Mamo Blog - 2017.02.15 (Eng. Translation)

Though It’s Already Passed…

Though Valentine’s Day has passed already…,

I was really happy about this…,

Is it okay that I post it???(>_<)


In truth,

On the site, you know,

I bought Tokiya’s chocolateeーーーーー☆☆☆

This, is really really nice isn’t it???☆☆☆

It’s really fashionable,

It’s cute,

And delicious☆

Because I was happy, I really wanted to post it here♪

It was a Happy Valentine’s Day present☆(*^o^*)☆


But, this,

From Tokiya, do you think he would have presented it to me……???




Uta no Prince-sama (うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪)

Tokiya Ichinose and Eiji Otori get a classic navy blue casual look to show off in this January PASH! Magazine (Amazon US | eBay) poster, illustrated by key animators Seiko Asai (朝井聖子) and Hatsue Nakayama (中山初絵).


During the UtaPri Maji Love Legend Star Premier Screening: 

Suwabe-san pointed out that Mamo’s necklace was purple. 

Mamo: *picks up necklace* Tokiya. *audience applauds*

Suwabe: Tokiya, ne? 

Mamo: *stands up and pulls out red fabric* Otoya. *audience laughs* 

Suwabe: Isn’t that by chance?!

~ Cuddling with STARISH would be like...~


  • Awkward
  • Him always kicking you in awkward places
  • him always singing  a random melody
  • wanting to sniff and snuggle into his chest
  • him playing with your hair CONSTANTLY

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  • Him always wanting to be the taller one
  • “ ne, can you scooch down a little”
  • trying to make you ask him to cuddle rather the other way round
  • nether showing how happy he is when you cuddle him
  • however ultimately failing as he turns as red as a tomato

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  • him always making the first move
  • Piyo-chan always manages to squeeze in some how
  • you asking natsuki to let you breathe
  • he squeezes you tighter
  • endless reruns of cheesy romance shows while you struggle to breathe

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  • Always having to beg him to get a cuddle
  • him repeatedly denying it
  • you attack cuddle him onto the sofa
  • he acts annoyed but secretly loves it
  • him falling asleep on you
  • you try to get up but he holds on you tighter

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  • Him always making the first move
  • He doesn’t ask, he attacks you and cuddles you with hi on your chest (in a cute way)
  • you try to get off his lap but fails
  • repeatedly kisses what every part he can get to
  • “Wanna take this to the bed?”
  • “NO!”

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  • You always have to make the first move
  • Having to convince him its a good thing
  • Him not knowing what to do
  • You both end up laying next to each other holding hands
  • he kisses you while you sleep
  • You notice
  • He fakes not knowing


  • Him always asking you…like ALWAYS
  • You always say yes
  • Has to be on a sofa
  • he loving the PDA in front of the boys
  • Kinda ends up as a makeout sesh

Just a little quicke for you guys ~~ REQUESTS ARE OPEN

Social Media HCs!!



He has a hard time deciding which form of social media he prefers when it comes to Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat…So, he uses all three of them faithfully. He has specific purposes for each platform. When he wants share abstract thoughts, he takes to Twitter. When he wants to share pictures of his cute new hat, his adorable dessert, or a photo of Elizabeth he runs to Insta but when wants to talk to his audience about how his day went, give a sneak peek of what a day in his shoes is like or embarrass his friends he uses Snapchat.


He has a public account for everything except FB. It is the only private form of social media he has. He has a small amount of friends because his FB is limited to real childhood friends and family. It is under a different name. He never saves his FB profile photo to a picture of himself either. He does this so that it would be fairly difficult for just anyone to find him. He has a Twitter and Instagram but they’re generally only ever used for promotional purposes. They’re usually ran by a PR team rather than himself. Every now and then, he’ll delight fans by allowing his team to share a candid photo of him to his Insta.


He’s an Instagram fanatic. If he’s not in a group chat harassing his friends, he’s on Instagram sending love to fellow idols and sharing adorable selfies. He loves to follow fans back and blow up their notifications because he knows it makes them happy. He replies back to comments as much as he can.  Aside from Insta, you can find him and his smiling face on Snap along with a video of Camus pretending to be sweet when we all know that once the camera goes off, Cesshi is getting his ass handed to him.


