‘’Rukia doesn’t have boobs, & isn’t feminine enough to be with Ichigo’’

‘’Rukia is a ugly old midget’’

‘’Rukia & Ichigo are JUST friends’’

‘’Ichigo liked Orihime’s ‘revealing’ dress’’

Ichigo’s literal reaction

‘’Orihime looks like Ichigo’s mother, so she must be with Ichigo’’

‘’Rukia and Chad ship ichihime’’


What if the Quincy have been the good guys all along and the shinigami the bad?

As requested by anon. :)

So far as we know, the Quincy are the villains of Bleach and the heroic shinigami are the good guys trying to save the universe. But what if the truth is the opposite: the Quincy are secretly the good guys and the shinigami the bad? What might that mean?

1. The Quincy intend to “destroy the universe” metaphorically.

On one hand, it’s a little hard to imagine the Quincy being the good guys since their self-proclaimed plan is to destroy the universe. But then, destroying the universe doesn’t really make sense as a plan no matter how good or bad you are. So maybe the Quincy mean “destroy the universe” in a metaphorical way - you know, unmake all of the bad parts and turn it into something good!

Yhwach: In the new reality, dead souls will be with their families, reincarnation will work properly, and there will be no more monsters created out of lingering souls.

Ichigo: Okay but why would you use “destroy the universe” as shorthand for that?

Ichigo: Consider a better PR guy.

2. Soul Society is what is damaging the balance of the universe.

The other reason the Quincy seem bad is that their practice of killing hollows is a threat to everyone: by killing hollows, they destroy the delicate balance between Soul Society and the world of the living, forcing poor Kurotsuchi to, um, murder a whole bunch of human souls to restore the balance. But if the Quincy turn out to be good, then it must also turn out that it is Soul Society, not the Quincy, that are messing up the universal balance.

Haschwalth: Soul Society controls the flows of souls.

Haschwalths: Turns out they’re doing so in a way beneficial to them but bad for everybody else.

Ichigo: No! The government of Soul Society would NEVER do something shortsighted and borderline evil!

Ichigo: Wait.

3. “Purifying” hollows is worse than killing them.

The other other reason that the Quincy seem evil is whole “destroying hollows” thing. Unlike the shinigami, who purify hollows and send them on to Soul Society, the Quincy destroy them completely, which just feels like a dick move. But maybe we are wrong.

Yhwach: Actually when you purify hollows they end up with the Soul King, who eats them.

Yhwach: The Soul King and I are doubles. I, it’s true, eat Quincy souls.

Yhwach: He eats hollow souls.

Yhwach: But he’s way more evil.

Yhwach: We Quincy were trying to starve him out by killing hollows.

Ichigo: Purification…is evil?

Yhwach: Soul Society has a way better PR guy, it’s true.

 Most of the shinigami don’t know.

Okay, but if it turns out that Soul Society is bad for the universe and the Quincy are just trying to fix it, then I think it would still remain the case that the majority of the Gotei-13 are unaware. Like, I can’t really imagine a reveal in which Rukia laughs evilly and Renji stabs Ichigo in the face. But I can imagine them being horrified to learn what their organization has really been for.

Yamamoto: I was one of the few who knew the truth.

Yamamoto: But I stayed on because I figured there was no way of changing how things are.

Urahara: I also figured it out  because I’m pretty smart that way.

Urahara: But I figured “eh.”

5. It’s only the people at the top who are evil.

Basically, the Soul King. The Soul King is evil. In any reality, really. I mean, if he doesn’t turn out to be evil I am going to feel so let down.

Soul King:

Soul King: But I’m cute.

6. Aizen will be smug.

So very smug.



Yhwach: You refused to join us, though.

Aizen: Um if I felt obligated to help someone just because they were good, I wouldn’t have spent my life torturing Kurosaki Ichigo.

7. Ishida will be smug.

So very smug.

Ishida: “Oh Ishida,” you said, “How can you join the Quincy?”


