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Lmfao "Ichigo's confession was so heart-wrenching and pure" he literally just said "could you make some time for me" it's no different than "got 5 mins to talk". Such love, much romance, he must've stayed up all night thinking of just the right words to convey the depth of his feelings, Kubo is such a brilliant writer, encapsulating such powerful emotions in such a pedestrian phrase. But of course, IRs are the delusional ones

Kubo wanted absolutely nothing to do with “We Do Knot Always Love You”; Matsubara had to beg him for artwork, and all we got were those half-assed sketches. And regardless of how Ichigo’s “confession” has been translated, it’s always been lackluster, far from “heart-wrenching and pure”. But, yes, as you said, we, the IchiRuki fandom, are totally the delusional ones! xD

To the anon who asked me about my opinion about ichihimes saying that Rukia was like a mom figure to ichigo.

Hello anon, the reason why i didnt post your message was because even though i hate ichihime i dont hate orihime, ishihime is one of my favorite couples.

I think that yeah, Rukia resembled Masaki, in the way she cared about Ichigo. Masaki was Ichigo sun, Rukia is ichigos moon.
His world started to spin again after his mothers death thanks to Rukia, thats why she is the queen of his world.

About Orihime, yeahh i would agree with you, to me it always seemed like she was his little sister.
But whatever one thing I know for sure is that Ichigo really friendzoned her. ( Ichihimes will say, yeah thats why he married her) but he has said like a thousand times she is my friend.
And if he had so much chemistry with her why the hell he called her by her last name, what changed after they defeated ywach?

Also ive heart a lot of people saying, omg orihime looks like Masaki, Kubo has always been an ichihime shipper. But HELL NO.
The reason why Masakis hair was orange, was because Ichigos hair was orange.
And isnt it a little bit weird that Ichigo has the same hair colour as Masaki and Rukia the same color as Isshin?
Ichihime was never intended.

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Ichihime in Labor! (short fic)

Anon: “hello, can i request a short pic during orihime’s labor on kazui. and the gang(ss,arrancar,vizards,nakamas) joins in the frantic fun.much to ichigo’s annoyance lol”

Push, push, push!

The doctor kept a calm aura around her in hopes of calming Orihime down throughout this entire process. But her hopes were crushed. Orihime was crying. The pain was unbearable to handle, especially since it was her first time going through labor. The sweat poured unceasingly down her face, leaving her hospital gown stuck to her back because of how damp it was. Her lower back ached in tremendous pain. She continuously pushed with an extreme force that she didn’t know she possessed until now. It has been the longest four hours of her life, she didn’t know if she had any leftover energy to continue. Why was this baby taking its sweet time to come out?! Not only was she in incredulous amount of pain while in delivery, but she was furious

The doctors and Ichigo held in their laughter whenever Orihime visibly got mad after each push knowing she hasn’t gotten anywhere. Ichigo stood by her holding her hand securely. He wanted to wince out from how tight she was holding on to him, but resisted for her sake. He felt like HE was in labor. The stress was apparent on his face, though he would only whisper encouraging comments to Orihime. His hand was being crushed by monstrous strength, could you imagine his pain? This is when he thought to himself, ‘okay, okay, one kid is good enough. I can’t go through this pain again, hell fucking NO.’

Hours have passed from what felt like weeks strolling by, but nonetheless, he was finally here. Kazui Kurosaki. How could he have ever deserved this tiny delicate human? He hovered over Orihime to get a better look at his son, awed at the sight given. Orihime, who finally calmed down thanks to the baby finally being out, couldn’t have been any more happier. Her tears of joy is what moved Ichigo. This was his life. This was his future. Orihime and Kazui were going to be present for it all. He silently said his prayers for a second before giving his full and undivided attention back to his two loves.

Ichigo’s family had arrived at the door as soon as the baby was born. Ichigo’s dad was being his usual self, even going as far as holding Kazui up in the air reenacting the famous Lion King scene. His dad left the room with bruises all over his body, and his two daughters scolding their father on the way out. They mentioned that they were going out to shop for food since Orihime didn’t like what the hospital had in store for her.

A soft knock was coming from the door before it swung open slowly with the Doctor appearing. She smiled gently, “Congratulations once more. I wanted to let you know that more visitors may proceed to come in now, but it would have to be four at a time, unfortunately.”

“That’s fine. Thank you, from all three of us.” Ichigo beamed in high spirits turning back to Kazui. The doctor then left the room for their own privacy.

“Would you like to hold him, Ichigo?” Startled, Ichigo grinned at Orihime. “Yeah.” Orihime gently held Kazui in the appropriate way, cautiously giving him to Ichigo. He had welcoming arms for his son, while he fit perfectly in the crook of his neck. “Hey…hey baby boy… You’re finally here, Kazui…” Ichigo went on whispering to the boy. “I’m a dad…I’m your dad…

Orihime enjoyed seeing how Ichigo was handling this baby business. She smiled gently while resting her head back on the pillow at the sight.

