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What I relate to the signs

(Based on people I know)

Aries: roller skating, action films, bold lipstick, first kisses, cinnamon, convertibles, marathons

Taurus: milkshakes, fuzzy socks, soft music, wildflowers, vanilla, naps, teddy bears, nose kisses

Cancer: pajamas, sad movies, cuddling, cool breeze, flip flops, warm smiles, homemade cookies

Gemini: candy, smirks, comedies, bright eyes, long hair, icicles, pranks, purple nail polish, elves

Leo: shopping, pop music, long hugs, summer time, long eyelashes, fairies, the color yellow

Virgo: friendship, a full stomach, bare trees, white chocolate, tea, holding hands, shy smiles

Libra: coffee, alternative music, knee socks, violets, kissing, flying in a plane, a good book, nymphs

Scorpio: concerts, vampires, dark chocolate, diaries, autumn leaves, nose piercings, bangs

Sagittarius: Griffins, tree houses, friendship bracelets, honesty, raspberries, freckles

Capricorn: pencils, straight hair, unicorns, debating politics, rosy cheeks, apples, eyeshadow

Aquarius: aliens, broken light bulbs, numbers, braids, oxygen, cupcakes, the color pink

Pisces: long showers, waving at a new person, soda pop, mermaids, curly hair, fluffy clouds, chandeliers