The Kurosaki Family

We all know that these two got married, had sex, and are now the parents to a little cinnamon roll known as Kurosaki Kazui…

We also know that they are HOT A'Fand we’ve seen how their hotness have affected people before…

So… Just imagine how many hearts this kid is going to shatter when he grows up…

It’s gonna be a bloodbath. 

Found this reading sappy poetry,tots describes ichigo and rukia

“Though I love you to the core of my being, so thoroughly that every cell comprising me aches to be near you, I must accept that we can never be together. For our existence parallels the sun and the moon—a temptation in constant, beautiful view, yet if the sun were ever to kiss the moon it would devour the heavenly orb whole. Oh, my darling, if only I were the moon! Then I would dare taste your lips and be happy for my last and final joy! But alas, I am the sun, and I will not venture to destroy the one I love.”

Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year

This Is Sacred

Ichiruki. AU. Written for this week’s @deathberryprompts drabble prompt. The prompt was ‘affection’. 200 words. 

It’s like this:

Rukia’s hair spills like midnight ink down the back of her haori and Ichigo’s spills like a river of flame down the back of his.

(Sometimes, after, she braids their hair together and Ichigo smiles so softly that she thinks she might crack into a thousand glittering pieces)

It’s like this:

Ichigo’s sword cleaves through obstructions on his path to get to her and Rukia’s dances in her hands as she fights to get to him.

(He would pass through ten million blades to reach her, and when she thinks about it, Rukia feels like she’s never been worthy of his devotion)

It’s like this:

Rukia arches against the brush of his hands down her spine, and Ichigo hums into the soft swell of her chest.

(He is the sand in the hourglass and Rukia is the sweep of the second-hand around the clock face)

It’s like this:

Ichigo presses his lips to hers, and Rukia tangles her hands in his hair. Everything around them falls away.

(She knows the world spins impossibly fast, and that she’d fall off if Ichigo wasn’t there to hold her down - the speed of it is much too fast without him)

The worst thing about the antis denial of ichihime is that Orihime and Ichigo had at least 5 years to fall in love and get married (assuming Kazui is 5-6 years old) and they still think that that’s unreasonable. Also more likely than not it was Ichigo who made the first move on Orihime because she was content on just protecting him and standing by his side. She never projected her feelings into him or inconvenienced him with her feelings and knowing her she probably might have never confessed (but that’s just my opinion), just because she didn’t want to burden him. So more likely than not it was Ichigo who made the first move and that might’ve been after the Blood War Arc and then five years later they are in love and Kazui is born.

Looking through the sky

Karakura, 9.40 PM

The rain has stopped, Ichigo is going home with Kazui, holding his hand. The little boy stopped in front of the river, looking at the sky.

Kazui: Daddy, daddy! Look at the sky! Look at the moon! How is beautiful, how is white! Look how the moon is near!

Ichigo: My little boy, the moon seems near, but in true she’s distant from us!

Kazui: OhShe’s a cheater!

Ichigo smiles and answers: Yes, maybe she’s, but thanks to her trick now you can see how she’s beautiful. 

Kazui: Daddy…look at the river! It’s even there!

Ichigo: My son, the moon is not there, is just her reflection, she dissolves and disappears as a far memory, a lost hope or a forgotten happiness.

Kazui: Daddy…do you like the moon?

Ichigo: I love it

Told Ichigo looking at her, but immediately blushed and watched his son. In Kazui’s eyes there was reflected the moon, with all her brilliance. A tear furrowed Ichigo’s face, while his eyes stared Kazui’s ones.

Orihime: Ichigo! Kazui!!

Orihime saw Ichigo’s tears on his face and pets it to dry it: Ichigo…are you ok, did you cry?

Ichigo: What? No! This tear is because of a yawn!

Orihime smiles: Maybe is better if we return home! Kazui! Go, your father is tired!

Orihime hold Kazui’s hand and walked home, Ichigo slowly followed them. Before enter home, stopped on the open door and looked again at the moon, that now looked so far.

