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Very friendly reminder to you : Orihime indeed a main heroine because instead rukia, kubo choose orihime on one of crossover art of all main-heroine of SJ. Orihime and Ichigo story are based many fairy-tale and tanabata story. Orihime characteristic is fit with orihime from tanabata, due she has godly-power and very selfless ,kind-hearted personality, much look like a goddess. Orihime is the most lonely character because she didn't know about her family and her brother is already die (cont)

I don’t really care what whack ass BS your spinning about Ori being the “heroine” – cause you’re wrong Rukia’s been called the Fixed Heroine, and was pronounced heroine alongside Ichigo in 13 Blades

Cause anyway – I’ve already taught all you asshats that Ori DID NOT have powers of a GOD, Aizen was mindfucking everyone when he said that – hence why Ori couldn’t do SHIT for the Soul King or do shit AGAINST Ywach – so stop reachin’ honey.

She’s not selfless – she PULLED everyone into Hueco Mundo cause she wanted to see if Ichigo would come save her, she MADE Uryu take her to the top of the dome in the Lust (nearly killing him and Ichigo)

And she’s not kind hearted because she was jealous over Nel, lied about “Urahara forcing her to wear” that hoe-outfit, and she couldn’t even spare her last goodbye to Tatsuki – the girl who protected her before Ichigo even gave enough shits about her to spit in her direction, the girl who was ALWAYS there for her.

And she doesn’t look like a goddess, she looks like a water-logged hotdog.

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"... but they can’t be in the same room for more than 10 minutes without arguing. And bickering constantly does not a good couple make...". Wtf is this lol. The lack of bickering is the reason why the majority of the Bleach fandom, especially in East Asian countries like China or Japan, don't give a shit about IH.

I mean, right, they bicker, but IHs want to claim that the IH relationship is better when Ichigo constantly looks like he’s thinking of something else Rukia when he interacts with Inoue? lmao. 

Besides, when a couple like IR also has elements like eyesmex, mitr-type bonding moments, you-stopped-my-rain, i’d-die-for-you, etc, etc, in their relationship, bickering is merely manga shorthand for UST. 

Like pls, think about what they bicker about -

  • Rukia yelling at Ichigo to not try to save her, multiple times, because she’s concerned about him
  • Ichigo telling her to shut up, he’s going to save her whether she wants it or not because he wants to, dammit
  • Rukia yells at him to face his inner hollow problem
  • Ichigo: Don’t sit on my bed!! <– (And this is while the manga shows us that Isshin and Yuzu think they’re banging)
  • Ichigo: You’re not sleeping in my house! My family has already seen you! And they think we’re banging!
  • Rukia: Why the hell am I not sleeping in your closet??
  • Rukia: Why didn’t you wait for me before storming Hueco Mundo?! Aren’t we nakama? 

It’s all either 

  1. because they’re trying to protect each other
  2. Rukia kicking Ichigo’s butt because she knows he could do better (like for his inner hollow) or that he ought to know better (the HM desert reunion scene). Because that’s how the man in her heart is. 
  3. to facilitate gags about the status of their relationship

So, their bickering? That’s relationship development. Which is something IH lacks and which is contrasted MANY times in the manga.

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Your kids are the most hated shit manga couple ever. Fuck you ichihoe cunts. Hoehime was nothing but a thirsty bitch who waits for her master to finally notice her. Always nothing but A cheep useless hoe. Congratulations on your shit canon. The World hates you origos.

Omg, my first anon hate ask!
I see that you’ve been quite busy today since you did your rounds sending your love to fellow ichihime fans’ blogs.
But boy, do I feel special today! not only did I get 1 hate ask, I got 2! (you sent the same ask twice, it still counts)

Also you called me an origo!
Guys, I made it!!! Finally I’m an origo (and a proud one), yaaaasss.
Got to thank you anon, your ask gave a good laugh when I woke up this morning after a stressful time at work the day before. Can’t even feel offended over how childish and dumb you are. Need to try harder if you want to be taken serious…. cuz is not working.

You still mad, and it’s funny as hell.
Not being able to get over and move on from a fictional canon couple, throwing tantrums to unsuccesfully make you feel better…
At the end of the day nothing you’ll do or say brings me down from feeling awesome and happy as fuck as I am whenever I think about Ichihime.

