ichiban kuji

Scored the YOI Ichiban Kuji “Enjoy Your Trip” Tour Guide Book, and Otabek’s page is just ~killing me.


Otabek sending Yurio pictures of the random, interesting things he finds in Almaty, and Yurio replying, “Give me!!!”

Otabek invariably buying those things for Yurio and sending them to him. 

It starts of as a joke, but like all running jokes, it escalates, until one day, Yurio opens his front door, expecting to find yet another parcel from Kazakhstan… but finds a WILD CITY BOY on his doorstep instead.

“I was expecting something a lot smaller,” Yurio says, with a nonchalance he doesn’t feel. He hopes that Otabek doesn’t hear the slight hitch in his voice.

“Thought I’d deliver it personally,” Otabek grins, sharp and sure, as he drops the black-and-gold cap on top of Yurio’s head. 

What, Yurio tries to say, but Otabek leans in then, and steals the retort right from his lips. 

“Suits you,” Otabek finally murmurs. a while later. A long while later. 

“Oh,” Yurio breathes, slightly dazed. Unthinkingly, his hands fist in the front of Otabek’s jacket, and he reels his maybe-boyfriend in for another kiss.


A new special Ichiban Kuji from Banpresto has been announced! After a focus on Magnemite, it’s Mimikyu’s turn to have a dedicated Ichiban Kuji. Each ticket is the usual 620 yen. The lottery is expected to be released in Japan on November, 25th, 2017.

The prizes are as follows:
A. Mimikyu 28cm Plush
B. Mimikyu Hand Towel (4 different)
C. Dishes (5 different)
Last Chance Prize. 28cm Plush Bag