icey green

So this is one of my favorite desserts of all time. This is shaved ice done right, Asian style. It’s this indescribable mix of creamy, light, airy, and icey. Green tea with red beans, tapioca and mocha. This is a must if you’re in little Osaka

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It had been a while since Alfred and Arthur had hung out. Of course, finding out it was Crendessa that Arthur was dating had hurt Alfred tremendously. Though, he kept his word. He kept coming back. He never left. Though, Arthur had gone silent these past couple of weeks and Alfred had become worried. So, once again, he was at the Britons doorstep, knocking on the door.

The door didn’t open until a few minutes, what felt like days, later, and there he was. A messy haired brit, hair a mix of blonde, pink, and black in streaks as he stood with a black t-shirt and tan pants, a bottle in his hand and his eyes a strange mixture of both emerald green and Icey blue.

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Tasertrick Writing prompt: Loki visits Darcy after the events of Thor: The Dark World.

Darcy was in the kitchen, stirring up her coffee to keep herself awake. For some reason, she hasn’t been able to sleep lately. After her breakup with Ian (and their relationship had been short-lived), she found herself like this nightly. Lonely. Bored. Restless.

Every night Thor and Jane would either go out or stay in and keep her up with their…late activities; and Darcy wasn’t hatin’ on them or anything, but would it kill Thor to not sound like he was destroying Jane’s birth canal?

Erik was…well, at the moment, she really didn’t care. She’ll probably see him on the news again in a few hours.

Darcy felt like something was missing. Like there was a memory she was supposed to remember, but couldn’t. And it kept eating at her, bugging her. Was it because she had no one now? Was it because, maybe, she envies Jane because she has a God who comes home to her, and Darcy doesn’t have one?

A bright light flashed violently outside, causing the entire house to shake. Darcy staggered out of her seat with a start, expecting Thor and Jane to run out of her room…but then she realized-Crap. They’re out again too.

She only saw that light when she knew some god was coming. It couldn’t be Thor-Thor was here! Right?

Without thinking, like she normally does, she ran outside in the cold night, wind whipping her hair in her face. Brushing the strands behind her ear, she took in the man standing in the Asgardian circle-thingie. And he was certainly not big and bulky, but smaller and lanky. Dark hair took place of the blonde. Pale over flushed. Eyes icey green instead of stormy blue.

Darcy had heard of Thor’s brother. She even saw him on TV. But seeing him in person was really nerveracking. And exciting.

And then something clicked into place, like the last puzzle piece snapping into place. Memories of her with the God of Mischief before the whole New York incident played in her mind like a montage; why would she forget being with-correction.

Why wouldn’t she remember being in a romantic relationship with Loki? The Loki?

“I must leave you, and you have to forget," the scene played before her in her head. She fighting tears, he holding her face. "You would loathe me for what I will become. And I cannot let you remember me-it’s better if you know of me, and what I truly am…a monster." Loki had been stroking her hair back, eyes shining with tears that would never shed in front of her. “Damn, I wish you don’t have to forget this…” Her blue eyes then changed, becoming empty; unfocused as he used his magic to swipe every memory of him. “But you do.”

Darcy blinked, a tear rolling down her cheek; a strange green light glinted off of the tear before it splashed on the ground.

She remembered.

"Darcy,” he whispered with deep remorse, as well as passion from the way her name bounced off his tongue.

Darcy ran for Loki, just as Jane had done for Thor not even a month ago; she felt him take her face in his hands and look down at her, gauging her reaction. She snaked her fingers through his hair and pulled his face down to hers so her lips could capture his.

Loki kissed her back with hesitation before he pulled back, their noses grazing; his lips strayed teasingly away from hers.

“I don’t understand,” he whispered, tracing her cheekbones with the back of his finger. “I erase your memories, I leave you for a tremendously long time, yet you still love me? After all that I’ve done…”

“Jane said you were dead,” Darcy panted back.

“Yes,” Loki said back softly.

“But you’re not.”


“And I didn’t care…”

“Because of what I had done. And if I hadn’t, I can’t bare the thought of how you would take that. The last thing I want is for you to be like me.” She buried her face in his chest and he held her there.

“Please don’t make me forget again,” Darcy muttered in his chest, close to whining. “That’s not. Cool.”

Loki wryly smiled, holding her tighter. “You have my word.”