What a waste and bitter fella. No wonder sucks to be you.

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You rukigos must learn from your sister-ship, Narusaku. Yes, narusaku is not canon. At the first time, they not accept this because naru married with a overrated so-called heroine and sakura married with a psychopath. At least, narusaku still accept or love boruto and sarada. While you never shown any respect and love to kubo-sensei or never shown a love for lovely ichika and kazui !


lmao yepp, we wont accept his poorly drawn/made children. 

Thats because Kubo cant write to save his soul, and at the end of the day Kishi can write pretty well rounded and consistent characters.

Sarada, Chouchou are examples of this good writing an interesting design.

Ichika and Kazui are flat, boring and ugly as fuck to look at.

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you don't care about Ichigo's state after the war. IchiHime fans only care about the pairing and not the fact he's broken. He lost his hollow/quincy powers and is stuck at Karakura with nothing to look forward to and had to accept his circumstances. Wake up! Even non pairing fans can see this but all you care about is Inoue. Never Ichigo and his dreams.





MY FIRST REAL HATEFUL ANON ! All I got since the end of bleach was trolls and answering to trolls is no fun BUT HERE YOU ARE SALTY ICHIRUKI ANON . You’re my first and therefore me owning you on this one will always represent something special to me . 

Sooooo where do I begin ? 

Ichigo is broken after the war ? BITCH WHERE DO YOU FIND IDEAS LIKE THAT ? 

A little tip for your comprehension of Bleach : it’s not because a lot of Ichiruki shippers repeat something all day long that it means it’s true in the manga . 

Ichigo did not loose his hollow powers because ( and you’d know it if you had read bleach and not only ichiruki fanfictions  ) his hollow powers are ACTUALLY his shinigami powers . Zangetsu was his hollow all along and the man he called Old man Zangetsu is actually the embodiment of his quincy powers that were dormant inside of him all along . 

But in this last arc Ichigo learnt to accept his heritage . Both his shinigami powers ( that he got from his dad ) and his quincy powers ( that he got from his mom ) . And most of all he accepted that the hollow that was inside of him was not an antagonist to him but part of his very self , a representation of his shinigami powers . His hollow was his powers , a part of him , he had to understand and accept that to finally be able to accept himself . 

THIS moment is maybe the biggest character development ichigo had to went through . Since the beginning of the Vizards arc ichigo’s main struggle was his hollow . 

One of the many many many many times ichigo struggled with his hollow : 

( also with a little bit of ichihime since I guess you’re one of those people that like to argue against logic that ichigo and orihime got no development )  . 

Ichigo thought his hollow was something exterior to him , a parasite that had to be tamed . Something that would always try to take over , making him lose control and in the process make him lose his humanity . And that’s what happened during the lust arc  . Ichigo went to terrible length to protect Orihime , length nobody should go to let alone a 16 year old boy . He died to protect her . And he believes this happened because he was too weak and that after that his hollow took over because he let himself be defeated by Ulquiorra . His hollow did exactly what ichigo feared he would do if he ever took over : he became a mindless beast . And doing that he hurt one of his nakamas . This is the most unacceptable of all for ichigo . 

But when he understood that his hollow was born because of what happened to his mother and that in the end his hollow was actually his powers that’s when he finally learnt to accept himself . He was finally able to have total control over his powers . He is able to fight and to live freely without the constant fear that something inside him would one day wake up and hurt the people he cares for . 

I talk a little more about it here

But in the end Kubo had ichigo made peace with himself , accept himself , love himself . 

I mean just compare those two moments ( that are coincidentally also ichihime moments because Orihime was here all along with ichigo’s struggle with his hollow ) . 

Look at that , in the bottom panel it’s clearly self loathing you can see in ichigo’s eyes . He hates himself because he thinks orihime fears / is disgusted with him . Thankfully at the end of the fight when he understand orihime will always accept him no matter what he overcomes this feeling ( giving us the infamous “ sorry grimmjow it looks like I’m not allowed to get hurt anymore” ) 

And looks at this ! Look at how proud he stands . He is no longer ashamed of his hollow . THE VERY CONTRARY he is actually proud to show it to Orihime . This is a smile of pride because ichigo is proud of who he is at that point , he is proud of his heritage , he is proud of his hollow powers that are part of soul . 

