ichiruki proofs


When your favorite anime couple didn’t become canon

you somehow try to live with it

you say I will ship them forever and try to gather strength from your fellow IchiRuki fans

Of course, you can’t even do that in peace, there are jackasses who harass IchiRuki tag and you are like fuck just leave it alone I don’t want your bullshit here.

Go ship what you want, don’t impose your shit on me.

Somebody should shit-proof the IchiRuki tag.


So, I just found out that Tite Kubo named Bleach, well, Bleach was because he wanted to capture the main essence of the series, which was that all the shinigamis wear black. But, he didn’t want to name the manga Black, so he named it Bleach to represent white, which is complementary to the color, Black.

So if Rukia is the WHITE moon, Rukia is Bleach. I’m a genius and IchiRuki is bound to happen. Destiny and Fate. Black and White. Sun and Moon. Strawberry and Death.


I honestly don’t know what to think.

You won because they both representatives of their sides.

But you act as if that proof of them being romantic.

I don’t know what to think either…You comment on my rants a lot. Either directly, or indirectly,  This is the second time you responded.

You either want to discuss/debate this or you don’t. Its cowardly and shows you’re not confident enough to debate this with me, and some bitch ass shit…to say little smart shit then block the person so they can’t respond.

You act as is not proof of romance and it is actually more proof that IchiHime ain’t romantic in CANON then there’s proof of IchiRuki not being romantic


Do you know what romance is.

Do you?


A starting definition: Yin / Yang : Two halves that together complete wholeness. Yin and yang are also the starting point for change. When something is whole, by definition it is unchanging and complete. So when you split something into two halves – yin / yang, it upsets the equilibrium of wholeness. This starts both halves chasing after each other as they seek a new balance with each other.

Neither Yin nor Yang are absolute. Nothing is completely Yin or completely Yang. Each aspect contains the beginning point for the other aspect. For example: day becomes night and then night becomes day…Yin and Yang are interdependent upon each other so that the definition of one requires the definition for the other to be complete.

Sometimes changes in the relationship between Yin and Yang can be dramatic where one aspect can literally just transform into the other.  (Ichigo goes from day to night and rukia goes from night to day)


It’s more than “colors” and your camp KNOWS this, which is why you want it for your camp

You can’t put IchiRuki  shipper down…when you guys are constantly trying to use that same thing, for “romance” …um hm…those “colors” aren’t romantic in the least


It’s emotions not some form of dictation or  that it’s giving your all it giving into bigger things than yourself

Oh so emotions are not …feelings that Ichigo said he had?

Its not the ones that he’s shown having.



Which is why I find Ichigo hollow form more of a romantic than anything he has everything done with rukia.

Its the ones YOU imagined he had…despite CANON saying the EXACT opposite 


Because that was raw emotions it something that he couldn’t ignore it something he had to do.
Its emotions in its raw form there is no message it  defence of defeat it’s defiance of death and life it the will to protect the one he love. It’s not about how to fix two pieces together it’s about how far are you willing to go and how much are you willing to go.

You can’t dismiss actual canon, substitute your own fanon and claim your ship is romantic .

 FANON: Because that was raw emotions it something that he couldn’t ignore it something he had to do.


FANON: Its emotions in its raw form there is no message it  defence of defeat it’s defiance of death and life it the will to protect the one he love.


FANON: It’s not about how to fix two pieces together it’s about how far are you willing to go and how much are you willing to go.



Ichigo was not willing to go through those lengths and it’s something he wouldn’t CONSCIOUSLY do. 

That’s why it’s missing from the moments he’s MOST proud of and substituted with Orihime’s face, after he sacrificed his powers, NOT FOR HER…but EVERYONE IN KRAKURA CHO

Which is why, he does not go into his inner world. In fact is the only power-up where Ichigo does not have mindmeld with his Zanpakuto and is simply on AUTO

Which is why this vow was made while he was DEAD and unconscious,

and he has no memory of it cuz…

He was so fucked over his own actions, that he doubted he could be hero and couldn’t properly use his powers after that

Compare that to  Ichigo vowing on his soul, WIDE AWAKE and juxtaposed with RENJI the dude YOUR CAMP is batshit about BEING IN LOVE WITH RUKIA

Power-ups he’s proud of and vows for loved one he can remember…AND IS GLORIOUS HERO

in ACTUAL CANON and not that fanon shit that I PROVED you made up .


and honestly I feel sorry for you because a platonic relationship between Ichigo and rukia is the high of romantic feelings

I feel sorry for you, cuz most delusional people don’t know it, but others can see it…cuz you see shit that doesn’t actually exist in reality.


you can like and you treat this shipping thing as a popularity contest.

You might think it’s a popularity contest but I don’t care who’s popular.

No that’s you, who insists that IR is simply popular and there is no actual basis for  in canon and IH is canon, but just not popular

When the reality is, IR is popular because of canon, and IH ain’t..cuz Canon CLEARLY HATES YOU


 Or if  you honestly believe that ichiruki works because from my point of view it doesn’t the two are PRECIOUS nakama as kubo said that it

no actually writers for Studio Pierrot said that. KUBO SAID, that they’re not a couple, though they’re standing in position so close together, if it was any other work, they would be. They’re not lovers, but MORE THEN FRIENDS

He never said they wouldn’t be canon, ore they were just really precious friends. That’s simply an attack of lunacy, on your part

I got to got, so I made this short, but they dont’ call me IchiHime-eater for nothing. You want to prove IchiHime then you come with CANON FACTS or nothing at all….cuz ASSPULL won’t work on me. 

I used to eat you guys like cookies–ERR DAY-ALL DAY. THIS. IS. FACT.

I will take your ass, spank the shit out of it, and give it back to you when done


I’m shipping Ichiruki so hard to the point where it’s unhealthy.

I literally believe that Ichigo and Rukia are soulmates.

Am I the only one reading the entire fucking texts on proof that Ichiruki does exist and will happen?