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I really really love that you used "she loves him more than he will ever know/he loves be more than he will ever show" of the Nirvana song "Swamp Meet" I though I was the only one who thought of IchiHime with that lyric. I'm so happy!

yes, it definitely fits them :D

since ichigo is a cool punk that doesn’t really show his feelings sometimes

unless his wifu is kidnapped or threatened or hurt…then he lets his guard down for her

and the fact that he was completely oblivious of Orihime’s own feelings for him…

is just a plus to his cute personality, lol they are really cute 


TOP FIVE ICHIHIME MOMENTS (as voted by our followers)
#4: Orihime’s confession in Ch. 237

“Kurosaki-kun, I had… so much I wanted to do. I wanted to become a school teacher… and an astronaut… and open a cake shop; I wanted to go to Mister Donut and say ‘Give me one of everything!’, and go to Baskin Robbins and say ‘Give me one of everything!’. Ahhh… if only I had five lives! Then I could live in five different towns, and stuff myself full on five different types of food, and have five different jobs… and I could… fall in love with the same person five times. Thank you, Kurosaki-kun. Goodbye.


I’m really screaming because of Studio Pierrot. They f*cking create their own version of Orihime and gave her some shippy moments with Kon in Ichigo’s body instead of just giving some shippy moments to Ichigo and Orihime themselves. Bravo,  Studio Pierrot *sarcasm*


TOP FIVE ICHIHIME MOMENTS (as voted by our followers)
#1: Orihime calling out to Ichigo in Ch. 283

That’s right… from the beginning, I only came here to protect everyone. But hearing that everyone had come to rescue me, I couldn’t help feeling a bit happy somewhere deep inside. But looking at Kurosaki-kun in that mask, I feared he hadn’t come to rescue me after all. I was wrong. The truth is… everyone really did come… for me…

“—Don’t die, Kurosaki-kun! You don’t have to win… you don’t have to keep trying… just please don’t get hurt anymore than this!”

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Dude i love you. Can i please have your input on Orihime's goodbye and ichigo's reaction? Like Ichigo was totally done. And i never understood what happened when Orihime got hurt and Ichigo checked up on her. I love when he got protective of her. 😉

Thank you! (ɔ˘ ³(ˆ‿ˆc)

Before I get into Orihime’s goodbye and Ichigo’s reaction. 

I’ll start with what happened when Orihime got hurt & Ichigo’s reaction to it. I want to let you know that at that point in the arc we had been seeing Orihime & Chad try to be of use and protect their friends. 

They were struggling to not be a burden on Ichigo, even though they understood that they were not strong enough to fight along side Ichigo. Ichigo only made it worse by not relying on his own worried friends, and trying to solve everything by himself; while also fighting against other key factors affecting his powers.

Since you are asking on Orihime’s character, I will elaborate that she was shown through the beginning of this arc that although her powers are useful, she wasn’t strong enough to fight.

She desperately wanted to stop relying on Ichigo, but she wasn’t capable of fighting enemies much stronger than her.

And Ichigo ended up coming as always to save the day.

Then add to the fact that she noticed that Ichigo had gotten strong, he was becoming strong enough to protect them all and fight. 

Something that she wanted to do, but now it seemed as he was getting farther away.

He didn’t see her (or Chad) as strong as him, to fight alongside him and help him.

But all in vein, when Ichigo couldn’t do what he wanted to do.

He couldn’t defeat the enemy, to avenge & protect his friends. And the results were innocent people’s deaths, Tatsuki, Chad, and Orihime’s near-death experience because he was not strong enough.

At school, Orihime was trying to not let it affect her. That’s her type of character, to be bubbly and positive.

But Ichigo couldn’t let the fact that his friends were injured. He was blaming himself for not making it there on time, and not winning against the enemies.

And no matter how much Orihime told him to not blame himself, that it wasn’t his fault and he didn’t need to let it bring him down.

He still dwelled on those feelings of guilt.

That is until Rukia and the other shinigami came out of nowhere, and Rukia seeing Ichigo so hung up on blaming himself sought out to get him out of his funk.

She knew that if he was blaming himself for not protecting their friends, then he should get it out of his chest. 

