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I’m seeing people drawing and talking about how Yuri and Otabek practiced “the glove thing”. And that’s very funny, really it is, and I like it, but let’s remember…

In the manga, we can see how Yuri was pissed off about Yuuri skating his exhibition with Viktor, and Yuri asks Otabek to take part in his exhibition in that right moment, just before his own exhibition, right? 

Initially, Otabek wasn’t going to take part in all of this, and he can’t pair skate with Yuri. He just helped Yuri the night before to practice his program with the new song. Well, my headcanon now is what all “the glove thing” was TOTALLY IMPROVISED.

Maybe Yuri told Otabek in the last minute: “Stay at the edge of the icerink, then, when I bring you my hands, you take off my gloves, in the most spectacular way that comes to your mind, and at the end, make the pew pew thing with your finger, k?”. And Otabek thought: “Hmm, spectacular way… oh my god, I can only think taking off his glove with my teeth…”

If my headcanon is true and they didn’t practice “the glove thing” before, OH MY LORD, THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!

((PS: sorry if something is weird explained, I’ll be apologizing for my awful english forever))


so me and @partyhardwithharold were chatting when I had a sudden realization that Georgi was kind of good-looking and I got curious what he would look like if he had his hair down then THIS happened and we noticed that he looked like Yuuri and Viktor’s child if they had one and boom!

Russian Family AU (happens after ep 12)

Imagine Viktor and Yuuri adopts Georgi as their child
• Yuuri and Viktor adopt everyone under Yakov’s tutelage
• Yurio is disgusted (and a little jealous) and goes into HISSING MODE
• Yuuri bringing some katsudon for them to try AND OH MY GOD YURIO WAS RIGHT THIS IS AMAAZING!
• Mila as the daughter who always kisses up to the parents
• She always shows off cuz praises from Viktor and Yuuri are so warm and fluffy and stuff
• Icerink Parents doting on their daughter (Yurio looking disgusted)
• Georgi is that child who responds well to praise so they give him special attention
• Especially since Anya broke his heart </3
• Viktor consoling him
• *shoves georgi out of his room where he was sulking 24/7* “GET OUT THERE AND GET ANOTHER DATE!” “WE BELIEVE IN YOU BABE!”
• …then Viktor and Yuuri secretly follows him around
• Yurio: “Y'all are nuts, I’m going home” Viktor pulls him back “Learn a thing or two from Georgi” “but I already have Otab- OH SHIT NO
Yurio hasn’t really told any one that he was official with Otabek
• Then they stop the stake out to interrogate Yurio cuz HOW WHEN WHY
• Yuuri’s the chill parent while Viktor’s overprotective and in denial
• So Georgi’s long gone and they walk back cuz THIS CONVERSATION IS NOT OVER.
• but then Yurio point out Mila and Sara’s relationship
• Viktor: “WAIT WHAT YOU TOO?!”
• Everyone in the Family is gay (except for Georgi probably)
• Imagine Yakov and Lilia coming back and seeing the chaos
• “why did you bring Lilia?” “As a friend.” Viktor: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) wink wink nudge nudge
• They lock them in the ice rink
• Lilia doesn’t know how to skate so she falls
• *Insert Typical “Falls Into Arms and looks Into Eyes” moment
• “Yurio are you crying?” “I’M SWEATING THRU MY EYES”
• Georgi’s like “ah…rekindled love…”
• Lilia bonding with Yuuri cuz he used to do ballet
• Yurio being a sulky child because he’s the Prima Ballerina
• Ballerina Squad™

Someone write a fic for this please. Would read 10/10

My obsession
  • Friend: what is Yuri on ice anyways?
  • Me: *pulls out 12 posters, cosplay wigs, 245 slideshow power point presentation, fanfics, fan art, DVD's, AMV's*
  • Me: I'm glad you asked

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AU where Gladio is a icehockeyplayer. One day he was too early for practice and was about to step on the icerink but noticed that it's occupied by a certain blonde. Prompto was practicing a routine and Gladio was mesmerized by Prompto who's moving on the ice in ways he didnt even knew was possible. Gladio was half hard by the end when Prompto noticed a watcher and quickly left while blushing. From that day he's earlier for practice just to get a glance of Prompto( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hah!! I love it!! We could call it Promptio on Ice and get super rich off of it! 

