iceskating competition


Hi guys it’s me again

I’m Lynn 19 years old Thai girl who hate doing sports until Yuri!!! On ice changed my life.

I’ve finished my first figure ice skating competition last week and it was Amazing!
I got 2 gold medals one from my solo program and another one from jump and spin team with my girl friend
Can’t believe this happened to me😭😭

First time I watched YOI make me really wanna do Figure skating even I don’t like to do sports but I decided to become a Figure skater at this age//sound a little bit too late but shit I do what I want ⛸⛸

I never thought it’d be easy but shit this’s hard😂

I was afraid of Ice in my first month of training but my coach always cheered me up until I can skate on the ice with out shaking

I’ll skip about my training cause it’s too long and so boring af all about i fall I cry I thought I shouldn’t doing this i feel bad because im the oldest student here who fuking suck someone at the rinks talking shit about me cause im suck blah blah my muscles hurt so bad cause ive to straight my legs blah blah blah just skip it

After 7 months my first competition was started
I wasn’t thinking im gonna win but i do did my best. When I finished my program I ran to the score board and BAM 💥 i screamed like someone is step on my feet 😂😂😂 omg im at the 1st place.
My coach was pretty proud of me so are dad, girlfriend, friends who always help me

My first competition was CMIceskatingseries2017 It was a small competition but it’s a good start
//BTW Ive meet a lot of skaters from the same rink as Pichit-kun OMG THEY ARE SO FUKING GREAT

Isn’t it wonderful how the Anime can inspired you to do a new thing, get a new experience that you never think of before
I know im not gonna go far as Yuri im too old and start too late for GPF or Olympic but i can still have fun with another competition and have fun with Figure skating
I may just do Figure skating cause i was inspired from Anime at first but now i can say i do love this sport so much

Thanks Yuri!!! On ice for changing this fan girl life

Thanks you for reading
And yes We were born to make history


Ps. These are some pictures from the program
Woman in the last picture is my coah