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this joke was paraphrased from frasier, but I figured you'd get a kick out of it. there's a lecture series for psychologists and psychiatrists out in the icy and cold mountains. you've never seen so many freudians slip...

Hah! Thanks for sharing =)

Tout ce qu’il se passe en ce moment est fatiguant et déprimant, je vais faire une pause avec l’actualité, en espérant que les gens seront moins idiots d’ici quelques jours (probabilité : très faible à faible).

Let Bygones Be Bygones (Jongin x OC)

Description: Jongin leaves SooRi’s apartment, but she can’t get him out of her head. 

Genre: Fluff


4:37 a.m.

That’s when Jongin opened his eyes, slightly disoriented with a killer headache. His nose was still a bit clogged and his throat just as sore as the night before.

And he was hot.

He looked to his left and weakly croaked as icy blue eyes stared back at him.

Boo let out a soft ‘meow,’ and hopped off of the coffee table, sauntering off to God knows where.

“Fucking cat,” Jongin mumbled as he reached for his water and the cold medicine that SooRi had left on the coffee table.

As bad as he felt physically, he was pretty well rested. He’d fallen asleep while watching one of his favorite shows and thinking about a certain pretty, helpful woman.

It was like college again.

It was like he had no worries.

It was normal.

He knew he would have to leave soon and he dreaded it. Jongin was too proud to ask for just one more night of shelter but he did close his eyes and drift back into a light nap.

A few more hours of rest wouldn’t hurt.

Jongin woke up again to the sound of water running and the sun peeking through sheer curtains. His headache was gone, but his throat was itchy and his head felt stuffy.

He couldn’t help but smile as SooRi walked into the living room though.

“Hey, you’re up. How are you feeling?”

Jongin sat up and stretched a bit. “Still have a cold, but not so bad.”

His voice sounded worse than he had expected and he cringed as SooRi’s lips formed a hard frown.

“You don’t sound ‘not so bad,’ Jongin.”

SooRi walked over to him and kneeled so that she could reach his face easily. Like she had last night, she felt his forehead, cheeks, and neck.

“The fever broke, but your cold is still pretty bad. I made some oatmeal for you to eat.”

Jongin’s cheeks were red as well as the tips of his ears. How could she be so kind to a stranger? Shouldn’t she be kicking him out? She had done her good deed and really wasn’t obligated to do anything else for him.

Yet here she was.

“Um, thank you. I’ll be out of here after breakfast. Let me just go wash up.”

He hurried off to the bathroom and washed his face and brushed his teeth. The time was fast approaching for him to take his leave and though he wouldn’t dare admit it aloud, he wanted to drag it out as long as he could.

But he couldn’t do that to SooRi.

She probably had things to do.

He grabbed his toothbrush and toothpaste, putting both back into his zip-loc bag.

Jongin walked back into the living room and found his clothes neatly folded on the couch as well as a few other items that weren’t his and a large black backpack.

He walked into the kitchen and took a seat at the bar. SooRi was grabbing some apple juice from the fridge and smiled as she turned to him.

“I hope you like apple juice.”

Jongin frowned and looked at the woman very seriously. “I think you might have put your laundry with mine by mistake.”

SooRi just kept her smile in place as she shook her head at him and took her seat.

“No mistake. I’ve had my cousin’s stuff here for too long and I won’t be using it. It’s not much, just some jeans, a few shirts, some boxers, socks. Oh! And take that backpack to put your stuff in. Keep the clothes you slept in too, they look comfortable.”

Jongin opened his mouth to protest but was swiftly cut off.

“Please take them, Jongin.”

He looked at her and felt his face relax. She was so sincere towards him. The nicer she was to him, the worse he felt for trying to steal her purse and making her feel guilty enough to take him in.

“Thanks, SooRi. I’m sorry for staying so long. I’ll be out of here in a few minutes.”

SooRi took a sip of her juice and waved him off, checking emails on her phone at the same time.

“No rush. I don’t have work today anyway since it’s Sunday.”

Sunday already? Jongin really needed to buy a cheap pocket calendar to keep up with the days.


They finished breakfast with minimal conversation and walked to the living room where Jongin grabbed his things. Jongin bowed deeply at SooRi and straightened with a gentle smile on his face.

“Thank you so much.”

SooRi bit her lip and shook her head. “It’s fine. You know, it’s still raining pretty hard out there. And you’re sick.”

“I’ll be fine. Maybe the shelter has some open beds now.”