He made peace with himself , he is happy . 

After Ywach’s kicked his ass , he takes back ichigo’s powers from him . But which power exactly ? 

He was able to defeat Ywach’s with his zanpakuto so obviously both his hollow and shinigami powers . I personally think only his quincys powers were lost ( and even of that we can’t be sure because it seems that some of the stern ritters still got their quincy powers even after Ywach used the holy light thingy on them that is supposed to remove them their powers . See : Bazz B , giselle and Liltotto ) . Sadly because of the cancellation we won’t have the answers . 

Of course not having his quincy powers is a hard blow for ichigo but only in the sense that they were a part of his mom that survived in him . I made this edit because I was sad . Feel free to reblog it my lovely salty ichiruki anon ( yeah it’s not because you leave anon hate on my inbox that it’s a reason for me not to shamelessly promote my bleach edits ) . 

But in the end ichigo still got his powers . His powers are not important to him because they are his powers . They’re important to him because they give him the power to protect those he cares for . If you’re not convinced by that please read the fullbring arc . Kubo made it so clear that ichigo seeking to regain his power was not to gain power for the sake of it but to have the ability to protect . 

Ichigo wanted to regain strength in order to protect those he loves . Shinigami powers , fullbring powers HE DIDN’T CARE . All he wanted was to protect them . 

And in Bleach 686 he is now at peace with the two things he’s been struggling with during all of bleach : his hollow and his powerlessness . 

Funnily enough the hollow was a problem because he was not powerful enough to control it but I separate these two things because his hollow represented his struggle with understanding who he was exactly which was also a main theme concerning Ichigo . AND EVEN MORE FUNNILY ENOUGH his powerlessness at the beginning of the fullbringer arc was also linked to him not knowing who he was and what he would do if he was not a protector ( who said Kubo couldn’t write I’ll fucking fight you with my bare arms )  . 

Ichigo’s ambitions and dreams were ALWAYS , ALWAYS , ALWAYS about him being able to protect people . And in the end of Bleach he is able to do that . 

Ichigo happy and fulfilled when the people he loves are happy and fullfilled . That’s who he is . His bond with his friends and family are what are most important to him . Career , power , fame , glory  … Ichigo never cared about any of that . Ichigo cared about the people he loves being safe and happy . 

The bonds he has with the people he loves are what ichigo’s lives for . And look at him in the last chapter . He is surrounded by all the people he loves ( except isshin but that’s another story but it’s weird he isn’t here when it would have been so easy to put him somewhere in the background and actually it worries me a little it goes along with my headcanon that if Kubo had the time to finish bleach he would have killed isshin in the last arc but i disgress) . 

Ichigo is truly happy in the last chapter . He is at peace with himself , he is strong enough to protect the people he loves , he has a family of his own ( a family he must put above everything else ) , a wife he probably consider as the most wonderful person he ever had a chance to meet , a son he must love so deeply and unconditionally  , he is still close to his sisters , he still is close to the people he cares for ( tatsuki , keigo , mizuiro ) , he has still an unbreakable bond with his nakamas ( chad , ishida ,renji and of course rukia )  he made peace with his powers , he let go of the guilt he held over his mother’s death  . 


Look at him here . He is oozing with hapiness and feeling good with ones skin . He is smiling , he does not have his scowl anymore , his shoulder are relaxed . This is a happy person . This is a fulfilled person .

Just compare it to his very first apparition in Bleach :

Scowling , tense shoulder , harsh attitude and yada yada . Ichigo went through so much , we’ve seen him grown , we’ve seen him struggling , we’ve seen him fight and fail and win and at the end Kubo choose to make him happy . Kubo choose to give him the life he would have chosen for himself if he ever had to choose . 

And if , in your delusion YOU choose to say ichigo is unhappy just because your ship did not happen then you have no right to consider yourself an Ichigo fan . 

If you want ichigo to be broken and miserable just because YOU were broken and miserable with this ending then you do not have the right to claim you love ichigo . 

