I’m feelin’ a bit nostalgic lately. I think it’s the old age. But as Aaliyah said: ‘Age ain’t nothing but a number’. :)

You know that Aaliyah is the feminine form of Ali? Her name means “The elevated one”. More than appropriate for her. She was one of a kind. They don’t make 'em like this no more.

And another tidbit is that her name written in the original arabic, kinda looks like 'Dilla’. :)

Shout out to ill camille, timbaland, missy and her family. Much, much luv. Her memory lives on.

Hope you’re in peace, baby girl. <3

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But, we can’t and we wont forget. Please take note:

#DontForgetBeirut 43 dead and more than 200 wounded, during  suicide bombings on November 12

#DontForgetBentoRodrigues 15 confirmed dead, more than 45 missing, during a disastrous tailings dam failure, on November 6

#DontForgetKenya 147 dead during an attack at Garissa University College, on April 2nd.

Peace for all.