“With those eyes full of taciturns cries I am still looking for you through this starry sky, trying to find in the stars a light brighter than your eyes. But I was in wrong, because doesen’t exist in the night brighter light than the moon’s one. Rukia…you are hidden over firmament, but the moon is your shining shadow. And that beautiful shadow tonight was reflected in my son’s eyes, and for a moment I saw my dream comes true: to find in my son’s eyes the sign of the woman I love, and tonight, in my son’s look I saw your shiny light, Rukia.”

Ichigo lowed his look by the moon and touched the door of his house with the finger, it was dry. Looked again at the moon.

“This afternoon rained…but the rain dried by White Moon”

Soul Society, 9.40 AM

Ichika wants to see solar eclipse, runs in Rukia’s room to wake up her

Ichika: Mum! Mum! Wake up! It’s going to start! 

Rukia Slowly open her eyes: Ichika..? What’s -yawn- going to start..?

Ichika: How can you forgot that? The eclipse!! 

Rukia quickly gets up and dresses, than with Ichika goes in the garden and sits on grass impregnated by dew. In the dark sky burst a black sun.

Ichika: Look! Look! It’s incredible!!! How could that happen? The sun is always white!! How can it be dark, mum??

Rukia smiles to Ichika: It happens because of the moon

Rukia explains how a solar eclipse can work.

Ichika: So sun’s power to be black..doesn’t exist without the moon?

Rukia: It always exists, but can be applied only with the moon.

Ichika: What?? It’s useless to have a power if you need another thing to apply it! The moon is better than the sun!

Rukia gently smiles at Ichika: You know, my little girl, that moon shines because the sun places on her his rays? Look my baby - hugs her - see how the sun needs his moon. Sun’s power and moon’s one are chained, they have a bond, an eternal bond, that no one can destroy.

Rukia stopped and sadness came in her eyes.

Renji: What the hell are you doing here?? Rukia!! I was looking for you everywhere!

Rukia: And you didn’t search us in the only place we would be!

Renji looked Rukia’s eyes and then took a sweet tone: Maybe you are right, but now we have to go- takes Ichika on his shoulders- Byakuya is waiting for us! 

Rukia got up and slowly followed Renji and Ichika, listening at their laughs but unable to share them.

Looked up at the solar eclipse, looking for the black sun, but in that moment, the moon went away, and sun’s rays hit her with all their force. Rukia protected her eyes with her hand; for a second, her black hair became totally clear because of the light, she looked white-haired.

“Those rays…this heat, this heat which got me warm in imprisonment’s frost, this heat which wants to dissolve the frost of every person sorrow…Ichigo…”

Stopped herself and looked at Sokyoku

“You always told me I saved you…fool…you saved me since the beginning. Are you happy…Ichigo? Of course you are…you have a beautiful wife and an adorable son…but…still you think about me? Don’t forget me Ichigo”  looked down, started crying silenty “because I won’t, until the moon’ll shin because of sun rays, every day in those years I looked for you over this sky, but never as today,I felt so heated by sun as those Black Sun’s rays”

With eyes full of tears looked up through the sky, but white sun’s rays can’t stop her cries.

Is IchikaAbarai “older” than KazuiKurosaki?

Seen a post before (sorry im lazy to find and reblog) that Kazui is not more or less than 5 years old. We dont see him fullbody unlike we did little Nemu and Ichika. So we dont know how tall he is. But judging by his chubby cheeks and fingers he’s not older than 5 or 6 years old, 7 max. 

From the 10 year timeskip, I can see how Rukia and Renji must have gotten married before Ichigo and Orihime. First, unlike the two, they are not going to school anymore. They are well established shinigami’s in SS. The feeling was mutual also. All they needed was the confession which Im sure Renji did after the battle. Of course Rukia said “yes”. The only obstacle I see is Byakuya’s blessing which Renji got since the SS arc, the man indeed proven himself worthy of Rukia in Byakuya’s eyes.