*looks at 5 million other projects* ….But for today, I’m just going to add some headcanons to your delicious idea ;) 

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(Under the cut cause this got hella long - SFW mostly!) 

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Faking it (Grayson) Part 2/?

Summary: Your bestfriend Grayson is attending a relative’s wedding and he needs you to act as his girlfriend. Cue lots of pining from both your sides, smug looks from Ethan and their family pressuring you into marriage and babies.
Word Count: 2,404
Warnings: None.
A/N: I’m so, so tired. Sorry if this didn’t turn out as long as I had hoped it would, but I’ve just had a busy day and just needed to give you guys something since you’re all so adorable and lovely. Sorry for any mistakes, I’ll correct everything tomorrow. x

Faking It masterlist here.

The flight over to Montana had been uneventful. You had taken the window seat, Grayson right beside you and Ethan the one far out by the aisle. He had pouted like a baby, claiming that you weren’t even a real couple and you were already ganging up on him, cursing you both in a joking manner.

You were nervous, you weren’t about to deny that. So many things could go wrong, and you thought that at least Cam would know the truth but Grayson had shook his head violently.

“Why?” You had asked Gray, eyes wide in confusion.

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Luke and Rory show emotion through actions and Lorelai and Jess show emotion through words

And they both use it to push people away - Lorelai uses her quick rapport to deflect her pain and Jess moves the subject to books or music or desperately asks Rory to run away when he feels thwarted.  Rory and Luke don’t readily talk about their uncertainties and show their love more through actions, such as when Luke built the icerink and when Rory went to New York.  When they’re hurt, they clam up.  Rory throws herself into work and Luke leaves town for a few days.  Rory more extremely leaves Yale altogether when she is overwhelmed and it is only Jess, talking to her directly, who can bring her home.

Lorelai and Jess clashed early on, but there are scenes which show their similarity and the possibility of friendship.  In Lost and Found, Lorelai gives Jess Chinese food and they enjoy some smalltalk, which is unfortunately cut short.  In One’s Got Class and the Other Dyes, Lorelai and Jess share a joke at Luke’s expense, showing the kind of banter they could have if they became friends.   Luke and Rory, who are more quiet by nature, often share knowing looks and remarks about Lorelai’s quirks.  On her sixteenth birthday, Luke bakes Rory a cake and blows up balloons and for her twenty-first, he gives her his mother’s pearls.  Rory introduces him as her stepfather-to-be and the smile on Luke’s face is clear.  When Rory and Jess crash Rory’s car, she goes to Luke.  She tells him that it wasn’t Jess’s fault and Luke simply says ‘I know it wasn’t’.  He makes her food and they sit in an understanding silence.  

One of the reasons Rory and Jess and Luke and Lorelai work as couples is that they recognise these things.  While they had problems communicating as teenagers, Jess is able to get through to Rory when they are adults, as he can see what she is trying to do.  While Rory couldn’t solve Jess’s problems as a teenager, she could see that his smart talk and sarcasm was a wall and that he was vulnerable.  Luke and Lorelai always let each other in when they can’t with others, even Rory - season 6 aside - and it’s Luke’s love for Rory which makes Lorelai know she wants to marry him.  While their respective differences can hinder their relationships, for Luke and Lorelai and Rory and Jess, all four of them understand it in each other and continue to learn.

