Hey everyone, sorry for not updating for a while!

I just recently got back from Katsucon 2015 and had an amazing time! One of the cosplays I did was Red Link from Four Swords. Here are some shots of the costume courtesy of Iruma Shibuya Photography!

Me as Red, Lendra-Chan as Green, BleachCake Cosplay as Vio, Hazelwitch Cosplay as Blue, and Khy Cosplay as Shadow!

More to come soon!!!

So, PAX was sorta amazing lol. Seriously, hands down the best convention I’ve ever gone to and I’ve been to a lot in my life ._.

My goal was to take a lot of pictures of RE cosplay but there was a lack of RE cosplay >_> by some amazing luck I found these group of awesome ppl like ichigobleachcake :3 let me know who else is in this pic too and I’ll link em’ and follow if I’m not already! 

It was pleasure to meet you all and your cosplay is amazing T_T!

bleachcakecosplay  asked:

Hello! Just wanted to say you are one of the most gorgeous cosplayers out there! I really admire and idolize you because you have such a natural beauty! I get a little tired of seeing all the widely celebrated female cosplayers just being those with tiny waists and large breast implants. However, ranting aside, I was actually wondering what kind of diet or exercise routine you are on to keep yourself so slim and fit!

Aw, thank you! I’m super flattered! As for keeping myself slim, I don’t really do a lot to keep my shape, because my metabolism is through the roof, but I do try to stay healthy and keep my muscles strong. Diet-wise, I eat three meals a day, high in protein and fiber (lots of rice, chicken, fish and vegetables), I eat salads pretty often that are all veggies and no lettuce (tomatoes, green bell peppers, radishes, cucumbers and green onions mostly) covered in an olive oil-salt dressing. I also drink plenty of water, and limit my intake of soda (I pretty much just stick to ginger ale, which is still pretty rare). I also fit in other foods from time to time like eggs, potatoes, fruits, pastas, etc., but these are basically my staples hehe. Exercise-wise, I try to do one hour of cardio 3 times a week (mostly in the form of aerobics, elliptical, swimming or dancing), and the other days I just do yoga for about an hour (it’s pretty easy yoga though lol). I really hope that was helpful, but if not, my friend Hythe is like a fitness and diet guru. If you haven’t already, I would definitely check out her blog. Her fitness asks are linked right at the top of her page. :3