He has every single social media account you can possibly think of. His username is always something along the lines of @theRealJinguujiRen. He uses Instagram faithfully. He doesn’t follow everyone back so if a fan gets a follow they must be pretty special. In fact, if he does follow a fan back, it’s for reasons. He has gotten into trouble for DMing fans so he doesn’t do it as often as he used to. He doesn’t have a FB account and has gone a public record stating that. He urges fans to understand that although the accounts may say it’s the real Ren Jinguji, it’s really not and to steer clear of them. There are many Instagram users that follow him and has no idea that he even sings for a living. They just follow because he’s nice to look at. He uses his Twitter for promo purposes. His Snapchat is private and he only shares it with people that he knows well in real life. It’s practically impossible to find. He’s gotta have something for himself, right?


One may speculate whether or not he actually lives on Twitter. He uses his Twitter for both personal use and promotional purposes. Fans can take to Twitter if they curious about how much water he drank that day, if he skipped a meal or if he’s working. Trust me, they can find it all if they want. He is not one to think twice before posting and once he nearly exposed a Starish project in pre-production. The agency put him on probation and they had to monitor everything before he posted it. But, since he updates so often, they gave up and left him with a slap on the wrist. His Snaps are often silly videos of him joking around with [read: annoying Tokiya] the others.


His Snap is LIT at all times. He is that person that just makes you hate that your life isn’t theirs. He always seems to be having more fun than anyone else in the world. His stories be centuries long if we’re just being real but they’re so entertaining you can’t look away. Otoya and Natsuki make appearances in his snaps on a regular basis. His Instagram is a more humble look at his life, shockingly. He usually posts photos of himself and the others in the studio or on the set of an interview with captions like: ‘All in a day’s work,’ ‘So ready for you guys to see what we’ve got in store for you ;),’ ‘Love my job!!’


Have you ever witnessed your grandparents using Facebook?  Okay, good. Imagine that but instead of Gma or Papa, imagine Masato. Haha. Just kidding. He’s not that bad but he’s not what one would call proficient. His Twitter and Insta are half-ran by a PR person and half-ran by himself. He’s never sure what he should or shouldn’t post so the promotional posts always outweigh the candid posts.  Go to his Insta if you want to see a candid video of him, playing the piano and singing! On the rare occasion that he does actually post on his own, it’s always something like a photo of a beautifully prepared meal with the caption: ‘Itadakimasu!’, a picture of a waterfall he visited or some shit and on the rarest of occasions, a stunning selfie. He doesn’t use Snapchat but that doesn’t stop him from making appearances in anyone else’s snap.



He is another guy that lives it up and doesn’t mind sharing all of his good times with the public. He’s most active on his Snapchat. He loves giving fans a behind the scenes look at his life. He once made an entire Story he called ‘Getting Ready with Onii-chan!!.” Fans were able to witness a shirtless idol, walking around his place with bedhead and a bonus cooking class. Did anyone really care about the cooking class? No. He was still shirtless. Glorious? Everyone else thought so. Anytime he meets a fan out in public (non-work related) he features them on his Snap. The other members of QN are often shown in his Stories as well. Now, whether or not they wanted to be is up to your interpretation.


Although he has an account on every mainstream social media platform there is, they’re all ran by his PR team. He has 0 dealings with them. He is more interested in spending his time watching Youtube videos.  He has an account that is oddly named and he lives in the comfort of knowing he can comment and like any video he wants without having to think twice about what it could do to his reputation. Not only does he not have to worry about being stalked by fans but there’s no way for his activity to be monitored by the agency.


He’s more of a forum kind of guy because he’s always interested to learn other people’s opinions on things. But if he had to choose at least one popular social media platform that he uses often it’d likely be his Twitter account. He prefers it to Insta and Snapchat because it is the most impersonal form of social media. To him, social media is just another way to stay relevant with his audience. He can post the most abstract thing and generate thousands of like and RTs which gets the job done.


It’s not that he tries to rub the idea that he lives a better life than you in your face, it’s just that…. He truly does live a better life than you and you just have to accept that as fact. He likes to pretend that he doesn’t care about social media but the truth is, Instagram is his guilty pleasure.  Just one look at his elegant aesthetic and you’ll know how much time he spends on it. To be fair, at first he wasn’t interested in the app but after time went on he found himself curious and voilà now he has the most beautiful Instagram you’ve ever laid eyes upon. Honestly, his Insta makes even the wealthiest people look like peasants.