ich hatt'einen kameraden!

Rottenführer Balthasar “Bobby” Woll.

Here he appears with his recently awarded Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross for 88 successive kills while in service with Michael Wittmann in the 13th SS Schwere-Abteilung Panzer Kompanie, 1st SS Panzer Division, Liebstandarte SS-Adolf Hitler.

Bobby Woll was the first SS tank gunner awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross, he was Michael Wittmann’s gunner ( 27.11.1942 till Wittmann’s death in 8.8.1944) then became a Tiger commander.

The final resting place of Michael the Black Baron Wittmann.

In March 1983 two investigators discovered the remains - not at La Cambe but still buried beside the N158r, Jean Paul’s* evidence had been a crucial factor and thanks to his dedicated effort, the hero of the panzertruppe was accorded a decent burial at La Cambe . Of the remains of the five crewmen, Michael Wittmann, Rudolf Hirschel and Heinrich Reimers alone could be identified and their names now mark their communal grave (Block 47, Row 3, Grave 120). A 6.35mm selfloading pistol found with the remains was retained by the Volksbund.

Jean Paul who wrote many articles for After the Battle magazine, also would go on to find many important historical locations for battles fought in WWII, as well as the missing remains of many Soldiers who died in that war.