Èpa Heyi Oyá! Hekua Heyi Yansa! - Oyá/Iansã, in Yoruba mithology is the goddess of wind and lightning. The spirit of tornadoes, lightning, fire, fertility and magic. She’s both the harbinger of destruction and the bringer of life. She represents change and transition. She’s also one of the reigning deities over this year of 2014, along with Xangô. Winds of change. :)

I’m feelin’ a bit nostalgic lately. I think it’s the old age. But as Aaliyah said: ‘Age ain’t nothing but a number’. :)

You know that Aaliyah is the feminine form of Ali? Her name means “The elevated one”. More than appropriate for her. She was one of a kind. They don’t make 'em like this no more.

And another tidbit is that her name written in the original arabic, kinda looks like 'Dilla’. :)

Shout out to ill camille, timbaland, missy and her family. Much, much luv. Her memory lives on.

Hope you’re in peace, baby girl. <3

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