If you continue to mischarectize ichigo , twisting him , bending him , changing him so that he could fit better the ‘ half of ichiruki’ mold you people tried so hard to shove him into then you do not deserve ichigo . You do not deserve Bleach . You do not deserve Kubo and his talented ( also it has flaws I’m the first to admit it ) writing . 

Ichigo is happy . Ichigo is exactly where he wants to be  . Ichigo HIMSELF choose where he is in the ending . You’all acting as if he is struck in Karakura town ,as if he is struck with orihime . 

But no , if ichigo wanted to live in soul society he would have been able to do so . If ichigo wanted to be with rukia he would have never choose anybody else . 

But that’s not what ichigo wanted . That’s never what he chose  . He chose to live in Karakura because that’s what he wants . He chose to marry Orihime because she is the woman he is in love with . 

Ichigo at the end of the manga had no restrictions at all . He could decide where to go , which live to live , which person to marry . 

And that’s exactly what he did . 

He chose Karakura town . 

He chose his family . 

He chose his Nakamas . 

And he chose Orihime . Because she was what he always wanted for himself.

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You must happy that ichiruki become canon as BROTP-pairing. Did you know what, Isshin refer her as "3rd daughter" not "my daughter-in-law" even the kurosaki's-twins never see her "remember her with their mother" or "wanted rukia help them to prepare dinner". This is completely with orihime, in WDKNALY , yuzu extremely happy because of orihime help her for make a delicious dinner and reminds her with masaki

Yeah okay…but like WDKALY isn’t real – its a retroactive continuity and therefore not a reasonable addition onto Bleach. The entire ending of Bleach is a laughing stock.

And like?? 

Rukia did it first….all of it. Bye.

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Well I won't be doing that again! Just tried to post something about my disappointment over Orihime's fate at the end of the manga, but because it coincided with the fact that part of it has to do with the fact that her relationship with Ichigo is part of her mistreatment by Kubo (only part of it), I was instantly bombarded by IHs when I wasn't even focusing on IR or anything about the ship war. Isn't the war over? I mean sure, I like IR but it was about Orihime! Geez, sorry for ranting.

Yeah, no one is ever allowed to criticise Inoue because she’s absolutely perfect and she saved the world by banging Ichigo and having a kid with him.

The strange thing, Anon, is that the IHs are the ones who are satisfied with her non-growth as a character. She never breaks out of craving Kurosaki-kun’s approval. Kubo never bothered to develop or define her “godly” powers properly.

The non-IHs are the ones criticising how her character was written and writing/drawing HCs that send her to university and let her have a life of her own (as opposed to one centred on K-kun).

But don’t let them put you off writing whatever you want, Anon. Just block em. There’s only a handful of them who are pests that go where they’re not wanted and bother IRs/non-IHs. So if you block those six or so blogs you’ll have peace.

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IchiHime and IchiRuki


The ship is my: NOTP

I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other |

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy | Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together |

Children: No | Yes | They’d think about it

General Opinion: Orihime was Ichigo’s most distant nakama. The two have displayed a lack of understanding when it comes to one another and feel the need to hide what they truly feel (i.e. Orihime masking her sadness/insecurity behind a happy, carefree facade and not being upfront with Ichigo about her feelings, Ichigo pretending to be fine emotionally and physically when in reality he was devastated and wounded).


The ship is my: OTP to end all OTPs

I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other |

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy | Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together |

Children: No | Yes | They’d think about it

General Opinion: Ichigo and Rukia are the very definition of soul mates. They understand each other on a level that no one else does; with just a look they can asses what the other is feeling and instinctively know how to approach a touchy subject, be it through an offer of hearing their troubles later or literally kicking their rear into gear. They are the White Moon and Black Sun, Sand and Rotator, the Love and Destiny that Ichigo inherited.

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i hate orihime i don't know why people compare her to sakura.

I mean Sakura obviously has self-worth, and can see when she made a mistake and actually fixes it, I used to think they were similar I admit, but I think they just have similar arcs they went through – but they went through them in totally different ways.

Sakura actually stood up for herself from the beginning, even against Sasuke, Orihime would never have done that to Ichigo, Sakura pulled her own weight from the start and Orihime didn’t. Sakura would also never be sad that Naruto or Sasuke were happy JUST because another girl got them there, Orihime would and has.

So, yeah the differences are very big.

