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Hi! I was looking at the taobao store Ichigo15 and I saw none of their items had the size. Is this because they are custom made?? If so, do they charge extra for plus size? And do you know how the quality is? I have anxiety, so if you get this and have already answered it, can you let me know? Thank you. ^^

Yes, Ichigo15 does do custom sizes. They do charge extra for larger sizes, I believe anything over an 88cm bust and 75cm waist (which really isn’t big at all but you know, however they want to do it) and how much extra it is depends on the item but it’s not a lot. I haven’t seen a lot of reviews for them but the ones I have seen have been positive.

AKB48 New Gen Twitters Are Here!

A lot of them are still locked for approval but here are the known ones. This list will be updated.

飯野雅 (Ino Miyabi) miyabi_ichigo15 

岩立沙穂 (Iwatate Saho) yahho_sahho

大森美優 (Omori Miyu) omorimyu_pon 

川本紗矢 (Kawamoto Saya) sayaya_0388

小嶋真子 (Kojima Mako) mak0_k0jima 

西野未姫 (Nishino Miki) mikinishino4

大和田南那 (Owada Nana) Nana_Owada728 

篠崎彩奈 (Shinozaki Ayana) ayana18_48 

田北香世子 (Takita Kayoko) kayoyon213 

達家真姫宝 (Tatsuya Makiho)  48Makiho

谷口めぐ (Taniguchi Megu) o_megu1112 

橋本耀 (Hashimoto Hikari) hikari_h_0617

樋渡結依 (Hiwatashi Yui) yui_hiwata430 

福岡聖菜 (Fukuoka Seina) seina_fuku48

兒玉遥 (Kodama Haruka) haruka_kdm919

向井地美音 (Mukaichi Mion) mionnn_48 

村山彩希 (Murayama Yuiri) yuirii_murayama  

茂木忍 (Mogi Shinobu) mogi0_0216

横島 亜衿 (Yokoshima Aeri) aeringi_3


Ichigo15’s Moon-coloured Bridal Gown (505RMB; requires 300RMB reposit)

Materials: Default fabric choice is cihffon; opaque fabrics available upon request. Orders placed by 2nd June and receive a free floral brooch. If you order the dress in white, the lining will be a dusty pink by default. f you order the dress in black you can choose your a colour for the lining fabric (孔雀蓝 blue, 绿色 jewel green, 宝蓝叠 navy) 

The pictures that say “XX colour and XX colour 叠加效果” show you the visual effect of the lining fabric overlaid with the black chiffon fabric.

The photos taken by Ichigo15 are samples and they vouch that the dress you receive will have more skirt volume (therefore able to accomodate petticoat) The dress is designed to complement your neck and collarbones, and is perfect for summer