And thus Ichigo promised Orihime that next time he would protect her. (tbh he should have done that to Chad too, but his thoughts were more on Orihime because he couldn’t protect her).

Since he was shown to have been lifted out of his spirits by Rukia’s help, you would think he was ready to get strong. But then when he got back his confidence it was only destroyed when he couldn’t also protect Rukia.

Even with confidence he could not also protect another person from getting hurt, thus he realizes the only way to get stronger is by–

To acknowledge the hollow inside him, to control him for the sake of beating the enemies that harmed his friends.

We even get more reinforcement of Ichigo getting stronger and reassuring Orihime that he would defeat Aizen.

While she was being told she could not fight alongside her friends, because she was weak & she wasn’t meant to battle

After talking about it with Rukia, and training with her. It seemed as she was getting stronger. But then Aizen took notice of her powers that could be of use, and sent Ulquiorra to kidnap her.

Even though she was training to fight, her powers were still weak and she knew she couldn’t fight

Thus her only choice was to go with the enemy, or her friends would die.

She had no choice.

So when it came to her to say good-bye to one person. Without thinking she ended up in Ichigo’s room. 

Which in my opinion was sweet, because this showed me her feelings for Ichigo and if she could only see one person before leaving she wanted to see Ichigo, one last time.

My input toward her confession would just be that it made me realize her feelings grew deeper for him. 

So much so that I was surprised at how she wanted to portray her emotions to Ichigo.

With a good-bye kiss, and a trembling heart.

But then she couldn’t do it, because her conscience wouldn’t allow her to be selfish enough to steal his kiss.

Instead she chooses to let out her feelings, and she does this because she believes she won’t see him again.

She pours out the depth of her emotions.


And honestly I couldn’t help but cry, because she had been thinking about a-lot of things from not being strong enough that everyone commented on her unable to do what she wants, to being jealous of Rukia being able to be open and close to Ichigo, and then when she was able to overcome or try to–

Bam! She has to say good-bye to the guy that she loves and vowed to protect. 


And Ichigo’s reaction to her disappearance was unknown to him, he knew something was wrong but he didn’t know Orihime had been kidnapped. 

Not until he was told of what happened, and the possibility she may be dead.

When he had already promised to protect her.

Which annoys me when antis, say that it was nothing and compared it to Rukia’s time when she was taken back to the Soul Society. When they were different settings and enemies going on.

Ichigo didn’t know, and when he did find out about Orihime’s disappearance. There was no time to think or hesitate about going to save her, especially when there was a chance she could die.

But instead he was told not to go and save her.

He was determined to go and save her, even if he had to do it by himself (when he was still in the mist of training), and he was ordered not to which didn’t sit well with him.

Even after he was told not to go, he was willing to disobey and go.

Even when Rukia, Renji, and the other shinigami couldn’t go with him.

It meant that he would face the enemy alone, and I would imagine that was a lot of pressure on him. 

He was distraught.

And you could tell.

Then Tatsuki questioned if they weren’t friends/nakama

Why he didn’t trust/rely on them.

Rather than suffer alone, but he chose not to let them get involved and get hurt. He chose to save Orihime by himself, ugh these emotions are overwhelming me.

Honestly I wanted Ichigo to also consider having his friends by his side, he needed to not keep it all bottled up inside and suffer alone. 

But there wasn’t a friend that he could talk about it with (even though there was plenty of friends reaching out for him to speak), like he let himself with Orihime when Rukia was gone.

Damn was I happy when Ishida and Chad showed up, and they weren’t having any of his bullshit.

They were going with him to save Orihime, and it was damn time he realized that he does need support. And he needed to believe in them too.

Nakama power!

I probably got out of topic but that’s what I feel and my input on those scenes. Thank you for the ask, and I hope I was of help! ❤❤


[Sorry for my english, but it is not my first language]

I read people IchiHime and RenRuki fans writing that IchiRuki fans ship UlquiHime or IshiHime just to get Inoue out of the way. Absolutely not, maybe this is what IchiHime fans do with Rukia supporting RenRuki.

I, as a lot of fans here, ship IshiHime because I like it,independently  by IchiRuki.