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"Even the other IH in the replies who lacks comprehension skills didn’t buy the idea." LMAO, when even IH calls what another IH says BS you know your work is done, they can drag themselves LOL. Also you are married!!! I am sure that IH shipper thought he/she was arguing with some kid (like he/she usually does) and wanted to act all high and mighty, too bad this time the target wasn't a teen lol

“drag themselves” –> isn’t that the IH ship motto? 

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How exactly did we do knot always love you end? Did it just say that Rukia and Renji got married and that's it or something? (sorry for asking, I really dropped bleach after news of Rukia fainting or whatever came out)

No worries, Anon!

It has Rukia and Renji announcing their marriage, everyone going “WTF?” and then them getting married. There’s really no explanation as to why Rukia is suddenly and inexplicably in love with Renji, just that she is and they’re getting married. IchiHime got tossed a bone as well, with Renji distracting Uryu so Ichigo can confess his feelings to Orihime, because apparently Renji is now Ichigo’s BFF (coincidentally, Tatsuki has been replaced by Rukia in Orihime’s life and those two are now BFFs) and knows everything about his deepest, darkest secrets.

There were a few other loose plot threads that were tied up as well, like Yhwach’s remains being used as the new Soul King to keep the Worlds stabilized despite the fact that Aizen made the most sense as a replacement (and would have had him accomplish his goal of standing atop the heavens, but I digress).

Basically, this light novel is chock-full of characters acting OOC or destroying what little good was left about them (i.e. Orihime embroidering Rukia’s wedding veil with what ORIHIME likes, not what RUKIA likes, because why would Orihime customize the bride’s own wedding veil with something the bride likes? Rukia can’t be called “Rukia Abarai” because it causes her to blush and faint, never mind she’s faced her own death and didn’t bat an eye and been skewered through her abdomen and dragged herself through her own blood without giving a damn.).

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Wanna hear a good news, RR novel now become best seller and got 4 stars according WSJ twitter. Its that mean IR officially death and many of BLEACH fans start to move on and accept ending along with IH and RR. Why not ship our lovely Ichika and Kazui, those cutie cinnamon roll is look like IR 2.0, huh? Just move on right now !

It’s only #1 in the general Jump j book sales, not #1 in novel sales overall? Jump j said it’s selling well which is usually the case with an initial release. The novel is barely about RR or IH so shoutout to you guys for no doubt buying ten copies each to boost sales? Congratulations I guess? Truly, it’s such a riveting work of literature that you’ve fallen off in my inbox for what purpose exactly? Explain it to me. If IH (Steamship Her Shield Has No Effect) and if RR (Steamship I tried to kill you after 40+ years of ignoring/avoiding you because my friends told me to/I was afraid of your new brother, and I needed your 15 year old human buddy to beat some sense into me) are so amazing, why are you worried about the non-canon losers? What does our shipping do to you? Nothing and yet you’re worried, crusading trying to convert us? B Y E. Kubo can’t even be bothered to talk about his own canon, let alone draw for it. What’s stopping him? 

Let’s talk about what he did draw…

Why is he upset?

Why is she scared?

Why is he ready to go home?

Last, so you admit that not even 686 was enough to make IR “officially dead?” Don’t worry. I agree. If the ship didn’t go down then, what makes you think it’s going anywhere now? And if Kazoo and Etch a Sketch are supposed to be the next IR, doesn’t that mean that some over-hyped bread-eating girl who always wants to fight but actually lacks the skill, and some eleventh hour opportunist are going to swoop in and fuck it up? Because uh, that’s what you’re telling me. If you ship the babies who are “like IR 2.0,” then what was wrong with IR 1.0?

To answer your query, no. I don’t care about your pathetic row boat of a ship. I will not stop shipping Ichiruki while I yet live. You heard the man. “Time goes on, but these bonds will never break.”

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I'm an IchiHime fan but Orihime getting jealous of Nel last chapter annoyed me. Ichigo isn't some prize to be won & the girls aren't contestants for his d*ck. Shounen manga just annoys me with all the dumb petty catfights they try to create just to excite the fanboys. >.> Just, ugh...