SooRi followed the man to the door, scrambling for any excuse she could think of to keep Jongin in her home. She knew her good Samaritan act was going a bit overboard but she couldn’t help herself.

She wanted him to be safe.

She wanted him to stay a little longer.


He turned toward her and looked at her expectantly. She looked unsure of herself and he waited patiently for her to speak again.

“You know you can stay here another night.”

There was the invitation.

Once again, she was willingly inviting him into her personal space.

Was it pity? No, he didn’t get that uncomfortable feeling when he looked into her eyes. She wasn’t doing this for self-validation.

She truly did care.

But he couldn’t stay here. He couldn’t do that to her knowing full and well that he could never pay back what she had done for him.

He had to leave.

Jongin shook his head, smile wavering. “I think it would be best if I go. Thank you, SooRi.”

He bowed again and let himself out of her apartment.  

SooRi stared at her front door and sighed. She had tried, right? Why should she feel bad about his departure?

May be because he was still sick.

May be because of his pretty smile.

May be because of his sad story.

Either way, SooRi settled with herself that Jongin was gone now and shuffled into her room to grab her laptop to get a headstart on the week ahead of her.

She sat back down in her living room and turned on her television for background noise. SooRi busied herself by responding to a few emails and looking at the list of families she was scheduled to meet with.

Work was good.

Work was distracting.

That is until the loud booming of thunder and the sound of heavy rain hitting her windows jolted her out of her concentration.

“It’s really coming down out there,” she murmured to herself as she rose to her feet.

She picked up Boo who had come out from behind a potted plant and looked out of the window. The rain was coming down so hard that she could barely see the street. She bit her lip and stroked her cat’s soft fur absentmindedly.

A familiar pang of guilt hit her as she watched the rain continue to pour with no sign of letting up or stopping. Her mind raced with so many thoughts, most scolding herself for letting him leave so easily. She should have asked him again to stay, given him an umbrella, food to take with him.


But he had looked so willing to leave. She really didn’t want to compromise his pride or offend him in any way by being overly persistent. Perhaps he had found shelter in the hour he’d been gone and was perfectly safe.

That’s what SooRi told herself to stay calm.

That’s what she kept telling herself for the three hours she spent inside of her apartment.

By 6 o’clock, that thought no longer comforted her. She grabbed her rain boots, a thick hoodie, her car keys and umbrella, hoping that she hadn’t waited too long. She didn’t know where she was going, but she had to try.

She flung her door open with way too much force but was blocked before she could even take a step into the hallway.

Sitting against the wall across from her door was a soaking wet figure in a dark green jacket.

SooRi squinted and tilted her head to the side. “Jongin?”

The figure lifted a flushed, tired face and SooRi inhaled sharply before rushing over to the man.

“Jongin? Are you okay? How long have you been out here? Oh God, you’re burning up.”

Jongin sniffed and blinked at SooRi’s concerned face slowly. He had left the apartment complex hours ago and was intending on going back to the shelter to see if there were any beds available. But the rain had gotten so heavy and the wind kept hitting him in the face like a ton of bricks. He felt himself growing sicker and more tired and though he tried to keep going, he couldn’t stop his feet from turning his wet, worn out body around.

Standing outside of her apartment had been the most nerve-racking thing Jongin had done in a long time. He had raised his fist to knock five times but his guilt and embarrassment made him lower his fist and hang his head. This was exactly what he didn’t want but he was so tired.

He just needed to sit down for a second to collect his thoughts and rest.

A second quickly turned into an hour and a half.

His lips were slightly blue from the cold air in the hallway hitting his wet body and he could barely stop his teeth from clinking together to form a coherent sentence.

“I-I tried t-to m-make it, b-but the rain…”

SooRi felt a wave of anger wash over her body. She had offered for him to stay! Why was he so hard headed?

She grabbed his arms and yanked him to his feet. He staggered a bit, but let himself be dragged back into the comfort of SooRi’s apartment.

SooRi’s hands were immediately on him, pulling off his soaked shoes, socks, jacket, and shirt. Jongin looked at her closely, almost in a daze as she fussed over him. His mind didn’t quite register that she was undressing him in her home. All that he cared about was the feeling of safety welling up inside of him.

He was way too hot. SooRi knew that his fever was almost dangerously high and she pushed him towards the bathroom.

“Get in the shower and don’t turn on the hot water. You need to have it lukewarm so that you don’t overheat and pass out. I’m gonna grab you some clothes to wear and cook you something to eat. And I fucking swear, if you try to leave again, I will knock you out myself.”