“Katsuki Yuuri,” Yuri murmured as he traces his finger on a picture screen of Yuuri smiling at the camera, hair slick back and sweat on his face from his Eros performance. “you are mine and mine only, you damn pig. All mine from the moment I discovered you though the grapevine. You make me sick, but I love you, baka.” Yuri brought the phone to his mouth and pressed his lips on the screen softy. He imagined kissing Yuuri’s soft lips in the icerink, embracing him protectively in his arms. Yuuri was his in this fantasy and no one wasn’t there to ruin it.


“Yuri, are you making out with your phone again? I think you need to be with a human being to do that.” Yuri jumped from his interrupted fantasy and looked up the see a smirking silver haired standing in front of him.


Yuri hissed angrily at the older man, quickly shoving his phone in his pocket. “Fuck off, old man. It isn’t your business.”

Victor chuckled as he watches Yuri leaves the icerink nervously.

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Would you friend me? (bc I am too old for you haha) :3 A very femme female, 28, 170cm tall. I have blue eyes. hair colour is a medium brown. I like to draw and I'm really into reading. Also archery and hiking~ I enjoy cuddling on couches with blankets and tea either watching a film or reading or doodling. And I would love to take you to an icerink, or trampoline park, do an escape room or even a butterfly conservatory! p.s I think you're a super awesome human and I'm glad you exist. <3

You seems really lovely!! I would love to be your friend!! :)


„Tony?“, you asked setting your glass of champagne on the table before you. „Maybe I could organise the next date, what do you think?“ You smiled at him, while he raised an eyebrow.
„Do I want to know what you’re up to?“, he asked suspiciously, but you just kept smiling. „Let me plan it, please“, you begged, looking at him with your best puppy eyes. Tony chuckled and looked to the ground. „Alright, babe, whatever you want.“
You walked around the table giving Tony a small kiss. „Thank you“, you whispered.
„Everything for you“, he answered planting a soft kiss on your forehead.

„I still don’t get why you wanted to come here“, Tony said, eyeing the people around you. „It’s loud, it’s full and I’m pretty sure, that someone had died in here.“
You sighed and looked at him. „Tony, it’s just an icerink. It’s not loud, it’s… alive. And I’m sure that nobody had died in here!“ You turned back to the cashier. „Well, not this year“, you added under your breath, so that Tony wouldn’t hear you.

Tony sighed once again, the disconcerted look still on his face.

You payed the cashier and received your iceskates, handing one of the pairs to Tony.

„You want me to wear these?“, Tony asked, his voice disbelieving. Now sighing yourself, you shoved him to the nearest bench. „Oh yes, I want you to wear these. Now.“
„Babe, if you go for such things, I could wear some in the bedroom next – Ouch!“ Annoyed you had hit him with one of your own shoes, before sitting down and putting them on.

After a while and lots of grumbling Tony was wearing his skates as well, and so you made your way over to the icerink.

„Come on“, you smiled, your mood a bit better now that you got so far. Tony slowly approached the gate, stepped on the ice – and got nearly overrun by a passing skater. You chuckled a bit, for Tony didn’t really fit into this whole publical ice skating thing. 
He took a deep breath, obviously annoyed, but to your great favour he kept his mouth shut.

You took a few rounds, first slowly, then just pulling Tony with you, while dodging all the other people that approached you. You smiled a bit to yourself, remembering the times when you used to come here with your family every winter. You felt like a little kid again.

But your joy didn’t last very long, for Tony’s expression was nothing less than completely annoyed.

Out of breath and nerves you decided to make a small pause, sitting on a bench beside the icerink. You had changed your skates back to your normal shoes, making it far more easier to walk.
„I’d love to get a hot chocolate“, you decided quietly for yourself, before turning to Tony. „Do you want something to drink?“, you asked, getting out your purse.
„Well, yes“, he answered. „Actually I wanna drink something. In fact, I wanna drink the nice old burbon, waiting for me at home.“ You tilted your head.