I ship them because I love them togheter, because I love Ishida’s love towards Orihime, that is in opposition to Inoue’s crush or maybe obsession towards Ichigo and I think Orihime’s temper is consonant to Ishida’s one not Ichigo’s.

I see IchiHime’s arguments about Ichigo’s love for Inoue in this last arc, one of the most popular “proofs” of that is this:

I won’t deny that Ichigo took her and protected her, but to a not-shallow reading, this is not sign of love, but concern, of course, it is not necessary the crystal ball to understand that. And I say that, because are not emphasized Ichigo’s feeling towards Inoue, the whole scene is fast and the romantic potential is ruined by Chad’s sudden play. We can see, a totally different thing here:

There is nothing to say, different times, emphasis, a volute focus. And I can’t get why IshiHime is so denigrated, how the spontaneous act of protecting of Ichigo can be seen as romanitc, and Ishida’s one not, there are writing technical expedients that proof that, and are evident. 

Same thing here:

And here:

Ishida’s concern and felling for Orihime is undoubted and evident since SS arc, IchiHime fans know that too,but they don’t see it as a point in favor to a development between Ishida and Orihime, but just to create the love triangle Ichigo-Inoue-Ishida, as if every thing turns around Ichigo.

Now let’s see HM arc, more know as  “Ichigo x Orihime’s arc”, I could write pages and pages about the differences between Ichigo’s fellings and intentions in this arc and SS arc, but I won’t because I could flow in IchiRuki discussion and this is an IshiHime post.

First of all, in this arc, Orihime’s life has been safeguarded by Ishida and Ulquiorra, because Ichigo’s hollow was going to kill her, but this seems to be just a detail. And who is there saving his beloved girl Orihime when Ichigo returned form death became an Hollow?

Ishida understands Orihime just looking at her, and what kills my heart, is that he perfectly know about her crush for Ichigo, know that even if he is there, next to her, to protect her, she thinks at another man, and just to see her smile, just to make she feels better speaks about Ichigo. 

And the confirmation is there:

My heart.

Now let’s see the last arc, or even knew as “IchiHime epopee”.

There is just a focus on Ishida and Orihime, it must be a case, it’s clear.

Now I love how IchiHime argue that chapter, the eye comprehension, Ichigo’s concern for Orihime, but they ignore again the fact that at the centre of the scene there is not an IchiHime moment, but Orihime’s sadness because of Ishida, and Ichigo gets that, and so cheers her up.

At last, sorry for the long post, I am mortified, I want to face the main issue:

IshiHime is one sided. IchiHime is one sided. So why you think IshiHime is a better pair then IchiHime, if the situation is the same one?

Ishida’s felling towards Orihime are totally different from Orihime’s one towards Ichigo. Ishida’s love is mature, unselfish and pure. He had been never jealous of Ichigo, conversely, he always cheered Orihime up talking about him, he always supported her without asking anything, he always protected her without trying to show nothing. Ishida’s love for Inoue is like Katagiri’s for Ryuuken.

Orihime’s crush, because is not love, is a crush, for Ichigo isn’t deep as Ishida’s one, and you can find the proof in the fandom, who still adfirm that romance is sex, if there is not sex it is platonic only.

Orihime a few times was sad because she wasn’t the one who cheered Ichigo up, but was Rukia, she was sad because Ichigo didn’t look at her as he looks at Rukia, and both those things sign the difference not only between Ishida and Orihime’s love, but even with Ichigo and Rukia’s bond, because Orihime till the end, till chapter 686 won’t be able to cheer Ichigo up, or if she did, it hasn’t been written.

The difference between those two ships are that one exalts a love of waiver, sacrifice, soundless comprehension and emotion, and the other one is just immoderate wish of possession, physical attraction and self-reliant love.

Why did Kubo make every Ichihime “moment” so god damn one-sided if “canon” was “endgame”?? Like when she hugged him in hellverse, she hugged his back. When she confessed her love, he was asleep. When she looks at him with admiration, he’s looking somewhere else.
Yet every IchiRuki moment involves staring into each others’ eyes or facing each other or mirroring each other.
I will always refuse to believe that shit ending was planned