Ichigo: You might have said something like, “Btw we’re all good.”

Ishida: I thought maybe it was obvious since I’M NOT EVIL

8. Ichigio will shout and possibly cry.

Upon learning that he has been the champion for fuckpumpkins this whole time and that at least some of his friends knew about it (mostly, one imagines, Urahara and Kyoraku), Ichigo will not be happy. Shouting will most likely be involved. Music heavy with violins, if the anime comes back. Tears maybe.


Urahara: You could maybe try asking more questions.


9. Ichigo will be forced to work with the guy who killed his mother.

Yhwach did kill Ichigo’s mom. Ishida’s too. I don’t think there’s really any way around that. We have seen, though, that murderers and the family of their victim can get along okay - Ishida somehow managed to deal with Kurotsuchi rescuing him in Hueco Mundo. Rukia and Byakuya get along fine now, even though Byakuya once tried to get her executed. So perhaps Ichigo and Yhwach can overcome their, um, differences as well.

Ichigo: Dude, you may technically be good but I still think you’re a huge jerk.

Yhwach: I can work with that.

10. The Quincy and the (good) shinigami will be forced to work together.

And in the end, the good members of Soul Society (so most of the Gotei-13, I would think) and the Quincy will band together against whoever the real villain is: the Soul King and his evil death minions, I suppose.







Ichigo: This is so awkward.

Yhwach: Life usually is.

Headcanons (Bleach/IchiRuki): 33/∞

Ichigo and Inoue being good friends would actually be really cute because I imagine Ichigo would rely on Inoue to help him since he has trouble enough with Rukia trying to figure out what she wants or really trying to not be as stubborn as her but fails so they butt heads and all the others would just make fun of him or make his life harder so Inoue would be the only one to maybe pity him and help him with Rukia.

I can imagine one scenario like Ichigo and Inoue are talking very loudly near Rukia while she is upset at Ichigo not talking to him and Ichigo is trying to lure Rukia to break her silence.

Ichigo: Gee Inoue, I kind of have a problem.
Inoue: Oh?  What’s wrong, Kurosaki-kun?
Ichigo: See, the thing is I have these two tickets to this theme park, but no one wants to go with me.
Rukia: Hmph!
Inoue: *dramatic gasp* Oh my, not even Kuchiki-san?
Ichigo: *dramatic sigh* And it’s to chappyland too..
Rukia: *perks up* C-chappyland?
Ichigo: Oh?  *leers at Rukia*  Interested?
Rukia: *scrunches up face and huffs with her arms crossed as she turns away* No!
Ichigo: Oh? *smirks* See?  I guess I have this one extra, useless ticket, unless someone might want to come with me.  Oh, hey, Inoue, how about you come with me?
Inoue: *claps hands together* Really?  To Chappyland?  The fun filled bunny theme park featuring daily shows and specials of the all time favorite character, Chappy the rabbit?  With delicious sweets decorated with cute little characters and souvenirs that can only be bought at the theme park before it changes out each season never to be sold again??
Ichigo: … Uh,yeah… *is kind of shocked at how good at Inoue is selling this but looks over at Rukia*

Ichigo: *thinking* Cute… I mean, Success!
Ichigo: That’s right, Inoue.  I’m glad these tickets won’t go to waste because someone didn’t want to go…

Inoue: Of course!  Thank you for inviting me Kurosaki-kun–*looks at Rukia*
Rukia: *Inoue vision of Rukia*

Inoue: !!! *GASP*

Inoue: Don’t worry Kuchiki-san I’ll take you!  

Ichigo: Yeah–wait what!

Ichigio: That wasn’t the plan Inoue!!!

But too late Inoue leaves with Rukia and they spend the whole day together at chappyland taking pictures and Ichigo sighs thinking ‘it can’t be helped’ because Rukia looks so happy so he is happy.  But then he can’t help but be a little jealous now because he should be on that date with Rukia.

I thought I was the boyfriend…