Jongin winced as she closed the door before peeling off the rest of his clothes. As instructed, he only turned the water on moderately warm and slipped inside. He almost yelled at himself for feeling immediately comforted. This wasn’t his home and if he weren’t sick, he would have left at the first failed attempt to knock at SooRi’s door.

But she had made him feel…he couldn’t exactly explain it.

SooRi sighed in relief when she retrieved dry clothes from the bag she had given to Jongin that morning. She hung the backpack on her coat rack to dry and picked out a pair of socks, boxers and a shirt. She quickly laid the fluffy white blanket back out on the couch, going to her room to grab a thicker blanket as well as more medicine.

She’d calmed down considerably and felt bad as she knocked on the bathroom door. She had overreacted, but in her defense, the man was so stubborn and prideful.

He got on her nerves.

She was so worried about him that her hands were shaking.

SooRi took a step back when Jongin opened the door with only a towel around his waist. He looked at her with heavily lidded eyes and licked his lips as he stared her down.

She blinked a few times before holding out the ball of clothes to the man, eyes now looking at her socks that had little pink cats printed on them.

“Here you go. I heated up some stew and it might not be the best meal you’ve ever had, but it’ll fill you up.”

He took the clothes from her with a weak smile. “Thanks.”

SooRi turned to head back into the kitchen but faced Jongin again before he could close the bathroom door.

“And you can stay here, Jongin. Not just for tonight.”

Jongin watched her retreating figure curiously, his expression more confused than hopeful.

‘What does that mean?’

“Mon invité sera bientôt ici,” Stella assured the waiter, glancing at her watch yet again. It wasn’t too late, the person for whom she was waiting would be arriving very soon. “Pendant ce temps, je voudrais un verre de vin, s'il vous plaît.”

Enfermée le soir dans la salle de bains, elle écrivait les courtes lettres qu'elle lui glissait au matin. “ Tommaso, mon aimé, mon cœur, mon trésor adoré, quel bonheur de t'avoir rencontré. Tu étais là depuis toujours au creux de mon âme, même si j'ignorais encore ton visage et ton nom. Je rêve à toi jour et nuit, je crois penser à autre chose, et tu es là, dans ma tête, comme une lumière allumée dans le noir. Dorénavant je ne me sentirai plus jamais seule, je marche et tu es à mon côté, je mange et tu es ici, je suis avec mes frères et mes parents et toi aussi tu es avec moi, je t'attends et tu me dis, va, ne t'en fais pas je suis là, je ne te quitterai pas. Tu es si beau, et moi je me sens si laide, si stupide. J'en perds la tête et c'est cela l'amour.
—  Les Promesses, Sorella - Italia - Vapore, Marco Lodoli

Waw… si seulement j’étais de ceux qui se voient aimer de la sorte, et qui reçoivent de telles lettres d’amour. Ma vie aurait été et serait tout autre…

Quick Cryptid Snippet: Brosnie (AKA: Brosnya or The Brosno Dragon)

Situated within the Tver region of Russia and close to the town of Andreapol, there sits an icy lake with a max depth of 141ft. The lake is known as Lake Brosno and it is said to be the home of a dragon, and a particularly nasty one at that. While the lake does have many different legends associated with it (some going all the way back to the 13th century), the ones that strike the most fear into the residents are those that involve the dragon named Brosnie.

One legend claims that in the mid 1200’s during the invasion of Europe and the expansion of the Mongol Empire, Batu Khan (the grandson of Genghis Khan) led his Tatar-Mongol army towards Novgorod, one of Europe’s largest cities and the capital of the Novgorod Republic. After marching for quite a long while, Khan order his men to rest next to the large body of water alongside them in order to refill on water and allow the horses some down time. Unknown to them though, the body of water that they had settled down next to was Lake Brosno.

Suddenly, as the army sat near the water’s edge, a large dragon-like creature sprang forth out of the lake and began snapping its jaws at both man and animal alike. The army could not flee fast enough and countless horses and soldiers were crushed between the teeth and swallowed by the angry dragon within the lake. So terrified at the horror they had just experienced, the Tatar-Mongol army fled the area and completely abandoned all plans to take the city of Novgorod. The dragon had saved the capital.

Another legend within the area tells the story about a group of Vikings that had stolen a large amount of treasure and were searching the area for a place to hide it. When they came upon Lake Brosno, they noticed a small island out in the middle of the water. Feeling that this was the perfect place to hide their treasure, the Vikings loaded into a small boat and set out towards the island. As they were nearing the shoreline, it is said that a large dragon appeared from below the surface and got between the island and the Vikings. Terrified of the monster before them, the Vikings attempted to row back to the main shore, but their efforts were in vain. The dragon opened its mouth and swallowed the warriors whole, boat and all.