Gradually you’ve had enough of his bad mood. Couldn’t he at least try to enjoy being here with you?
„You know what?“, you snapped, grabbing your bag and standing up. „Sounds like a good plan to me. Why don’t you just go home to your drink. I’m out of here.“
With these words you stormed angrily outside, taking your anger out by kicking the rubbish that lay on the street as hard as you could.

„(Y/n)!“, you heard a voice behind you. „(Y/n), damnit. Wait!“
You didn’t think of waiting and just moved on. Eventually he would get to you anyway, but you could force him to run at least a little longer.

„What on earth is wrong with you?“, Tony asked, grabbing your shoulder, so you had to stop, if you wanted to or not.
„What is wrong with me?“, you asked back, turning around. A puzzled look evolved on Tony’s face. He opened his mouth, but you didn’t even think of letting him speak now. „You want to know what is wrong? I wanted to show you something, that meant really much to me. And what did you do? Complain, complain, complain.“ „(Y/n), I…“
„No, Tony. It’s my turn to talk.“ You took a deep breath to hold back the tears forming in your eyes. God damn, you weren’t a child anymore. „It’s just… You always invite me to those expensive parties, buy me beautiful things. God damn, Tony you once rented a whole hotel just for us two.“
To your great displeasure Tony looked rather proud of himself.  „No, not that look! Don’t you dare.“
Immediately it was gone. You sighed. „You know, it’s not that I wouldn’t appreciate it. Because I do. It’s just…“ Out of words you ran your fingers through your hair „It’s just that, for once, I wanted to show you something out of my world.  Out of my ordinary, loud and full world made of places where probably someone had died once.“ Defeated you looked to the ground. „It is a part of me, Tony. I just wanted to give you something back. Go on, make your jokes. I know you hated it inside there.“
But to your surprise you didn’t get to hear any snappy remarks. Instead Tony took your left hand in his, while he raised your chin with his other, getting you to look at him.
Frowning you looked into his brown eyes, waiting for a reply. Tony inhaled deeply. „You know what? It wasn’t that bad at all, I mean…“
„Tony. Remember, I always know when you’re lying.“

He looked to the ground and smiled. „Okay, you know when I’m lying. So listen, yeah?“
He pulled you into a tight hug, his head resting on yours, while he rubbed soothing circles over your back. „It was terrible.“

You scoffed. Thanks for repeating, Tony.
„But you know what else?“ He pulled slightly away to look at you. „I love you, (Y/n). And if it means so much to you, well, I maybe survive a bit more.“
You looked up to him, smiling softly, while gazing into his eyes. „I guess, this is the cutest thing, that you’re able to say, so…“, you wrapped your arms around his neck. „Thank you.“
You gave him a small peck on the lips, whereupon Tony smiled, kissing you again. You pressed yourself against his body, moving your lips against his. His hands were on your hips, slowly moving downwards, but you just smiled into the kiss, before grabbing Tony’s hands. „Nope“, you whispered against his lips, breaking the kiss. „But you know what?“

He raised an eyebrow. „You were right.“ Sighing you looked to the icerink, whose neonlights shimmered in the distance. „I think I was being just a bit nostalgic, but… I guess it actually really is terrible.“
„Still want to get that chocolate?“, he asked, looking at you, but you shook your head.
„No, I remember the hot chocolate tasting like a mix out of dish soap and sewage with cocoa powder.“ Tony chuckled. „But I wouldn’t say no to one at your place.“  You gave him another small peck, smiling. „Oh and Tony?“, you asked, already walking towards the car.

„I love you, too.“

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So I was listening to “History Maker” (Yeah, I’m too deep into Yuri!! on Ice) and thought about TsukkiYama… Can you imagine Akiteru taking little Kei and Tadashi on icerink and even if Tsukki doesn’t like it, Yams continues and few years later Tsukishima goes to cheer on Yams (even if he didn’t want to, he goes anyway) and see him skating for the first time and is just speechless bc Yams is so beautiful