ichigo why are you so tsundere

So we all know that Orihime, unlike Rukia, can’t get through to Ichigo, right? How, unlike Rukia, she can’t cheer him up and make him see her as someone special. But it just hit me that it’s worse than that - it’s worse than this unlike Rukia, the words that we IRs tend to repeat like a mantra.

Because what about Orihime in comparison to… herself? Now here’s where lies the true tragedy and perhaps the biggest anti-I/H argument. After all, so what if she can’t connect two hearts together like Rukia can, she could learn it in the future, right?

Wrong. Because Orihime Inoue already knows how to reach out to people.

I mean, this girl was able to get through to some of the most emotionally unavailable characters in the series - Ulquiorra and Riruka (also Loly in the anime, but let’s stick to the canon). 

[I’m not including Uryuu, another seemingly cold person who opens up to Ori, because he’s in love with her, therefore you could say it’s not her making. Although I would still say it is, as her character is the reason he fell for her.]

This isn’t a coincidence, it’s a theme. A theme that is Orihime being able to make even her enemies change for the better, simply by showing them her caring side. Ulquiorra changed his whole life philosophy because of her. And Riruka? That case is even worse, if we talk anti-I/H, because well, Orihime made her feel loved again. Meaning she is perfectly capable of touching others with her love - in fact, she may be better at it than most of the other characters.

And yet.

And still.

She can’t get through to Ichigo. 

Ichigo, who’s her friend from almost the start of the series. Ichigo, who does have a tsundere side to him, just like Riruka, therefore you can’t say oh he’s just not the type she’s good at reaching out to. Ichigo, who’s best friends with Chad, a cinnamon roll just like Hime, therefore you also can’t say that well Orihime’s not the type of person he likes to open up to. No! Look at how much Ichigo shows that he cares about Chad, especially in the first arcs, at all the smiles and puppy eyes he gives him. Chad got through his tsundere side even before Rukia, but Orihime?

She can’t do that.

And that makes her, the girl who changed so many lifes, think she’s not good enough. Do you see how toxic it is to her?! It seriously makes me, an Orihime fan, so sad - to see my girl make a damned nihilistic hollow understand human emotions… and then be desperate enough for Ichigo’s attention to wear a boob window dress. Girl, you already accomplished so much more than having Ichigo’s attention! So. much. more. Why is this Ichigo guy still the measuring stick for your worth, so important that you’re willing to be uncomfortable for him?!

Really? The guy who wouldn’t notice you if you performed a miracle right in front of him because he’d be busy looking at what’s behind you?! Like I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with Ichigo when he’s interacting with Hime, other than Kubo wanting to shut down I/H at every cost. Because I’m also an Ichigo fan, and seeing him become a cardboard cutout - as someone desribed it accurately - every time he has to talk with her when they’re by themselves, is depressing. I don’t really think Ichigo would continue to be so… out-of-politeness-nice to her, not after all they went through together. He should be more at ease around her by the time of the Fullbring arc, missing Rukia or not. But Kubo apparently thought that shouldn’t be the case. Maybe to not give I/H fans any false hopes? and then the ending lmao

I don’t know. I have no idea what is it about Orihime that would make Ichigo act so distant, but apparently there’s gotta be something… It just feels wrong to see both of them become shadows of themselves because of each other.

And that’s exactly why I/H is my NOTP. 

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I am not really asking if you hate Makoto, but If you don't hate kindhearted characters, tell me why you like them and which kindhearted character you like (besides Makoto). Just asking.

