ichigo pocky



I’ts tomorrow but whatev’s X’D

Both of them won :D

I read some messages… Not to me, to one of my draws so they are for me! And they said that if Ichigo and Rukia are together with the new look I’m showing ADULTERY… Guys I’m really pissed off because… The new look it’s nothing! Nothing more than that wonderful years! The truth is… I wasn’ t expectin’ an Ichiruki’s canon ending but I NEVER expect a final like that!

To me that final it doesn’t exist and they have all the eternity to show their love that’s what I mean when I draw them with the new look… And maybe in the draw where they are running under the rain I didn’t explain so well but here is the answer: To me that final it doesn’t exist.

Thank you so much guys for all the support! :3