves miserably. Each heave jars his arm and makes his head hurt even worse. When the queasiness finally abates a little, Yuri collapses back against Mila. Even with his hazy vision, he can see the worry on her face.

“It looks like you broke your arm,” she says with a frown, one of her hands stroking through his hair. “And you probably have a concussion. How are feeling?”

Yuri would make a sarcastic remark if he had the energy, but all that comes out of his mouth is a strangled whimper. Mila hugs him closer, not caring about the vomit crusted on his chin. “We’re going to get you taken care of, okay?” she says reassuringly. Yuri gives a tiny nod and snuggles closer, shutting his eyes against the barrage of pain. “I’ll stay with you the whole time,” Mila promises.