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OC Sunday XD My OC is from the Haikyuu!! Universe, and her name is Yume Kageyama, and she's the twin sister of Tobio Kageyama. She's a prodigy at ice skating, but I haven't thought up so much about her, maybe you have some advice? XD <3

*sniff sniff* Smells like a Haikyuu/Yuri on ice crossover! hmmmm


You’ve done well. It is rare to find a young man of such dedication that he is willing to overlook societal niceties in favor of genuine good. It is a mark of distinction that you choose to think for yourself rather than listen to those who would have you sit idly by and do nothing while evil men do as they like.

I regret that I am unable to come to you at the current time. You recall, naturally, the conversations we have had regarding the duplicity of women. One of my employees was horribly lax in her duties and required chastisement. Due to her lack of diligence, I find that I have more I must accomplish than previously thought. 

Take warning, my boy. A pretty face or a ‘sterling’ reputation are meaningless—you must discover the truth of people for yourself and allow no honeyed words to take you away from your course of action.

With all of these tasks yet to be complete, I must impose upon you again, my good lad. Brielle, having so recently given birth to my beautiful sons, cannot travel far without considerable risk to her health. Such a thing I would never dare, and I must ask you to keep a close eye on the household in my absence. 

A man of means is always at some risk of being targeted by the unscrupulous, and I fear that the result of a previous indiscretion of mine is coming wholly to my door. You recall our conversation about the woman I would have taken to wife had she not proven as viperous as she is beautiful. Kerrin is now threatening to allow a crude and abusive man to act as father to the children she bore me. This, of course, cannot be permitted. 

My lovely Brielle will have more sons to oversee, I expect, but she is a precious jewel and never raises a whit of complaint about meeting expectations. You and she have much in common. 

With fortune on my side, these trifling tasks in the city will not take long. Once they are seen to, I will retrieve my children from Kerrin and bring them along with me when I return. Tell Brielle that you are to act in my stead during my absence and see to it that no harm befalls her or my sons. 


He closed the letter, feeling a surge of exultation wash through him. It was nothing he hadn’t expected—after all, Richard had praised his work on the villain’s farm, had been gracious enough to demonstrate his trust by allowing him to occupy the same house as his beautiful wife. 

But knowing that the man with such conviction, such confidence in himself considered him worthy of standing in his stead during his absence…

Ryan’s chest swelled, and he got to his feet with a rush of new purpose. There was really nothing to do with that purpose—Brielle was always gently guiding the servants about their duties and the boys were only infants, unable to even turn themselves over. 

The guardian tucked the letter into his waistcoat and set off on a brief circuit of the house’s walled property, striding briskly. He found nothing amiss, expected to find nothing, and yet made another circuit, examining the wall for weaknesses or damage. 

He would make Richard proud. He would keep out the undesirable rabble that believed it was better to ‘get along’ than to adhere to the higher laws of true goodness. He would ensure that Brielle and the children never had a moment of worry about their safety and …perhaps…

…perhaps even see about that fishmonger that Richard had coldly called a scoundrel and a thief. 

After all, if the city lost those that bore the taint of selfish interest, it would make way for Richard to collect more individuals who believed as he and Ryan did. 

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hey hana! it’s efi, i tried to call you and you wouldn’t pick up? you must be out being an idol somewhere. anyway! calling to remind you that orisa does need to be checked today! she got a crack in her eyes in a last fight so i was hoping you could get someone to fix that for me. i would but you know i’m in numbani, far, far away from everyone…but yeah! just get someone to look into that and i’ll be so grateful. in the meantime, wish me luck at my speech tonight! i’m so excited to speak at this conference, hey they’re televising it y’know. make sure to watch it and tell me how i did when i get back okay? talk to you soon!


Chapter 3/12 - EXO Planet Recruits A/U: Ice Boy (Kim Minseok) (Ice Manipulation)
“They call him Ice Boy. A prodigy hacker. Helped the military infiltrate systems when he was fifteen. He knows all kinds of dirty secrets, and he knows those with power are waiting for an opportunity to kill him and clean up. But this kid is smart. He hid his strongest asset. The enemy have convinced the military that mutants are a threat and a battlefield against our favour is unfolding. We have no choice but fight, and I want him on our side.”

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You're effort wont save Numbani. It's a waste.


   “ well not with encouragement like that.
   but you’re wrong anyway!! orisa and i
   are determined to keep numbani safe
   and a great place and not even doomfist
   can stop that!!

Episode 1: The Unlikely Prodigy

MC (main character) is nowhere near an ice-skating prodigy like his older sister, a pro-skater of 10 years who has won countless of international competitions and has filled up at least 2 trophy cases with gold medals and trophies with her name on it. In MC’s years of being an ice skater, he has never won more than a bronze medal.

MC is a dejected person, living under the shadow of his older sister while struggling to find himself a motive to keep on skating because he was just a moderate athlete with no exceptional skills to show off. He knew clearly in mind that he is only given so many chances because of his sister’s status in the ice-skating domain. He slacks all the time because he feels like even with hard work, his skills never improves and he’s still not winning anything. His sister, disheartened by MC’s attitude, introduces him to Russian Coach, who has decades of experience in coaching skaters into better athletes.

MC is against this idea at first, saying that retiring and going to a business school might be more beneficial to the whole family instead of burdening everyone with expensive travel and coaching fees, especially when he is nearly a legal adult. However, MC’s sister figured that it might be the best way for MC to start all over again and find his own purpose of ice-skating.

Sunset Frost

Characters: Ice Skater Jimin/Reporter Reader

Length: 8985 words

Genre: Fluff

Author: Faryn

Summary: He was a sports star who skated in fame and you were an unknown reporter with not much taste for champions.

The sharp sound of skates cutting across the ice filled your ears for the 100th time since you entered the busy indoor ice rink. You were currently sitting on a set of frozen bleachers with possibly the absolute worst view of the professional ice arena. Reporters, sports columnists and fans were all milling about in front of you, blocking your disinterested view, and filling the echo of the hall with a loud buzzing of excitement.

The tournament favorite was supposed to be here soon, to enter and perform in a flourish and yet again wow the judges and shatter records and win first place and earn a standing applause. You glanced down at the slightly crumpled paper assigned to you from your employer at a small sports journalism company. This was one for your very first jobs and your excitement had initially overwhelmed you until your eyes had laid upon the name that seemed to scream back at you from every corner of the sports world.

Park Jimin.

You heard that he was a skating legend, that he would move with such eloquence and beauty that he might as well be water. You heard that he had already won hundreds of glinting trophies that he used for his doorstep sometimes. You heard that he was an ice skating prodigy since he could walk and that he could get anyone to fall in love with him with only a flash of his smile.

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