BLG drunk texts

As requested by duende71. :)

In my drunk text series, Bleach characters send texts while very drunk. Or, in this case, we will imagine that I, Bleach Lists Girl, am sending texts while drunk. I won’t be texting characters because that seems weird, but I will be sending drunk, Bleach-related texts to my Bleach bestie. So what might BLG text if she were drunk and thinking about Bleach?

1. BLG to Bleach bestie

why doesn’t yourchi turn into a kitty anymore

2. BLG to Bleach bestie

i miss kitty yoruichi

3. BLG to Bleach bestie

she’s so fuzzy

4. BLG to Bleach bestie

do you think soi fon ever gets to cuddle with kitty yoruichi? i think that would make soi fon happy. and soi fon needs to be happy

5. BLG to Bleach bestie

which would def happen if soi fon dated tatsuki because that ship is real and awesome and real

6. BLG to Bleach bestie

ichigo’s hair is orange and strawberries aren’t orange

7. BLG to Bleach bestie

that is bleach’s biggest plot hole

8. BLG to Bleach bestie

i think my biggest accomplishment is getting people to call menons grandes steve

9. BLG to Bleach bestie

which was a headcanon i totally stole from u

10. BLG to Bleach bestie

bc your headcanons are the best

11. BLG to Bleach  bestie

u know what else i miss?

12.  BLG to Bleach bestie


13. BLG to Bleach bestie

i love masks. like visored masks i mean. not just masks which i don’t like to wear because they make my face trapped

14.  BLG to Bleach bestie

why don’t the visored ever put their masks on anymore 

why doesn’t ichigo

15.  BLG to Bleach bestie

doesn’t hichigo love killing anymore

16. BLG to Bleach bestie


17.  BLG to Bleach bestie

that is bleach’s other biggest plot hole

18.  BLG to Bleach bestie

i get very pasionate about hollow masks

19.  BLG to Bleach bestie

remember when you tried to convince me that ichigo woud fight the soul king and i didn’t bleieve it

20.  BLG to Bleach bestie

and then it happened and it was super disappointing

21.  BLG to Bleach bestie

aizen being in a bondage chair is bleach’s greatest gift to the world

22. BLG to Bleach bestie

i wish we could see omakes about taht

23. BLG to Bleach bestie

the omake animators were so great

i want to be their friends

24.  BLG to Bleach bestie

ok but here’s the thing

i write bleach lists

25.  BLG to Bleach Friend

and i act like ‘list blog’ is a real genre of blogs

26.  BLG to Bleach bestie

and i call every post i write a “list”

27.  BLG to Bleach bestie

but they’re not really lists!

like some of the don’t even have nyumbers! 

they’re just dialogue!

28.  BLG to Bleach bestie

i’m writing a dialogue fan fcition blog!

29. BLG to Bleach bestie


30. BLG to Bleach bestie


31. BLG to Bleach bestie


32. BLG to Bleach bestie

do u think that bothers everyone? I think it probably bothers eveyrone

33. BLG to Bleach bestie

i realy jsut love the word list tho

34. BLG to Bleach bestie

and the word squirrel

35. BLG to Bleach bestie

List Squirrel would be my band name

themathemagician  asked:

Hi! I was looking at the taobao store Ichigo15 and I saw none of their items had the size. Is this because they are custom made?? If so, do they charge extra for plus size? And do you know how the quality is? I have anxiety, so if you get this and have already answered it, can you let me know? Thank you. ^^

Yes, Ichigo15 does do custom sizes. They do charge extra for larger sizes, I believe anything over an 88cm bust and 75cm waist (which really isn’t big at all but you know, however they want to do it) and how much extra it is depends on the item but it’s not a lot. I haven’t seen a lot of reviews for them but the ones I have seen have been positive.