Name: Ichigoman
About: A new superhero is here to battle the monsters born from the evil of humankind! As Hello Kitty’s superhero alter-ego, Ichigoman comes to the rescue when Hello Kitty raises her strawberry-shaped smartphone to the air and yells, ‘Power the Kitty!’


• Honeymomo is Darkgrapeman’s sassy sidekick, and can usually be found sitting snuggly in his sidecar deftly managing his superhero schedule. Don’t be fooled though, Honeymomo has martial arts moves that not even Darkgrapeman or Ichigoman can match.

• Darkgrapeman is Ichigoman’s partner in fighting evil. He is a martial artist who rides a motorbike with a sidecar. Darkgrapeman’s black cape features his signature grape mark. Darkgrapeman can often be heard shouting “Come get some!” as he casts down his foes.

New Superhero Hello Kitty Plush! HoneyMomo, Ichigoman, and DarkGrapeman! 10" is $23, also available in 5" for $9.95! These characters are from a really cute Hello Kitty cartoon in Japan!!! Also have wallets, pencil cases, pens, bag, and backpack in this series!

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To sum it up, Hello Kitty has an alter ego Ichigoman. As she kicks butts with strawberries for ears her better half, Latex-Lovin Fruity Freedom Fighter Darkgrapeman, comes in and saves the day! (Honeymomo included) 

Ichigo Punch!

Ichigo Kick!

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“Ichigo” means strawberry in Japanese, it all makes sense now.