Later, in the 18th and 19th centuries, it was said that the monster started to become more docile. Locals in the area told stories about how the large dragon would appear on the lakes surface in the evening and just swim back and forth. If anyone were to try and approach it though, the creature would sink back beneath the surface and not appear again for another few days. The monster was said to be 16ft long, had the appearance of both a fish and a snake combined, possessed an extremely large head with equally large eyes and mouth, had exceptionally large fins, and an enormous tail.

But what about sightings in modern times, was this creature even around in the 20th century? What about now in the 21st? The answer to that question is yes. In 1996 while on vacation, a family from Moscow took a blurry photo of a large creature seen swimming far offshore in a calm section of water. The monster was brought to the attention of the adults after their 7yr old son had started shouting that there was a dragon out in the water. In 1997, sightings of a large creature that was seen frequently swimming in the water not far from shore, began to spark interest in the dragon once again. Those that lived along the shore of Lake Brosno were even becoming quite terrified that the monster could quite possibly one day attack them if they ventured too close to the water’s edge. Finally, in 2002, a team from the Kosmopoisk Research Association (a group that researches claims of UFO’s, Cryptozoological encounters, and other supernatural/paranormal phenomenon) launched an investigation into Lake Brosno. During their time on the water, the group conducted deep echo location sweeps of the lake and discovered a globster floating near the bottom of the lake. After throwing a low impact explosive near the location that the globster was stuck, the object broke free and rose to the surface. Testing on the unidentified mass proved interesting as no lab could match the samples to any known creature within the lake. All they could determine was that it was biological in nature and was more than likely alive at one time.

So what is the Brosnie? There are those that believe the dragon is actually a true relic from the days of the dinosaurs and is either a plesiosaur or a zeuglodon (like the Loch Ness Monster and Champ). Some believe extremely large pike within the lake are to blame for sightings as they could appear monstrous at times while others feel that Brosnie is a product of misidentification due to large moose or wild boar occasionally swimming across the lake and taking on an monstrous appearance while wet and covered in various vegetation from within the water. There are a few investigators who look at it scientifically and feel that the dragon is nothing more than hydrogen sulfide bubbling up from the bottom of the lake bed and causing a disturbance on the surface of the water which makes it appear as if a large creature is underneath. Finally, there are those who feel that Brosnie was in fact real at one time, but died years ago and it’s decomposing body was what the Kosmopoisk Research Association pulled up from the depths of the lake.

-The Pine Barrens Institute

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I almost burst out laughing when I saw iHeart Country headline one Twitter today: It seems like there's a new article about Blake and Gwen everyday. That's quite an understatement lol. I, for one, have declare that 2016 is the Blake and Gwen year ha! And that new ExtraTv interview?? No wonder people are craving for more news about them! Look at his goofy grin when he's talking about Gwen! that post on IG said it best, I believe everyone's icy heart melted when they see Blake and Gwen together

I saw that one RTed! Very funny and very true, and long may people whine about it on Facebook, because it’s not stopping anytime soon. 😄

Everytime Blake talks about Gwen in interviews (especially when it’s video), i just melt. That man has a way with words, and I’m not even being funny about it. He expresses himself beautifully. And yeah, Gwen lights up, and Blake softens. And it’s beautiful. 

what if a mage’s emotions is connected to their magic?

inspired by this post/ hc (if anyone has the direct link to the post, please let me know! i can’t find it hbsekdfvdj).

  • unlike elemental mages but similar to their spirit mage cousins, necromancers are subtle in their emotions and rarely reveal their true selves. they appear to freeze still or stop breathing when they are intensely focused on something. when distressed, their skin grows cold and rigid pale alike to the corpses they reanimate. their icy cheeks go rosy or have colour when they are flattered. imagine an apprentice necromancer accidentally siphoning life forces around them when upset. spirits linger around them, so it feels like you’re always being watched even if it’s just the two of you. an aura of utter dread and fear of death suddenly overwhelming those around them when threatened or angered. somehow the scent of burning incense appears when they are content or peaceful, especially around nevarran necromancers
  • entropic mages being hyper aware of creation and deconstruction, balancing the two so carefully everyday (but obvs favouring the art of deconstruction/ destruction). they revel in chaotic energies, whether it be on the battlefield or in the busy mornings of the sleep quarters. tables being thrown out because the wood has rotted where their hands have lingered too long in times of anxiety. sometimes they cast illusions onto others in times of happiness because mere words cannot express it. when angered, the air goes hazy or thin, disorienting or weakening anyone around them by absorbing energy.
  • bloodmages are naturally cold, their cuts more cold. their mouths weep red and the smell of blood fills the nose when they use blood magic. a wide grin on their faces when they sense suffering nearby, even if they don’t mean it. they are more susceptible to an enemy’s emotions as they gain control of the body or mind – desperation or fear flitting across the mage’s face for a second. the air suddenly warm when they stop hearing demonic voices for a minute. bloodmages who aren’t madmen, but ones with moral codes or ideals to destigmatize the field, being more lukewarm to the touch.

