I am going to give me two cents on Ichigo and my dislike for her.

First of all her wanting to protect Hiro from 002 is understandable. She walked in the mech and saw 002 strangling Hiro.

Now she realized 002 has been having issues for a while now. It’s her job as the leader to do whatever it takes to discuss things with 002. Even when 002 wanted nothing to do with her, she has to take a firm stance and tell her “Listen, I’m the leader, let me help you.” BUT NO. Her jealously towards 002 overtook any and all intellectual thought process when it came to what was best for the team and for Hiro.

Before we fast forward to episode 14 let us recap. the only two people in this story who know what love it’s like to be in love is Goro and Hiro. That’s it. Add in a confession to Ichigo who brushes it off and add another “check mark” to the Bitchigo column,

We then fast forward to episode 14 and the part where Ichigo bans 002 from talking with Hiro. Are you fucking kidding me? If you have issues with 002 talking to Hiro alone I can understand. With shit that just popped off I wouldn’t want them alone either. Here’s an idea…JUST GO WITH HER! Take her to Hiro and watch over them…PROBLEM SOLVED. But know you brainwash your entire squad to prevent 002 from seeing Hiro so you can take advantage of the situation. SIDE NOTE: 002 could have not given a fuck when Ichigo banned her. She would have whooped Ichigo and the rest of the crews ass if it meant seeing Hito, but she restrained herself. Why? Maybe she actually enjoys being on this team?? Maybe she’s becoming more human? We don’t really know.

002 returns to her room. Ichigo goes and confronts Hiro. The first thing Hiro asks for is 002…and this bitch tells him straight up that it’s in his best interests if they didn’t meet. ARE. YOU. FUCKING. KIDDING. ME. BITCH. Hiro has been piloting with 02 for a while. Granted Hiro and the squad grew up together, but 002 is the one he holds the strongest bond with, and you refuse to let them meet? Seriously Hiro has always had one goal in mind, and that is to pilot a Franxx. 002 gives him that goal and without 002 what does he have? A first row ticket to the fucking sidelines. Seeing his friends put their lives on the lines while he is useless.

Bitch can’t even PEEL AN APPLE!

We then go back to the dorms and see 002 decide it’s time. Throws Goro into a fucking glass window. (Goro taking one for the team AGAIN!) Which finally makes everyone realize “Hey if she’s fighting us for this we should let them meet.” Welp little too late kids because when they get to the room Hiro is gone and guess who is pissed the fuck off? Yep 002.

We then get Hiro going back to the hospital where He calls 002 a monster, she leaves, Ichigo confesses even though she has NO IDEA what love is, and gives Hiro one of the least emotionally felt kiss I have ever seen in an anime. Oh, right, and a confession where she knows already that Hiro doesn’t love her, he loves 002.


Then we get to episode 15…these kids are all smiles…literally all smiles as they leave to fuck a Klauxasaur up. This bitch Ichigo has the audacity to turn around to Hiro and say “I’ll teach you how to Pilot from the ground up.” BITCH YALL ALREADY TRIED TO PILOT TOGETHER AND YOU FAILED. HIRO CANNOT PILOT WITH ANYONE BESIDES 002 AND NOW HE IS USELESS…AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT.

I don’t want to hear that bullshit about “Oh well if Hiro didn’t lick 002 he could pilot with anyone.” He was a fucking child who helped another child despite how this other child looked! DON’T FAULT HIM FOR BEING A GOOD PERSON.

Goro then steps up, tells Ichigo to let them meet…still not accepting it, but in the end they meet, and everything gets better. I fucking Ichigo. if you’re going to be a controling bitch, do it for the team, not for selfish reasons. You’re not number one in Hiros heart. You don’t know what love is. GET OVER IT.

Side Note: Don’t send death threats to the Directors, Creators, or Voice Actors. It’s not cool,