Special designed Hikizuris for the Kamogawa Odori - one design for each decade. While the Hikizuri is the same for each Maiko, all other parts of the outfit are chosen individually.

In the Miyako Odori (Gion Kobu’s annual spring dance festival), things are a little different: new Hikizuri design each year - which is worn by both Maiko and Geiko, the rest of the outfits are the same for every person wearing the blue hikizuri.

1. 1980′s from the 1985 Aki no Kamogawa Odori program
2. 1990′s shows Maikos Momisuzu and Hisachiyo from a random wallpaper website which is obviously not the original source
3. 2000′s shows Maiko Ichina - from flickr
4. 2010′s shows Maikos Ichinana and Momihina - from instagram