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Fairies use flowers for their charactery

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 A re-whipping of (certain parts of) the Bleach novel (you know which one!). Creative license taken. Uryuu POV. 522 words. Spoilers for the novel. See below for A/N. Translations courtesy of this blog bc I’m extra-salty even now and Imma throw your own ridic words at you :P Strap in, peeps. 


Uryuu is no fool.

He knows exactly what those strawberry flowers they’re all embroidering on Rukia’s veil mean.

“– in hanakotoba, means ‘happy family’, and I’ve loved–” Orihime chatters, rather innocently as she works on the veil, when he cuts in, “as well as 'respect and love’, Inoue-san.”

Everyone gasps collectively. Not the reaction he’d hoped for from such an innocuous statement. Of course, if he’d let on that he knows any more

“Well, it means other, more obvious things, too,” he says carefully, fixing his gaze on Ichigo. He doesn’t look up from his sewing.

Orihime does. “Whatever do you mean, Ishida-kun?” There’s a light in her eyes he can’t quite reconcile himself to, though her voice remains deceivingly soft.

He lets the question hang in the air.

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CAN’T FEAR YOUR OWN WORLD Part 1 Full Translation

“Do not seek the aesthetics​ in waging war.

Do not seek virtue in death.

Do not think your life is your own.

If you wish to protect each of the heads of the five court nobles, then you must slaughter every foe from under the shadow of the leaves.”

— Excerpt from the old edition of the Shino Academy’s textbook, Shinigami regulations encyclopedia.

“Do not seek the aesthetics in waging war.

Do not seek virtue in death.

Do not think your life is your own.

If you wish to protect the things you ought to protect, then you must strike down the enemy by cutting them from their backs.”

— Excerpt from the latest edition of the Shino Academy’s textbook, Shinigami regulations encyclopedia.



Once, there was a battle.

A great war between those who called themselves gods who governed death and those who extinguished evil spirits.

The conflict ceased in the form of losing their respective ‘kings’ by the end of the feud which spanned a thousand years.

The relationship between the Shinigami and the Quincy hailed a new era as a result of this great loss.

It is said that it was the very same person who killed both kings, he was neither Shinigami or  Quincy, but only a small fraction of people are aware of that fact.

There was a young substitute Shinigami boy who was a guest of the Gotei 13, who defeated the ringleader of the “Wandenreich” rebel army which invaded Soul Society —- only that part of the information along with the proclamation that “the Gotei 13 successfully defended the Soul King Palace” was propagated throughout the Soul Society.

In other words, it was to be permanently concealed by those who were the very foundation of the Soul Society, that the Soul King himself was dead, for the purpose of avoiding confusion and disorder.

Even now, many inhabitants of the Soul Society including ordinary soldiers still believe they have their Soul King enshrined at the Soul King Palace.

Those who know the facts is limited to only a handful of Shinigami such as captain ranks and superior officers, or people attached to important posts in Seireitei, they also dare not expose the truth and thus the people’s peace of mind was not disturbed.

From there, the revival of the Seireitei that was left utterly devastated, began.

Whether or not the decision of the higher-ups, who did not deem it acceptable to snatch away the people’s moral support, was right as they had expected​ — well, it seems that is something to be judged by history 10, or 100 years down the line.

The series of conflicts that would subsequently be known as the “Protection of the Soul King Great War”, ushered in the conclusion to such a state of affairs.

Going back in time to the point immediately following​ the end of the war.

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anonymous asked:

How would the swords (Ichigo, Tsurumaru, Hasebe, and Ookurikara) react to one day waking up to find themselves turned into children? How would they would have to deal with all the other swords of the citadel and to make matters worse, they have to get the Saniwa to kiss them to turn back XD;;;

Sorry for the wait to get into these requests I was asleep for a while rip. Guys word of advice, don’t mess up your sleeping schedule, it’s pain to work around.

I’m writing as though they get turned into young kid size, as in younger than tantous. Also, I decided against mentioning the turning back part sticking with what they have to deal with being de-aged and their feelings about it. Sorry the answers were dumb it had me at a bit of a loss for what to write.

• Save him, his brothers go crazy over it with the calling him cute and wanting to dress him up, Only Gotou was in his defense trying to calm them, Yagen found it too amusing.
• It feels really different for him to be doted on and cared for, he’s not too sure how he feels about it since he’s used to being so busy.

• He prefers surprising people to being surprised so he isn’t happy with the situation but it’s not like he makes a big deal out of it.
• The way the other older swords tease him treating him like a kid, even Imano, makes him casually decide he needs to treat them to a surprise as revenge later.

• He gets extremely frustrated in how useless to the master he is in such a form and it just looks like him throwing a tantrum.
• Hasebe gets a bit childish through it and when he’s getting teased he takes to kicking shins. Souza gets kicked so much but doesn’t regret.

• No. Plainly no. He wants to reject the situation it pisses him off. What’s worse for him is the way Taikogane and Shoku share a glance when they see him.
• He decides to literally hide away somewhere to save himself from them refusing to come out until someone he doesn’t doubt tells him they know how to turn him back.

