Blast - Youth Graffiti

Bleach: Youth Graffiti

Artist: Blast



Chapter 0: プロローグ (prolouge)

Chapter 1: after 189

Chapter 2: 9月16日 (September 16)

Chapter 3: 9月18日 (September 18)

Chapter 4: 9月19日 (September 19)

Chapter 5: Shared present

Chapter 6: Saver

Chapter 7: Saver 2

Chapter 8: look at him back

Chapter 9: plan start

Chapter 10: small gentleness

Chapter 11: Last back

Chapter 12: Gentle dream

Chapter 13: Dear you


BLEACH, Volume 05, “RightArm of the Giant”

Chapter 035 “Will/Can You Be My Enemy?”

ishida uryuu daily 23


for a kid who mostly studies to stay out of trouble, ichigo sure is annoyed that ishida is first. BEST REACTION FACE. ichigo and orihime are still adorable. tatsuki, too. amused that ishida doesn’t talk much or stand out, yet when he does, he apparently behaves like… well, see tomorrow/the next day… how HAS he stayed so under the radar?

NO EXCUSE FOR LATENESS TODAY IDEC FLIPS TABLES GANG SIGNS CAN’T CONTAIN ME ichigo’s reaction face was allowed to stay to balance the set :<!!!!