ichigo being cute

i never really make posts about ichigo which is a shame because i actually really like him as a character (negative character development/ending aside). when i started reading bleach i found it so refreshing that he didn’t exactly know what he wanted to do. in series like naruto/one piece the MC knows what he wants to become from the beginning of the series, while ichigo’s desire to become a shinigami only gets stronger as the manga progresses. and even though he did have some ridiculous power ups, his inner struggles (the rain, despair, his inner world) were so interesting to read about. i wish kubo would’ve focused more on that aspect of ichigo rather than introducing 50 villians all at once. imo ichigo was a good main character but unfortunately he had a shitty writer that couldn’t properly use his full potential…


Bleach Favourite Moments: All I was going to do was give him the bread at the door and ask him a question. How was I supposed to say no? And then Kurosaki-kun tells me to take home what I want! He’s so sweet! So sweet! SWEET! S-W-E-E-T, S-W-E-E-T!

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pairings: ichigo/rukia
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When the baby’s wails drifted into their room for the first time that night, Ichigo was out of their bed in a flash, his heels thumping down the hall before Rukia had even cracked open an eye.

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lol while Orihime was healing Jidanbo, Chad and Ishida went inside to chill~ but Ichigo was watching her like hmmm she must be thirsty let me bring her a drink so that I can take care of her like the little boyfriend that I am

“THAT’S LIKE 3 SOCCER GAMES you will pass out”
I love them so much omfg


“I wonder if she’s single…”

dot dot dot………

*casually cuts to the panel of Orihime walking with Ichigo*

“Doubt that.”

lol calm down, Kubo, try to be a little less obvious next time ok?

(btw this entire scene was cut out of the anime, how convenient~~)