All of a sudden, what do you know, Kenpachi barges through the door. “Where’s the boy?”

Ichigo gave him a baffled and cautious look, “May I ask, why the hell are you here? And why the hell would I let YOU hold OUR baby?! Hell no!” Kenpachi gave him a stern look and took a few steps closer towards Ichigo, whispering something in his ear. Sweat instantly poured down Ichigo’s forehead as he quickly but carefully handed Kazui over in Kenpachis arms, mumbling a few insults under his breath to the big guy. This left Orihime giggling at the two.

Out of nowhere, Kenpachis loud voice startled them. “What a cute boy!” Ichigo was flustered and hushed at him obnoxiously, “Don’t wake him up! If he opens his eyes and sees you, he’d be crying for days!” Laughing at his joke, Kenpachi sent Ichigo a glare which shut him up almost immediately. He purposely looked over at Orihime and congratulated her, leaving Ichigo out of the conversation. “Thank you! It was hard work, but he’s finally here. And that’s all that matters to me.” Ichigo smiled at Orihime lovingly, “Same here. Thank you, Orihime.” He gently placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

“What’s his name?” Kenpachi asked with a new found curiosity that took over his expression.

“It’s Kazui.”

Kazoo? Seriously? Why would you name your kid Kazoo?,” he mumbled underneath his breath. Ichigo countered immediately with an aggressive tone, “K-A-Z-U-I! It’s Kazui! Kazui!” Ichigo was persistent with his reply, looking more annoyed than ever. “Alright! Your time is up, get out!”

With that, Kenpachi left, leaving a few bruises on Ichigo’s face while he had the chance. A sudden knock on the door interrupted Orihime and Ichigo’s small conversation with Kazui.

Come in,” Orihime hummed in a gentle manner.

What do you know, Shinji appears in front of the door with his big goofy smile. Another person appeared behind him, it was Hiyori. Ichigo’s face was full with distraught.

“What a surprise.”

“Ichigo! Be nice.” Orihime turned her attention to the two before greeting them, “It’s nice to see you guys.”

“Shut up, Ichigo. If it makes you feel any better, I’m here for Orihime and the baby.” Shinji and Ichigo both slammed their heads together, showing off their temperamental attitudes. Hiyori showed up in the middle of them, pulling them apart by tossing each body at different sides of the room.

“Ouch! You little bi-

Shut up!” Hiyori walked up to a frightened Orihime and snatched the baby almost too easily away from her. Orihime kept a worried look plastered onto her face, “J-j-just be care-careful with Kazui! Please…

Shinji got up after a minute of composing himself and tip-toed behind Hiyori. “Ahh, he looks exactly like Orihime.”

“He may resemble Orihime, but I have a bad feeling he’s gonna become an idiot like his father,” Hiyori added wittingly.

Get out.” That was enough to make Ichigo pissed off.

Moments passed until Ichigo let in more people. Rangiku and Toshiro were very loving and supportive during their visit, much to Ichigo’s surprise seeing how Kazui had a soft affect on Toshiro. Even the arrancar payed a visit. The ARRANCAR. Ichigo could’ve sworn that Grimmjow nearly kidnapped the damn kid! A brawl almost struck out until Kazui started bawling, much to Ichigo’s amusement since Grimmjow nearly felt bad for making a baby spill tears. Tons of people from the soul society payed their horrendous visits, leaving Ichigo more and more protective over Kazui. None of them were careful with his son, which only stressed Ichigo out.

Last but not least, his nakama. Chad, Renji, Uryū, and Rukia. Ichigo finally let his guards down when his friends were present in the room. He trusted them enough to keep the environment serene for the baby and Orihime.

“Wow, Kurosaki. I’ve got to hand it to you. Didn’t think you would end up having a bright future after all. I thought you would end up still stuck in your delinquent days, but you surely proved me wrong.” Uryū spilled. “I think what had me surprised is that Orihime actually said yes to a guy like you.”

“Watch it. I can easily have you kicked out. Only reason I invited you here was because if I didn’t, I know you would have cried or something.”

“Oh shut up you two.” Rukia kept her smile enact as the two continuously bickered back and forth. “Yeah, listen to Rukia. You two should be ashamed of yourselves. Orihime must be tired of listening to your ass whining all night, Ichigo.“ Instead of arguing back with Renji, Ichigo merely nodded in agreement. "You’re right, sorry Orihime. I haven’t thought about that…damn. I’ve been going at it all night, haven’t I?” He peered down at her caramel brown eyes that seemed to sparkle in the moment. “Please Ichigo, don’t apologize. I know you’re just being protective over Kazui. I wouldn’t want anything else.” She returned a kind expression to him, which worked and eased his nerves.

Chad broke the long comfortable silence, “Again, congrats you two. We’ll head out now and leave you guys your space. You deserve it.” Chad knowingly grinned at both of them while waving as he walked out. Uryū, Renji, and Rukia all followed behind while giving their last congratulations to the three. And with that, the was door softly shut, leaving the small family with their much needed privacy.

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