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My top 10 *least* favorite fights

As requested by our-flame-never-goes-out. :)

It is no secret that I adore Bleach fights. I even wrote a list about my favorites. But now it is time for the opposite - my LEAST favorite fights. From canon, I mean! Because nobody wants a list that’s all me whining about the Bounts. So here are my top 10 least favorite canon fights - from least-least favorite to most-least favorite. Um. Basically I’ll get more negative as I go along…

***Note, these are based on the anime version. So take what I say with a grain of salt.

#10: Renji & Ishida vs. Szayel

This one sits at number 10 because I don’t hate all of it. In fact, I really love parts of it - like Renji and Ishida working together. Szayel being a truly terrifying opponent. But there are also things I really don’t like about it. Mostly the length. In the anime at least, this fight goes on FOREVER. And the clone part? Oh my god the clone part went on for 8 million years. Plus Pesche and Dondochakka were involved, and they are among my least favorite characters. So yeah. This is a fight I really think I should enjoy, but I never really do. 

What makes the fight tolerable (for me): Definitely Renji and Ishida’s interactions. Those nearly kept this one off the list because those guys are super cute when they’re working together.

#9: Rukia vs. Riruka 

This one is hard. I actually quite like Rukia and Riruka’s interactions, and I am tickled by Rukia’s love for the stuffed animal paradise, as evidenced by the sheer number of jokes I make about it. But I don’t like this as a fight. Because Rukia was back and she was lieutenant now and I really wanted her to have a super cool fight….and instead she cuddled with stuffed animals and ran around in bunny form. I guess I was just a little disappointed.

What makes the fight tolerable (for me): Rukia is awfully cute when she loves stuffed animals.

#8: Yamamoto vs. Kyoraku & Ukitake

Don’t get me wrong - in principle this would be the most awesome fight ever. It just didn’t actually happen. Like, Ukitake and Kyoraku released their swords and then we cut away and never really saw them actually fight at all. Plus, this fight delays the big Ichigo/Byakuya fight, and I’m always really waiting for that one.

What makes the fight tolerable (for me): Getting to hear Ukitake’s and Kyoraku’s sword releases!

#7: Ichigo & Ginjo vs. Tsukishima & fullbringers

I’m referring to the fight Ichigo has after Tsukishima has “brainwashed” all of the other fullbringers. You know, when Ichigo and Ginjo go to the brainwashing house and run upstairs and face off against all the fullbringers? And Ichigo shows his “true” fullbring which is a really really REALLY terrible outfit? Yeah, this is all about me just not liking the outfit.

What makes the fight tolerable (for me): Okay so the fight itself was fine. But dude. That terrible outfit.

#6: The privaron espada fights 

I lump these all together so that they don’t take up too much of the list. I’m just not the biggest fan. I was waiting for the bigger fights, and I didn’t find the privaron espada to be so compelling. Probably my favorite is the Ishda vs. Cirucci one, because Cirucci was cool. But Pesche was there talking about her underwear so

What makes the fight tolerable (for me): All of these fights had good moments: Ichigo protecting Nel. Chad bonding with Mosqueda. Ishida showing off his light saber. 

#5: Ichigo & Don Kanonji vs. Demi-Hollow

I-I just don’t like Don Kanonji. I’m sorry.

What makes the fight tolerable (for me): Well Ichigo was super cute still. 

#4: Ukitake vs. Lilinette 

I just find this fight to be a little….creepy? The way Lilinette is drawn bothers me a lot, because underwear on an underage-looking girl seems skeevy. And at least in the anime, this fight is a lot of crotch shots of Lilinette and just….bleh.

What makes the fight tolerable (for me): If I watched this with my eyes closed, the dialogue between Ukitake and Lilinette is adorable. Just not the way it is visually.

#3: Omaeda vs. Nirgge 

I want to like this fight. I really do. Because I think Omaeda gets more of a bad rap than he deserves. And in principle I like the idea of Omaeda pretending to be overwhelmed and scared and slow only to show that he’s not. But in practice I just don’t enjoy this one very much. Especially since it delays the Soi Fon / Barragan fight.

What makes the fight tolerable (for me): When Omaeda gives his “I’m Squad 2 and therefore awesome” speech.

#2: The plushie fights

What can you even do with the plushie fights

What makes the fight tolerable (for me): No they are fights against plushies. It’s weird.

#1: Yumichika vs. Charlotte 

So……uh…….this is my least favorite Bleach fight. It actually stopped me watching Bleach my first time. I got through the first episode of the fight, thought to myself, “I can’t go on” and stopped for like five months. I’ve talked before about how I sometimes get uncomfortable writing Charlotte because he seems designed to be a gay stereotype (and therefore funny?) and that makes me super uncomfortable. Watching was the same thing. I didn’t want to laugh; I just felt ill at ease. So yeah. 

What makes the fight tolerable (for me): The end of the fight, to be sure, when Yumichika releases his true shikai.