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Jack Frost headcanon: Eating Ice

Jack likes to chew on ice. If there’s ice in his drink, he’ll drink it, then spend a good few minutes eating the ice. Even if someone tells him to stop and that it’s bad for his teeth, he continues.

Weirdly enough, Jack cannot feel cold on his body. The only times he can feel cold is in his mouth. That explains why he can survive cold winters in his light clothing and not be bothered by the freezing weather. And that’s why he likes to chew ice. It’s cold, and it’s one of the few moments he can feel it… and because cold water is nice. (Duh.)

Well of course he can eat snow an ice from the ground whenever he wants, as long as its clean. In fact, sometimes he do break off some icicles to lick and eat. The coldness is refreshing. Jack also loves ice cream, and tends to frequently steal some ice cream from shops and cafes whenever he’s craving it.

But yes, Jack could cover his whole body in snow and ice and everything cold, and he still doesn’t feel the least bit chilly. Unless he puts something cold in his mouth, then he can feel it… and yes he has experienced brain freeze from eating ice cream and icicles too.

And even though Jack’s mouth is approximately as hot as a human’s , his mouth doesn’t stick to cold materials. Jack can lick an icicle and not get his lips and tongue stuck to it, though it is advised that you should resist the temptation to do the same. (No seriously you can get yourself hurt. Once when I was a kid I got my lips stuck from licking an icicle and it hurt. Do be careful.)

Now what do Pitch think of Jack’s habit of eating ice? Well he doesn’t mind, though the first time he saw Jack break of an icicle and eat it, he told him that was gross, but Jack just laughed at him and shrugged. However, Jack doesn’t eat just any types of icicles; he prefers ice that is clean, and not ice that for example hang from the edges of the roofs in big cities. Those are gross, as they have a taste of the polluted air. 

Icicles made in forests, hanging from fir- and pine trees are the best, as they have a slight hint of taste of the forest. The taste brings back faint memories in Jack, of the time when he was still human, living in a village in the forest with his sister and family. Even now, Jack still loves the scent of the forest, and the taste of it from its icicles.


This took forever. At least for me. A lot (and I mean a lot) of trial and error. I love love love love love the way it came out though!

This is actually an AU called Icicle Jack by This Fab Person (which you can read here its just a short comic series, but totally worth the read). 

I found out about it today right before I had to leave work and had to suffer through 7 hours of grumpy customers before I could get home and read it. And then this picture happened.

Which is also apart of the palette challenge! It was tons of fun only using those colors (I used a random number generator to get palette 79 perfect!)


I saved some of my process and I might upload that next. Anyway, I hope ya’ll like it! <3

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