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dont adopt him he’s gonna destroy your clothes… boi are you even listening

MP100 Valentines Week

Day 3: Snow

Tome: TADAAA! Isn’t he beautiful?
Mezato: Heh, of course! *mutters* you’re far more beautiful than that lump of snow…. 

(thank you for coming to my sudden stream for this guys! Apparently streaming helps me keep focus more LOL)


Osomatsu-san/OFF fusion, because Jyushimatsu and baseball and Judge and Ichimatsu and cat. 

I kinda try to fit them into the idea of the character, so this’d be like another very different version of OFF, which is probably a lot louder and more chaotic. 

also you can tell Iyami is gonna be Dedan from the teeth, and Totoko is Sugar maybe. And Matsuyo is the Queen, of course. 

it’d hurt a bit if everything proceeds as the original plot dictated

♡ Meet The Mini Toasters ♡
  • I have a hard time figuring out which ones which, so I finally decided to make a little guide to remember each one for my next chat comics. ^ w ^
  • Ichi: The Chatterbox of the bunch. (well they all are, but his mannerisms are similar to Mommy.XD)
  • Nii: The Quiet Observant One. (He's kind of shy around strangers and will hide behind his parents or siblings if he's not comfortable with something).
  • San: The Big Eater (he likes to eat A LOT. Favorite placte to eat? On his Daddy's shoulders. X3)
  • Yon: The Animal Whisperer who's great with most critters. (Especially cats. They tend to cover him 'completely' if he sits still for too long on cold days.)
  • Gou: The Cinnamonroll (he mostly refers to Saigenos as Mommy and Daddy. Despite being close to the middle, he's kind of the baby of the group.)
  • Roku: The Trigger-Happy mischevous one. (He's most skillful with his blasters and emulates his father with the signature 'bang' pose he once saw him do.)
  • Nana: The Secretarial One. (He's usually left with the task of organizing the notebooks and passing messages. Likes doing laundry with Mommy.)
  • Hachi: The Gentlemanly Curious One. (He's certainly more polite than his brothers, yet can't help but be inquisitive at the same time.)

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bhhhgggvvb ichi thanlks


I’m actually speechless, really, Todomatsu??? XD
First Phantom Theif Matsu is here!

Always the first, he’s ALWAYS the first lmao
That attack is brutal af and I love it. Bet he stole those knives. If this is Totty’s attack I am going to be living in fear waiting for Ichi to arrive, oh man.

Beautiful event so far!