I’m not a winter person, but there’s something almost magical about the way water freezes. From instant snow to snow rollers and weird ice formations to slushy waves, winter brings all kinds of bizarre and unexpected sights. The video above is an artistic look at one of my favorites – freezing soap bubbles. Normally, the thin film of a soap bubble is in wild motion, convecting due to gravity, surface tension differences, and the surrounding air. Such a thin layer of liquid loses its heat quickly, though, and, as ice crystals form, the bubble’s convection and rotation slow dramatically, often breaking the thin membrane. Happily photographer Pablo Zaluska had the patience to capture the beautiful ones that didn’t break!  (Video credit: P. Zaluska; via Gizmodo)

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This gingerbread house replica of The Overlook Hotel from ‘The Shining’ is nearly 4 feet long, has a hedge maze made of Rice Krispies, and famous scenes from the film that can be seen in the windows.

The impressive display was hand made by Redditor eudicotyledon and her family as part of an annual tradition.

It’s made entirely out of gingerbread, icing, fondant, candy, and Rice Krispie Treats!

Everything from the wallpaper, carpet, and paintings to the ghosts and the bloody elevator is edible.

Basically, it’s perfect.


Sea ice forms in patterns that depend on local ocean conditions. Pancake ice, like that shown in the above photo from the Antarctic Ross Sea, is formed in rough ocean conditions. Each individual pancake has a raised ridge along its edge, due to wave-induced collisions with other pieces of ice. Over time the smaller pieces of ice will merge together, forming large sheets. Evidence of its turbulent formation will persist, however, in the rough surface of the ice’s underside. For more, check out the National Snow and Ice Data Center. (Image credit: S. Edmonds; via Flow Visualization)

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