As for Ichigo and Orihime, it took a tad bit more time coz we all know how slow Ichigo can be in that department. But I think they got together not long before or after graduating high school. Surely with the help of the entire gang nudging his back “if he dont ask to walk her home now someone else might” kind of scenario. Of course they had to plan it out too like Ichigo moving out of the clinic, maybe living with her and going to college as well as Orihime. So no baby Kazui yet in like 4 years they are studying in college and dating at the same time.

Just my thoughts, what u guys think? How old really is precious baby Kazui?

cute family pic from hiyiri

How Bleach Should Have Ended

I will not pretend like I can imagine the perfect end for Bleach, just wanna share a couple thoughts.

1. So, first of all, I expected that the last chapter begins with the reference to this famous frame


Ichigo/20-something years old

Hair color/orange

Eye color/brown

Occupation/Gotei 13 captain 

(or something BUT NOT MAN IN FRONT OF TV!)

It would be just perfect (in my opinion), right in the feels + It gives us quick exposure (while the last chapter was pure exposition and nothing else :/ )

2. I already can hear your “Oh”, but I (hardcore IchiRuki shipper) never thought that Ichigo and Rukia will end up together - it would be too easy and too happy for the cruel world of the manga. 

Plus one of them would have died for sure the next second they confessed to each other. 

So they should say goodbye. Because it’s kinda their thing, you know. 

They meet, fight and then force themselves to say goodbye (summary of any chapter).

The last chapter should be an epic farewell, but I think Kubo just was not able to draw more love and sadness in their eyes than at this gorgeous frame (real end of manga for me now and forever). 

3. There should be few frames of minor characters’ peaceful life.  And especially Urahara and Yoruichi.

As I said, I doubt that Ichigo and Rukia can be together but if they ever will be - they would become Urahara/Yoruichi type of couple.

Ichigo would never fit into any system (even Gotei 13) and will for sure end up minding his own (shady?) business (ahah, look, just like most of Shiba). Rukia will never leave his side. And they will adopt bunch of kids (from Rukongai probably) because of their Big Brother Instinct (for god sake there is even Ichigo’s quote). While nobody will be sure what kind of relationship they have.

Oh I digress from the topic.

I would like to know more about children -  Karin and Yuzu (not only about the size of the breast), Ururu and Jinta - I feel like they can be the future of this manga, not suddenly appeared protagonists’ children (just my opinion). 

Shiba reunion had to happen, it would be epic.

Also the idea that the characters can marry someone not from their inner circle and have not their parents’ job seems really intriguing.

4. The last arc was about quincy and still we got nothing for them in the end. Mainly I mean of course Uryu and Masaki. 

It was a long damn journey for Uryu, and after all this nazi quincy army I don’t think that he really like to wear white lab coat. Of course, he has the power to help people, but to be a doctor is not the only way (just any other future would not fit on a single frame, so).

Masaki is another thing. I firmly believe that the last chapter should take place on June 17. This is a very important date for manga, the day when everything went wrong, the day that became the trigger of the Ichigo’s personality. 

I can see Ichigo standing at his mother’s grave and tells her about the end of the story. It shows that he is the central character (because it is his story after all), he is not just someone watching TV with family. And it actually gives him an opportunity to tell us something at the end, after all the manga was all about pretentious speeches, wasn’t it?

5. The last one. You know it is the good decision to end the story with what you started it. It is rotating. The world will change. But in the end everything comes full circle. 

The last chapter of Bleach in some way reflects the first chapter - boy meets girl again. But this reflection is so empty that it looks more like a mockery. 

Protagonists’ children do not have the basis for a good story. Original boy and girl have so much pain behind them that it is not wiped even in the end of the manga (at least I can not believe in their absolute happiness, like where it came from so suddenly?). 

So long story short, just remind us where we started and what we went through. Let us remember all those we have lost. Let characters let go their pain and say goodbye to each other. Let them look back and continue their journey.  This is A Perfect End.

Do not bury them in happiness (you know the rule, if you want to destroy the character - make him happy). 

P.S. sorry for long post and my english, just had to speak out.