Actually, I’ve re-read this chapter a couple times, and I think there’s been a misconception about Orihime’s expression –I.E. I don’t think she was expressing jealously. It was interesting because even the first time I read it, her expression didn’t read across to me as “jealous”, but rather “disgusted”, and I think there’s a huge difference between the two, especially when examining the entire context of the scene in addition to her latest experience with Urahara (her battle outfit debacle). 

Orihime isn’t jealous of Nel’s relationship with Ichigo, she has no reason to be. She’s seen Nel throw herself onto Ichigo and gush about him and hug him before, and she wasn’t jealous then (she was embarrassed, and also worried that Nel might accidentally break Ichigo’s spine though), and it doesn’t make sense for her to be jealous now. I think what she was reacting to was what Nel was saying, not what Nel was doing– that Urahara gave her a bracelet for her to transform into her adult-self whenever she pleased. Orihime’s not blind, she knows Nel is a beautiful woman (hell, when she first saw Nel’s transformation, she was even flustered herself). And given that Orihime’s latest experience with Urahara’s “helping” included subjecting her to his perverted whims, she’s not too keen on believing that every act of ‘goodwill’ he does should be taken at face value.

Here we have the mangapanda translation, followed by the mangastream translation. I think what happened, is that Orihime was starting to think that Urahara made Nel the armband solely for his own perverted reasons. What could they be? I dunno, probably just checking her out or putting her in skimpy clothes, or something of the like. But I think Orihime is watching Nel happily explain “Look what Urahara did for me! Now I can be of use to you, Ichigo!” and recalling her own earlier eagerness to “change into something to cheer up Ichigo” that ended up slapping her in the face. It’s possible she thinks that Nel is being tricked by Urahara for some unforeseen (perverted) purpose, and thus she feels disgusted that he would try to pull the same shit again.

I don’t think she’s jealous of Ichigo and Nel, I think she’s disgusted at the possibility of Urahara planning to do something dirty with Nel –which is made all the more evident by Chad’s subsequent line (and Orihime’s embarrassment):

Again, mangapanda translation followed by mangastream translation.

Chad is in agreement, practically reading Orihime’s mind. He realizes how the situation may appear, especially given that he too was present for her being tricked by Urahara’s perverted scheming. However, Chad is quick to jump to Urahara’s defense, basically saying “I know what it looks like, but there’s a good reason for this so don’t jump to conclusions.”

I think this is also why Orihime is so embarrassed after Chad reassures her. Because she’s been caught in the act of thinking Urahara’s been planning something perverted with Nel and it’s embarrassing to be caught thinking that way. It’s also especially embarrassing when it’s a close friend seeing right through you, and Orihime quickly backpedals and the situation is quickly resolved. I think if the scene were to be read as “Orihime is jealous of Nel”, then Chad’s words don’t really… make any sense at all…? I’m pretty sure she’s just grossed out and thinks Urahara is going to do something perverted to Nel, which makes her upset and Chad is just there to diffuse the situation before Orihime’s mind can wander off into god knows where.

TL;DR A gag scene, for laughs. Not jealousy, not yandere!Orihime making an appearance –literally just like, “Oh god Urahara is being gross again”. Definitely not as serious as people are making it out to be.

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Or you could just stick with the ACTUAL canon instead of ripping off Kubo you unimaginative hack. And anti-Ichigos dad cut? Wow how petty and superficial you Rukigos all are the same. Delusional petty morons that don't know what love is like. I pity your kind. Your just jealous nothing you put out will ever gain the fame that Kubo did. Delete this waste of space blog and get over yourself.


Lack of grammar aside, I do believe “Origo” came before “Rukigo”, so who is the unimaginative hack now?

And why do you care what I post on my own blog (which I will not be deleting, by the way). I have every right to use the Bleach tag, every right to post an alternate universe. I’m not hurting you or your precious canon, and if my AU happens to make more sense than the actual canon, then that’s no one’s fault but Kubo’s for not following his own damn established canon prior to 686.

This will be the only hate mail I respond to, not because I don’t welcome other points of view, but because trolls like you aren’t looking for a civil discussion, you’re looking for a war and I won’t stoop to your level and give you the satisfaction. (Nor do I have the time to waste my life on such trivial arguments; I’m an adult that works 50 hours a week with a home to upkeep. I have very little free time and I will spend it on things I enjoy, thank you very much.)