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And I Liked It(Santana Lopez)

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Santana pranced around the glee club room, with all the other girls following suit. They sang the famous Katy Perry jam, and they sang it with pride. What a memorable way to come out. Shocking everyone in the club, Santana pulled you in for a kiss as soon as the song came to an end.

The cheers grew louder as you wrapped your arms around the girl, happy to have won her over. That was the start to such a beautiful relationship that everyone envied.

* * *

Things were great between you and Santana. There were weekly movie nights on Friday, kissing between classes, and cute presents at random. No one had seen Santana so happy. The glee club members were happy for you, all but one.

Sam Evans.

Sam recently returned to McKinley, and everyone welcomed him back with open arms. But your ex was not happy that you had moved on. Sam was hoping that he’d return to you, waiting with open arms.

Sam being Sam, was happy that you were happy, but he only wished you were happy with him. He missed seeing you everyday, cuddling on the couch with his younger siblings, and going on dates to Breadstix.

But he was happy that Santana made you happy, nonetheless. It still hurt, watching you hold her hand during glee. Singing songs to the other. Mumbling ‘I love you’s’ when you kiss her cheek or when she kisses yours.

“I’m really happy for you, Y/N,” Sam told you as you walked down the halls.

“Thanks, Sam, you really mean a lot to me, and I’m happy that you’re okay.” You grin up at him, “I’ve got to go, Santana’s waiting for me at my car, see you in glee!” You wave, rushing out the door. Sam watches, a sad smile on his face, as you leap into Santana’s arms. He turns away just as you give her a soft kiss.

  • Friend: Hey why do you like that character so much?
  • Me: Are you sure you're ready for this kind of conversation