ichijou hikaru

LOL ok ok ok… Get this–

The title is “Futari no Himitsu” (“A Secret Between Us Two”)…

The subtitle is “Vol. 4: Osoto ga Suki na Kare~ (My Boyfriend Likes It Outside)


the seiyuu is using a fake name…


you must be 18 years or older to purchase this CD.

(゚O゚)\(- -;

yeah… i know your secret… "outside”… lol


Futari no Himitsu series

Dummy head mic

Futari no himitsu 1 ~ jitsu wa M na Kare ~ performed by Shimoda Hiroshi (=Shimowada Hiroki)

Futari no himitsu 2 ~ Jirashi jouzu na Kare ~ performed by Kuroda Takaya
Release 2/28

Futari no himitsu 3 ~ hisashiburi ni au toshi shita no Kare ~ performed by (CV.桜井真人)
Release 3/28

Futari no himitsu 4 ~ osoto suki na Kare ~ performed by Ichijou Hikaru
Release 4/25