ichi man

so I said something about mezato and takenaka having the eccentric shounen detective vibe and guess what

yep its an AU

in which mezato is an independent reporter who’s famous for not knowing what fear or common sense is when it comes to investigation, and takenaka is a telepath trying to stay alive

pointers under the cut

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[Villain!Deku AU] There be no place (like your mother’s embrace)

In which Deku went home for the first time after the accident and Inko welcomes him like he never left.


Sometimes when Izuku was so sleep-deprived beyond recognition after a grueling mission, he’d teleport to some random house to nap anywhere he appeared.

Most of the time he’d be lucky and teleported into an empty house, or a bathroom in the dead of the night, or an empty apartment, or an abandoned warehouse, or a park bench somewhere in Hokkaido, but this time, he was teleported to a small apartment building.

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in which takenaka gets shot bc this whole thing is such bullshit


dont adopt him he’s gonna destroy your clothes… boi are you even listening

MP100 Valentines Week

Day 3: Snow

Tome: TADAAA! Isn’t he beautiful?
Mezato: Heh, of course! *mutters* you’re far more beautiful than that lump of snow…. 

(thank you for coming to my sudden stream for this guys! Apparently streaming helps me keep focus more LOL)


Ichimatsu’s upset analysis :

You know I was a bit near of crying watching this part because Ichi’s canonically fragile heart does not feel trust from others, because he thinks his bros are playing to be nice and does not trust him completely, maybe Ichi’s real issue is high self doubt that triggers distrust to others. I don’t think others can trust Ichi to be a man or strong enough to protect himself or be more independent.

Here is the miscommunication, his bros thinks to protect his fragile heart, they must protect Ichimatsu at all cost. It is similar with Oso’s ideal to keep his bros safe by staying with him under same roof and to know things abt them. But Ichimatsu is being different, he wants to know what he is capable of by himself so he can strengthened his heart.

(man aka strong type or brave, no offense to western high sentimentality for gender stereotypes, please)

PS: Please don’t make discourse out of this and be noisy bunch
PSS: I hope Ichimatsu will be ok, he through so much.