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From all the things I love about Leorio and Kurapika’s dynamic is this little stupid detail but:

In the Hunter Exam arc we see Kurapika often try to calm Leorio down when Leorio’s short temper starts to act up 

Which Leorio gives back:

They’re always teasing each others and sometimes playing on each other’s short temper when they argue but every other time they’re checking on each others and it’s so sweet

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Imagine this. Every time Leo calls Kurapika and he doesn't answer, he leaves Kurpika messages. Pika will never tell anyone but listening to those messages makes him feel better, it reminds him of the good days with his friends. LeO doesn't know that he listens "He probably just deletes them all anyway". so every time he leaves a message, it gets more random and more personal. "Have I told you about this asshole today? HE WAS TELLING ME MY GLASSES MAKE ME LOOK LIKE ANIME CHARACTERS FROM 90S."(1)

Kurapika always whisperes back something mocking or sarcasting at his phone, smiling because he still get to have that much! But then suddenly, the phone calls stop for a few days! “What happened to him? Is he okay? Is he hurt or is he just giving up on trying to reach me? : And he doesn’t even know which one is worse! So when Leorio calls after a few days he almost answers, almost. (2)

Then he waits until he can hear the message. He closes his eyes and sighs as he leans his head toward the phone. "Hey, I don’t know how much longer is this going to take or what you’re up to, just remember I’ll smash your pretty face if you get yourself in trouble before answering your god damn phone and talking to me. I’m not going to give up on reaching you so you better remember that and answer already.” Someone who wouldn’t give up on him, it was worth smiling for ;w; (end)



Thank you so much Bahare omggg that’s adorable

okay okay but I’m weak because a long, long while ago I saw this

in a clack gifset and it’s been haunting me ever since

and I was watching hxh and

and now I’m just.  the anime is playing with my feelings

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Hello, I had a question about an old post on tumblr about leopika wedding art drawn by togashi. It was a gag page included in one of the mangas volume extras I think. Basically it was leorio and kurapika getting married and it looked like sailor moon and tuxedo mask's wedding. Would u happen to know where I can find this post or what volume this is thank u


Ahh ye I’m pretty sure it was a fanmade bonus.

I mean, I’d be so thrilled if it was true, but I think it’s not.I went through about all the volumes I had to try to find it and unless the French version removed it, i’m pretty sure it comes from a fan-content.

 Apparently it had been fan content/edit that were added at the end of some chapters by some fan-distributers of the chapters. It’s not canon and not made my Togashi, but made by fans for fans. I think it’s in a downloable content

big ups to @ttachibana for sending it back to me, but here was the bonus on chapter 261/volume 25 of the fan version she had. Here it goes:

and ye it’s from the wedding of Tuxedo Man and Sailor Moon.

Also i’ll add that this pict of Hisoka was along the same pictures

I’m pretty sure it’s fanmade.

But here you are! Hope that was what you were looking for!

Take care!

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What qualities do you think attracted Kurapika to Leorio? Also, in what ways do you find them compatible?

Heyo Nonny!

I personally think they have a lot of compatibility in term of narrative journeys which i mentioned more in depth there.

I think they can be a tough subject to mention but imo, thinking that indeed it’s attraction, all of this would have settled because of how they reversed each other’s expectations of the others.

Kurapika didn’t mean to actually connect with people, he built a lot of walls around himself. I think he wasn’t expecting to really tag along anyone or care for anyone.

Leorio was extremely loud and represented a lot of things Kurapika hated- Greed was for him, one of the most shameful sin in the world, and for cause, since his whole clan was killed, as far as he knows, because their eyes were valuable.

Leorio acted like he didn’t care about life other than his own and talked about getting money out of his own gain. That hit Kurapika right at what would string a core with him. He ultimately pictured Leorio as selfish because of that.

But thus, during their fight on the boat (which was kinda removed from the anime too) - Leorio is the first one to give up fighting in order to save the sailor who passed overboard. Kurapika actually has a double take about it in the manga where he stares at Leorio leaving, before ultimately following him.

I feel like it’s realizing that Leorio was lying that ticked Kurapika off so he started to try to notice what was the lie around Leorio. He didn’t completely pin it down by then, but he was curious about Leorio’s motive, and it lead him to pay extra attention to him - leading eventually to that scene in the hunter exam where they become honest about their motives.