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So I skimmed through the translation for the first chapter of the new novel:

—- both Sado kun and Orihime chan, Ichigo kun is blessed with friends isn’t he?

and like…

Am I missing something here?  Is Ishida hated in the Japanese fandom or something?  Because I cannot for the life of me understand why the poor boy keeps getting shafted like that.

Isn’t he also one of Ichigo’s closest friends? Doesn’t SS know that he only joined the Wandenreich to help bring Yhwach down (without permanently injuring anyone from the SS side, might I add)?  Don’t they know he personally fought Yhwach’s Second-in-Command, putting his life at great risk?  Don’t they know he was one of the few people instrumental in taking Yhwach himself down? 

Wtf does he need to do to get the recognition he deserves? He’s kind, loyal, self-sacrificing and used everything within his powers to help take down a dangerous enemy.

I know this is a light novel which means the author writes about the events/characters that interest him, but come the fuck on, not even an honorable mention?  Even Ichigo’s human friends are mentioned, but not Ishida.  Not once.

Riei Stellaworth Short Story Translation

[The Little Mermaid]

(。-ω-)ノ  Sorry for the long moment of inactivity, folks! School got really busy. but I’m back in business now (yay summer) and I’ll be posting a lot more translations!

щ(ಥДಥщ) This guy is such a damn piece of work, my gawd hahahah.  MY GAWD THIS STORY. щ(ಥДಥщ)  HE’S SOOOO. TRASHY. щ(ಥДಥщ)  AGHAGA RIEIIII. I’ll be translating them in order of the original CD releases. Special thanks to Deea for getting the raws~

The storm caused me to fall from the ship I was aboard. Death was impending; my body was sinking towards the ocean’s floor. I was destined to drown… …until a girl appeared out of nowhere. She held my body and navigated the ocean’s waters with such ease, as if a storm hadn’t exist. Upon arriving at the shore, the girl whispered to me.

“Oh dear prince, you’re safe now.”

Her voice was as lovely as a bell’s ring. My condition wasn’t so good. Having drunk a bunch of salty seawater, I found myself barely able to move. Though, I managed to open my eyes and they would see who owned that lovely voice――Opened they did and saw clearly did they. The girl. Her legs. She didn’t have the legs of a human being. My rescuer was a mermaid.

There was a sign of a person approaching, causing the mermaid to rush back into the sea. A different girl came to help me. At the time, I was delirious and thought she was the one who saved me. I then became engaged to her.

Well, I thought it was all in good. Not only did I have a fiance, but I could also play around. My palace could only give me so much amusement and what’s a man to do when there’s plenty of beautiful women around? Even if I’ll be married, no matter how much I played around with girls, not a single person had an issue with it.

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WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 8 Full translation.

report 4 part 3/3

“Renji, let’s get everyone something to eat or drink soon.”

“Right! Please, we beg your assistance!”

Hearing Renji’s request, the nakai turned her body towards everyone.

“Then, we will begin….How about beverages?” She asked whilst bowing deeply in a seated position.

“It’s okay if we request whatever we want, captain Kuchiki’s treat right!? Then let’s have your most expensive sake please~!”

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anonymous asked:

So the two dances that I think are the most intimate is the Viennese waltz and the Argentine tango. Viennese waltz is like the nice, romantic, loving kind of intimate, and the Argentine tango is like the "I have the hots for you and want to bed you" kind of intimate. Since you already did the Viennese waltz, can I have the saniwa teaching Manba, Jiji, Ichigo, and Kara-chan the Argentine tango and how would it be like for them to dance it?

I guess I didn’t continue “tomorrow” but taking the occasional break doesn’t hurt. I hope the answer is enjoyable!

• He’s incredibly hesitant. Honestly something so flirty would just well cut into his comfort zone. He’s nervous and doesn’t connect with you, stiff and hesitant to go along. He just doesn’t feel right or comfortable with his hands on the Saniwa and doesn’t even know how he should feel with their hands on him. It’s only dancing but anything involving other people puts him on edge.

• To start with, there would be humour him asking you to go easy on him so he doesn’t break anything and stuff like that. He’s honestly rather curious about learning not too affected by the intimacy. He’s more suited for a naturally slow paced dance but still finds himself taking to the style. As he eases into it he definitely doesn’t shy away from flirtation and being quite bold. Natural elegance may be more his thing but the old man knows how to be seductive for sure.

• Initially he’s a bit embarrassed but decides if you’re going out of your way to teach him something he’ll try his hardest. Embarrassment from the intimacy and hesitation are also quick to go away as he is certain you wouldn’t have offered in the first place. He focuses a bit more on following your lead and working on maintaining intimacy. He’s quite the diligent learner and pays close attention. He probably becomes quite intense in his gaze without even realising.

• He wants to complain about how useful the skill is and that he doesn’t want to be friendly with anyone, including you. But he doesn’t, he figures it will be easier in the long run to just agree and learn quickly so you’ll get bored and leave him be. He isn’t a talker, so he is silent for the most part. He doesn’t like to ask questions and is more for boldly having you correct him physically. He’s a bit unintentionally flirt and intense, actually taking to the style nicely. He’s also not oblivious to the nature you’re interacting but is comfortable enough with the intimacy.