ich liebe dish

Kurt X Reader - Winter at Graymalkin Lane Pt13

Ch.13 One Year Later

Reader P.O.V

The snow was beginning to fall again around Xavier’s Institute. You had been at the school for the gifted for almost a year now, the best year of your life. You and Kurt had continued to grow closer, and you have been developing your powers to become a valuable and powerful member of the X-Men.

You are currently washing the dishes, watching the younger kids outside. You notice them having a birthday celebration for one of the others. It occurs to you that you never told the others when your birthday was, nor did you know when anybody else’s was. You pause in the scrubbing of a bowl, staring out the window.

You feel warm arms circle around your waist and a soft kiss on your cheek, your turn to see Kurt’s familiar smile. You feel an immediate warmth in your heart.
“Welcome home…. I hope the mission went well.”
“It did, mein liebe. Minimal injury.” he replies, kissing your cheek again softly. You frown and wipe your hands on a towel and turn to face him.
“Where are you hurt? Let me see.”
Kurt holds you close and with a familiar BAMF you both stand in his room. He pulls back and takes his shirt off, showing some claw-like scratches up his side which are still bleeding.
“Kurt…. you should have gotten this looked at sooner….” you mumble as you get some medical supplies from his bathroom. He sits down on his bed as you kneel, gently starting to clean the scratches.
“What did this to you….. it’s savage….” worry floods your eyes as you carefully clean the dirt from the wound. Kurt is very quiet as you clean, running a hand through your hair.
“A mutant…. one that was not interested in coming back…. I was trying to get Scott out of the way….” His tail curls around you as he speaks, you can tell he was worried that he would not return to you alive. You carefully tape a gauze pad over the wound, then stand to bandage it. Kurt remains quiet until you are finished.
When done you carefully sit in his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck. He hides his face in your neck, shaking a little. He’s never been this distressed after a mission. Not in the entire year that you have been together.

“Hey… lets go up to the attic, yeah? Nobody will bother us there…..” you whisper, running your hands through his hair. He ponders it for a moment before nodding, holding you tighter before taking you there with a BAMF.
He sits down on the mattress as you close the curtains and turn on the little heater. You move back to his side and make him lie back.
“You need to rest Kurt…. try and relax.” You kiss his cheek gently. He nods and closes his eyes, while you sit beside him and go through one of the boxes beside the mattress. You slowly pull out a worn coat, something that looks like it belongs in the circus.
You look over at Kurt as he rests and smile softly, folding the coat up. As you do, a single white feather falls onto Kurt’s chest. He opens his eyes and picks it up.
“This was…. the day that Mystique saved me from the cage fight…. when I was fighting against a young man with wings….” his voice sounded so sad, you took the feather from him and looked it over slowly. You could still feel an energy within the feather.
Kurt watched with curiosity as you focus on the feather, your eyes flashing as your power manifests. You had been using Magneto’s ability for the past year and had mastered it. It was time for something new.
You drew on the energy from the feather, focusing your power the way that the Professor had been teaching you. Slowly, you felt the change beginning. You could see the silvery-white streaks in your hair begin to change to platinum blonde, and you felt the pain in your back as wings began to form. It was slow and rather painful, but you slump onto Kurt’s chest once the change is complete.
“Mein liebe? Are you alright…?” Kurt asks softly, stroking your hair. You nod, trembling a little from the shock.
You had never taken on a physical mutation before, so the change in your body was very difficult to process at first. You tried to move your wings but it was awkward, like having an extra set of arms. It was going to take practice to learn to control them, and more so to attempt flying some day.
“I did not know you could absorb power that way… it is very impressive. Hank will be beside himself.” Kurt added, leaning up to kiss your cheek. You ignore his words and lean down, capturing Kurt’s lips in a hungry kiss. You were still shaking from the change and wanted to get your mind off it, and Kurt seemed more than happy to respond. His hands travelled up under your shirt to your waist, his thumbs brushing against the underwire of your bra.
You felt his tail snake its way around your hips, holding you against him as your new wings covered the pair of you like a blanket.
Your tongue meets his as the kiss becomes more passionate, your hands tangling in his hair as you groan softly at the sensations your body is feeling. One of Kurt’s hands travels up to cup your cheek gently, and you can tell he is not going to push himself too far. But you can also feel that even though he will not remove your clothes and ravish you then and there, he really wants to. You pull back slowly to catch your breath, Kurt looking up at you with flushed cheeks and a soft smile.
“Mein engel… you tempt me so much….” he murmurs, brushing your hair out of your face. It has grown so much in the last year, and has developed soft curls as well.
“You know I would never pressure you into anything Kurt…. no matter how much I love you.” you reply with a soft kiss on his nose.
“Say it in German for me….” he asks softly.
“German..? Ich…lie….?”
“Ich liebe dich.”
“Ich liebe… dish?”
“Ich liebe dich.” he is trying not to chuckle.
“Ich liebe…. dich” you can feel your cheeks burning, you should have asked him to teach you how to say things like this ages ago.
“Again, just to make sure.” he says, stroking your cheek.
“Ich liebe dich….”
“Ich liebe dich~”
“I think… I got it Kurt…. ich liebe dich.” you frown a little when he smirks.
“I know… I just like hearing you say it.” he leans up and kisses you again, making you swallow the witty comeback that you were about to deliver.

Hours later you were sitting in the library with Kurt, snuggled in his arms as he read silently. You held the end of his tail in your hands, stroking the soft skin and feeling the shape of it under your fingertips. You had both grown so comfortable with each other you didn’t need to say anything. You were perfectly at peace in each other’s arms, warm by the fireplace. You didn’t even notice when some of the other young X-Men came in to warm themselves by the fire as well. They stared at the brilliant white of your new wings, but didn’t question them. For once they just let you and Kurt sit together in silence, enjoying the warmth coming from the other.

Kurt P.O.V

Hours later, Kurt was carrying his sleeping girlfriend up to his room. She was so tired, taking this new power and learning to use it. She felt much lighter, gaining the wings must have altered her bone structure as well. She was so warm and snug in his arms, he couldn’t bring himself to wake her.
He used his tail to open the bedroom door and lay her down on the bed gently, taking her shoes off for her. He removed his jacket and shirt, changing into his pyjama pants before digging for a clean shirt to wear to bed.
“…… Kurt…?” he heard her soft voice calling to him.  Shirtless, he turns around to see her watching him from the bed. He smiles softly and moves to her side.
“I am sorry, mein leibe. I did not mean to wake you….” he leaned down and pressed his lips to her forehead softly.
“You didn’t wake me, it’s alright. Come to bed…. I’m cold.”
“Let me find a shirt—-“
“You don’t need one, I won’t bite.” she said, watching him closely. He paused for a moment, thinking it over. He then nodded and moved onto the bed beside her. He had never been shirtless before her, his angel-markings were very visible in the moonlight coming in through the window. As he lay back on the pillows, her hand moved over his chest, learning these new lines. He closes his eyes slowly, relaxing under the warmth of her touch.
She pressed a soft kiss to his cheek before snuggling against his side, draping one wing over him to help keep them both warm.


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