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Kubo Be Pouring This Clorox All Up In The Haters Throat!

First, Made a pilot chapter with a ton of IchiHime moments and Rukia supporting her OTP. Second, countless of IchiHime and RenRuki moments in the manga and anime~ Third, Reveals in an interview that IchiRuki are more than friends but less than lovers which confirms that Ichigo and Rukia never had romantic feels for each other. Fourth, had the final battle be between IchiHime(Sword and Shield) and Ywach Fifth, had RenRuki together throughout the whole final arc like little cuties they are. Sixth, confirms IchiHime and RenRuki are canon in the final chapter and they each have a beautiful kid together and everybody’s happy. Seventh, RenRuki are having a novel and it will be about their wedding. IchiHime might have one as well. Final, Editor confirms that Rukia was more of a nakama/friend while Orihime was the love interest from the beginning. KUBO STAY CLEANSING WHILE WE STAY WINNING!

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10 SWEET MOMENTS by Ichigo Kurosaki

The first thing he did was hold her hand.

The second thing he did was ask her out.

The third thing he did was marry her.

The fourth thing he did was “doin’ the do” with her.

The fifth thing he did was satisfy her pregnancy cravings at midnight.

The sixth thing he did was deal with her mood changes during pregnancy.

The seventh thing he did was holding onto her hand, tightly.

The eighth thing he did was grasp onto his little hands, gently.

The ninth thing he did was holding onto his wife in one arm, and his son in the other.

The tenth thing he did was reminding them both how much he loved his wife and son, unconditionally.

My otp 15 IchiHime moments! (Part 1)

{Just to be clear, nobody asked me to do this, I just feel like doing this list for pure fun, because I love this couple too much. Otp of all otps. Now, I know not all the favorite moments were included here, but it’s a short list, so I just included my super, SUPER favorite ones. Putting under the cut because it’s LONG. This is part 1 one of my favorite IchiHime moments, mostly covering moments 15 to 11, the rest will be posted later. Also, please forgive my English, it’s not my mother language}.

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