Well, i like so many kindhearted characters, but.. I’ll pick my fav one, Kuchiki Rukia:

Im fucking obsessed with her. She’s my fav fucking anime character ever. I love her to bits, she  is so fucking real. My fucking god, she’s fucking perfect.Thank you very fucking much for creating this beautiful character, KUBO. She is the reason why i’m still reading Bleach. I want to marry her in heaven.She cares about Ichigo aka her future husband more than herself. she is selfless when it comes to Ichigo. I love the fact how she is the only character that can dry Ichigo’s rain, remember people, it’s only RUKIA who can stop Ichigo’s rain. No one else. She’s tsundere af just like her husband. She’s mature and loyal. She can see through Ichigo’s bs, while other can’t. She has never lost faith in Ichigo while others did.   She was there when Ichigo was bleeding and in pain, she was there when Ichigo was crying, she is the reason why Ichigo is so powerful. She changed his world and made him a better person, she loves bunnies, that is so fucking cute. she is a GREAT friend. Damn, have you seen her bankai btw?

I’m so proud of my queen. 

im sorry, this kind of turned into a ichiruki post, lol.

If Yoruichi gave out awards for the men...

As requested by too-much-too-often. :)

A while back, Yoruchi gave out various awards to Bleach ladies. Now it is time for her to do the same thing for the men!

(By the way, there are just too many dudes in Bleach for me to do them all. Sorry!)

1. Best hair: Ukitake

“It’s hard to argue with ‘pure silk.’”

Ukitake: I will cherish this award forever!

2. Best hat: Urahara

“I may be slightly biased here, I will admit.”

Kyoraku: ..

Kyoraku: I’ve been robbed.

Urahara: I knew this hat would get me places!

3. Fastest: Byakuya

“Although I guess he couldn’t keep up with Ichigo’s bankai that one time, so………nah. I’ll give it to Byakuya. The fastest man in Bleach.”


Byakuya: This award would be more satisfying if the word 'man’ was not underlined *quite* so many times.

4. Most well-rounded: Iba

“Pretty sure he’s the only guy around who even cares about being well-rounded. So it’s good to appreciate him for that! I guess.”

Iba: My award is sunglasses???

Yoruichi: I know my audience.

5. Most impressive facial hair: Yamamoto

“The beard is pretty good on its own. But the eyebrows *really sell it!”


Yhwach: I’ve been robbed.

6. Best at keeping secrets: Yumichika

“I mean. I’m just guessing. Absolutely no secret intel from Urahara! None at all!”

Yumichika: Awkward.

7. Worst at keeping secrets: Ikkaku

“I’m just sayin’.”


8. Luckiest: Ikkaku

“Because I knew he’d be really mad about the 'worst at keeping secrets’ award.”


Ikkaku: Yeah I actually feel better now.

9. Cutest: Hanataro

“Kind of kills me not to give this to the anthropomorphic animal. But let’s be real. Hanataro is freakin’ adorable.”

Hanataro: I-I can’t believe I won something!!

10. Best “I was something else the WHOLE time!” reveal: Komamura

“……weirdly specific, but dear to my heart.”

Komamura: Am I winning this for being a secret wolf, or for being a secret hot guy?

Yoruichi: Yes.

11. Most punk: Renji

“The tattoos, the hair, the general attitude……plus, attacking your own captain is METAL as FUCK.”

Renji: Um…thanks?

Byakuya: But I’m still faster.

12. Most ambitious: Hitsugaya

“He’s the youngest and tiniest captain, he leap-frogged over his superior to become captain before she did, and he’s totally angling for the head captain’s job! Very ambitious, that one!”

Hitsugaya: …why does this award have “Worst Detective” scratched out at the top?


Yoruichi: Because I love trees?

13. Most stylish: Shinji

“50% the clothes, 50% the overall attitude.”

Shinji: And 50% my love of jazz.

Shinji: Because I am 150% stylish.

Rose: So…cats are colorblind, right?

14. Most tsundere: Kensei

“A very difficult award to assign. I mean, everybody’s pretty tsundere in Bleach. But Kensei is my pick!”

Kensei: I am NOT tsundere!!

Yoruichi: And that’s why you win!

15. Most satisfying to see as the winner of #15: Ichigo

“I’m just sayin’.”


Ichigo: And here I thought I’d win for saving the world or something.