Honestly I don’t know if, if Leorio presented himself directly as the person he is, if Kurapika would have been that involved. But going past that façade Leorio was holding to reveal that, under this mask that was everything Kurapika hated so much, there was a gentle man, ready to help, a doctor who wanted to help people for free (keep in mind that Kurapika initially left his village, among other things, to find a doctor for Pairo) - I think it has softened Kurapika and likely made him think that thereforre, Leorio was someone to care about.

What made Kurapika curious was this mask, this sort of role Leorio played, but its his gentle heart that got Kurapika’s attention, it’s his kindness that got Kurapika to try to get closer to him. I think, especially with Kurapika’s ambitions leading him into dangerous situation, and with Leorio explicitly wording why the current world isn’t allowing people like him to do good without social backup, Kurapika was aware of how Leorio’s ambitions are to keep safe and to encourage.

On the long term, I think there’s others stuff that added up - their stubborn attitudes, the fact neither of them is scared of each other, and how dedicated they can get to each other - those are also values that lead them to be close. They can be themselves around each other, they laid down their secrets to each other, and there is a sort of safety to that.

As for their compatibility, I think that adds up as well. They have strong personalities, but they aren’t scared of each other, there is no power imbalance between the two of them. They put people’s safety before their own, they are strong willed. I linked earlier how their narrative theme can be put in parrallelism and about how, in a way, it’s especially that they both dealt with it in complete different ways. In a way I think that’s why they can be compatible - they can relate to each other despite their different ways to handle it. 

I don’t know how to word it better than that OTL 

Take care!

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What about the qualities that attracted Leorio to Kurapika ?


I suppose it’s linked to my previous ask, where i linked more details about the whole situation.

When it comes to Leorio it’s a little trickier to say because Leorio cares very easily for people. With Kurapika it’s kind of easier to see when someone catch him off guard, while Leorio devote himself more easily to the people he cares about.

Leorio expected Kurapika to be a prideful jerk, which was probably something that ticked him off because, considering his background, this kind of people looked down on him all his life. With how much he insists for Kurapika’s respect in the begining, that’s something that must have hit a cord.

I believe the moment Kurapika apologized, acknowledged his wrong (despite Leorio also provoking him) and showing him respect was something Leorio respected as well (see also his own apology). To be treated as an equal with such a rocky start was probably the first step into at least being glad Kurapika was around.

Likewise, it’s Kurapika’s prideful façade falling during the first exam that may have got Leorio to soften and see that behind all of this was a real tragedy and yet could still see that Kurapika was a strong willed person, who was still willing to trust him. 

For Leorio more than for Kurapika, the fact Kurapika treat him as an equal must already be something for Leorio. Kurapika acknowledge the fields Leorio would be good at, and doesn’t give up on Leorio even when odds would want him to (see the Zevil Island incident where Leorio got stung by snakes). As a result, like i say in the Kurapika ask, their more stubborn, strong willed arguement are things they can both recognize with each other on an equal ground.

Leorio is aware of the pain Kurapika carries and hides most of the time. In the manga there are several panels of Leorio especially looking at him when Kurapika is hiding those in particular. Leorio is receptive to this. It doesn’t really count as what Leorio could be attracted by, but Leorio has a lot of compassion and I think it probably played for his affection for Kurapika.

If anything, there’s also what Leorio tells Melody. He brings up that he considers Kurapika smart, but probably too hot-headed, which is mostly a reflexion that came after Kurapika’s quick emotional outbrust during the YN arc when it came to his hatred of the troupe and how much he cared for the kids. Leorio shows particular understanding during that arc of what Kurapika can go through, so i think those are things he can pick up and value with him. 
(there is also Leorio pointing up to the kids that “Kurapika probably killed a few spiders on his own”, valuing Kurapika’s strengthes.)

For what it’s worth, i think that Leorio would indeed value Kurapika’s intelligence, but also his emotions - that his pride is from how much he loved, and more importantly, how willing Kurapika was to step beyond that first misunderstanding to get them on equal ground, which imo is extremely important for Leorio.

… it sounds like nonsense and all over the place OTL but that’s more or less what I’d say without going too much in the over interpretation.

Take care!

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Hey Icha, got any good Leopika fics to recommend for me? ;o


orz i don’t have any fics to recommand personally, i’m…. still shit at readding fanfics and I never got around to really read leopika’s fics

however i recommand you @kimievii‘s list, she made a few good rectlists that you can find here and there

hope it helps :333

Take care!!