Our Gift to You

This is a fanfiction, but I didn’t bother disguising names or anything. I barely even remember this manga, and I doubt anyone else remembers it either, haha. And I wrote this not because I loved the story, but just because there was a scene in which the main character eats a ton of food, yet doesn’t get a belly from it, and I was like “I’m gonna fix this”. 

This manga was called “Kon Kon Kokon”, and it was by the same artist as Pita-T.en and Kam.ichama Kari.n, which I used to really love back in the day. From what I remember, all the girls are yokai spirits in disguise. Umi is a cross-dresser who likes to cook a lot. Ren is a huge nerd for yokai, but he’s obsessed with trying to appear “cool”. I don’t even think there was ever more than one volume of this. At least not in English. 

Anyway, have some stuffing. ^^

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