PowerBar Vs GU energy gels: The Replies

I posted a small and unscientific review of the PowerBar and GU energy gels it was great to hear the views of some fellow runners.

Here are the replies:

ichoose2focus replied to your post: PowerBar Vs GU energy gels

Interesting but I’ve always detested (not just disliked) gu for its thickness. Tangerine PowerBar Energy Gel is the only one I use. The flavor is way better 2 me than the gu equivalent. I’ve never modified my h2o differently bw gu and powerbar

Me: I must say when I first tried the GUs I thought they were very thick. I think the fact I’d bought a box 24 meant I had to forge on which somehow kindled a liking for them. Good to know you don’t vary you water intake - I was just following their guide.

 ariavie replied to your postPowerBar Vs GU energy gels

Some people run with honey in a reusable squeeze tube. My husband loves Hammer Gel, which is made with pureed fruit instead of just corn syrup.

Me: That is very cool. I really like the sound of that. A fellow runner of mine, Rocco, doesn’t like to take many gels with him and tries something different too. He take some small vegemite sandwiches with him on longer runs. Works really for him.

azroberts replied to your post: PowerBar Vs GU energy gels

Did you get a chance to try Endura gels? Been using them for the last few years. http://endura.com.au/products/… Found the PowerBar stuff too thick and the packaging isn’t the greatest size. Haven’t tried GU so can’t say.

Me: I haven’t gotten onto Endura yet as I have so many GUs left! Agree about PowerBar - not doing those again. WIll check out Endura on the next big train.

If you have any other thoughts on this, do leave me a note.