Survived my ten hour work day, which concludes the end of my six days in a row. Damn. Bonus, two hour bus ride home because of traffic. 

It is fanfic WRITING TIME. I am so excited. Birth of the little flame is at 4000 words, and hey: (ex) villains and lego, rum, dragons, snow (the falling icy kind) corset jokes, emotions…

It’s fun. 

I would love it if people talk to me because I enjoy a bit of distraction. Also fic babble volunteers are always welcome. 

Gency Submission: Chapter 4

((WOOP THERE IT IS!! I was so happy to see this in my inbox :D !! If you’re new then you can read chapter 1 HERE))

Thank you for reading.

Fast and agile footsteps could be heard on the Tokyo rooftops, the dry and icy snow cracking under Genji’s feet the bright Japanese dawn was arriving, although he had two stab wounds on he’s back the ninja was running faster than ever before.Angela’s words before they left for the meeting with Akira were resonating in his mind.He knew her plan was dangerous but she knew the woman who promised to marry was important to him,she didn’t want him to kill her for her’s sake.As Genji reached the old base he didn’t wait for Athena to open the door and barged right in.“Hello agent Shimada.” He was greeted by the A.I. Genji fast with his words said.“Open these coordinates for me!” As Athena opened a map showing the location asked him.“Where is agent Mercy?” “Captured.“He said quickly and then added."It was part of our plan.” “Ah I see humans being reckless as always."She replied."This is the location agent the Kamchatka peninsula.” “Shut down this place and set the coordinates on the jet and activate autopilot,I’ll we be apologizing to someone on the way there.Thank you Athena."Genji left the base as everything was shutting down.

On his flight Genji was in deep meditation try to explain to his dragon why he called him off during battle and denying him victory over his enemies and that he didn’t kill on purpose to trick Akira. He could not quite understand if the dragon accepted his apology but he knew that the beast will not betray him if there is fire in his soul.

As the jet arrived at it’s destination Genji took over the controls of the aircraft hovering it over what looked like an old Russian prison, although the jet had stealth mode the ninja didn’t wan to risk being detected so he decided to free dive down landing on the roof he knew he would damage his cybernetic feet but it was worth it despite the risk and remembered how he was reckless on missions getting himself hurt just to see and talk to Angela.He smiled and took the leap.He was falling fast until landing heavy on two feet some wires snapping and metal bending. Genji jumped down landing on a platform next to window breaking the glass he sneaked in, his walking starting stiffen.

Genji saw two guards standing next to empty wall one of the already approaching him to investigate the noise. The ninja saw an opportunity he went for the but it was clumsy and messy the guard rushed towards he unloaded his shuriken and landed all three of them on the guard’s head.He then proceeded to the wall they were guarding. Genji found a newly installed panel used to open a door it needed a password he was impatient and just slashed with his blade to his surprise it worked out and the wall opened to reveal a staircase it wasn’t guarded he continued down the stairs clumsy.

Genji continued walking on path there were three doors to his side one was slightly open and heard a keyboard typing but before he could go in a patrol of guards were coming towards him he jumped up used his legs to hang himself upside down using a gas pipe he unloaded two shuriken one in each hand and waited for them to pass underneath him.And in the blink of an eyes Genji used the edges of the shuriken to slice the throats of the unsuspecting guards.He then silently opened the door and there she was typing some formula on the computer monitor in front of her."Angela.” He whispered.She jumped straight out her chair but remembered her ankles were restrained,Genji stumbling towards Mercy extending his arm until finally they met in a tight embrace.His hand on the back of her head and the other one  wrapping around her waist pressing her closer to him.She on the other hand around where his ribs were.“Took you long enough."She said jokingly."I’m sorry.” Genji with his tired voice.“Don’t be,this was my idea."Angela tried to calm he down she could feel his heart beating unevenly and fast."Angela the things I said in that.."She interrupted him saying."I know that you didn’t mean any of it.” They broke their hug and Genji asked.“Do you know where they are holding Hanzo?” “Yes a heard a guard saying that he is held three floors below us,I was here just typing some nonsense to think I’m working but the took my equipment.” “You did great."Genji said as he freed her from her chains with quick slice from his blade.Both of them continued in search for Hanzo.

I was pretty tired writing this :S One or two chapters are left oh and i might use this fic to do a new series using events from this one you can put you torches and pitchforks down :D

((^^^^That is an excellent idea!!)

New Oc (que vous avez eu l’occasion de voir ici)

Projet Y, avec la participation de @shuirosgarden :D I love you my dear friend !
J’ai pas mal galéré sur cette illu = motivation alarmante, et nouveau logiciel. Du coup voilà… C’est pas gégé, mais je suis quand même contente ! (il en faut peu pour être heureux dit-on!)

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Vu que tout le monde parle en anglais ici, je suppose que les gens ont du mal à réaliser qu'il y a des nationalités autre que anglophones sur tumblr :') c'est mignon quelque part

le monde appartient aux américain qui ne le sait pas? fin’ c’est vrai que parlez anglais c’est plus pratique pour ce faire comprendre par un maximum de gens ^^ Sa reste néanmoins agréable de parler français de temps en temps haha


Summer, unfortunately,
tastes like a pack of bone cold wolves
howling the names of post-mortem Mozarts.
The musky air of their panting breath
scoffs like harsh discordance clattering ceremoniously
at the feet of the melody we jammed into a satellite. 
The musky air of their stench-ridden teeth 
scoffs like the word mellifluous cascading 
as the drunken vomit of adolescent languages
trying to stomach the sweaty torture of 
the noon sun glaring down like an angry deity. 

Summer, unsurprisingly,
also tastes like cinnamon giants peppering 
the earth with ancient spite when their 
boyfriend doesn’t text them back. 
The sting of their sobbing witchcraft 
builds new nerve endings, and paints 
them with dogged determination. 
The sting of their rage concoctions 
crushes the new life like the cracking 
yelp of wild dogs underfoot. Like 
the cracking page of icy obituary. 

Summer, unfortunately, 
tastes the same. 

Les cachets, le whisky, l'herbe. M'allonger. Je sais ce que je fais. Ne penser qu'à la méthode. 
Ne penser qu'aux gestes. Ne penser qu'à moi, ici, dans ce salon, à la bouteille, aux cachets. Juste moi. Le bouchon. Le tube. Ouvrir la bouche, poser les cachets sur ma langue, porter la bouteille à mes lèvres. Avaler. Penser à la méthode. Rien d'autre.
Pas à papa, pas à maman. Surtout pas. A mon humiliation. Tout seul, ici. Moi et mon humiliation. Je sais ce que je fais.
Papa et maman comprendront. Peut-être. Je me fous de ce wu'ils comprennent !
Non.. Ne pas y penser. Ne penser à personne.
Aujourd'hui, c'est moi qui décide ! Je ne veux plus de cette vie. Elle est une torture, une insulte. C'est moi qui décide.
Et je décide de la rejeter. Je suis maître de la situation !
Et si le courage me manque, si je suis tenté de me lever, de tout arrêter, je penserai à elle. A elle qui est la vie qui m'a repoussé. Pas aux autres, pas ceux qui m'aiment, mais à elle qui ne m'aime pas, ne veut pas m'aimer. Ne veut même pas essayer.
Sa peau satinée, ses yeux verts, son sourire.
Son sourire ! 
Il est une caresse que sa beauté offre à ceux qui l'approchent. Il est devenu une douleur.
Non tout en elle m'a perdu, m'a entraîné dans cet abîme.
L'abîme de la mort contre le vide de ma vie. Quelle différence ?
—  Cohen

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Salut, je sais que tu fais une pause en ce moment, mais je pensais aux belles personnes que je rencontre ici, sur Tumblr. Et je DEVAIS te dire à quel point je te trouvais belle dans ce que tu es, ce que tu dis, et dans la grâce que tu incarnes. ☺

J’ai repris partiellement du coup,
A la fois ça m’fait rire parce que j’ai pas du tout cette image de moi, et à la fois ça m’touche vraiment énormément tes mots… Merci petit chat… Coeur sur toi. 
A très vite, prends bien soin de toi.