Luke and Rory show emotion through actions and Lorelai and Jess show emotion through words

And they both use it to push people away - Lorelai uses her quick rapport to deflect her pain and Jess moves the subject to books or music or desperately asks Rory to run away when he feels thwarted.  Rory and Luke don’t readily talk about their uncertainties and show their love more through actions, such as when Luke built the icerink and when Rory went to New York.  When they’re hurt, they clam up.  Rory throws herself into work and Luke leaves town for a few days.  Rory more extremely leaves Yale altogether when she is overwhelmed and it is only Jess, talking to her directly, who can bring her home.

Lorelai and Jess clashed early on, but there are scenes which show their similarity and the possibility of friendship.  In Lost and Found, Lorelai gives Jess Chinese food and they enjoy some smalltalk, which is unfortunately cut short.  In One’s Got Class and the Other Dyes, Lorelai and Jess share a joke at Luke’s expense, showing the kind of banter they could have if they became friends.   Luke and Rory, who are more quiet by nature, often share knowing looks and remarks about Lorelai’s quirks.  On her sixteenth birthday, Luke bakes Rory a cake and blows up balloons and for her twenty-first, he gives her his mother’s pearls.  Rory introduces him as her stepfather-to-be and the smile on Luke’s face is clear.  When Rory and Jess crash Rory’s car, she goes to Luke.  She tells him that it wasn’t Jess’s fault and Luke simply says ‘I know it wasn’t’.  He makes her food and they sit in an understanding silence.  

One of the reasons Rory and Jess and Luke and Lorelai work as couples is that they recognise these things.  While they had problems communicating as teenagers, Jess is able to get through to Rory when they are adults, as he can see what she is trying to do.  While Rory couldn’t solve Jess’s problems as a teenager, she could see that his smart talk and sarcasm was a wall and that he was vulnerable.  Luke and Lorelai always let each other in when they can’t with others, even Rory - season 6 aside - and it’s Luke’s love for Rory which makes Lorelai know she wants to marry him.  While their respective differences can hinder their relationships, for Luke and Lorelai and Rory and Jess, all four of them understand it in each other and continue to learn.

So I was listening to “History Maker” (Yeah, I’m too deep into Yuri!! on Ice) and thought about TsukkiYama… Can you imagine Akiteru taking little Kei and Tadashi on icerink and even if Tsukki doesn’t like it, Yams continues and few years later Tsukishima goes to cheer on Yams (even if he didn’t want to, he goes anyway) and see him skating for the first time and is just speechless bc Yams is so beautiful


Yuzuru’s new interview on “Hana wa Saku” [”flowers will bloom”], aired on NHK this morning in Japan (28 June).

(Narration:  Our next interviewee is Mr. Yuzuru Hanyu, the gold medalist of the Sochi Olympics, who comes from Sendai City.  It’s been just a year since he skated to the song to support reconstruction “Hana wa saku” [for the first time in June 2014].  He talked about the thoughts he put into his skating to that song.  His victory at the Sochi Olympics conferred huge encouragement to the affected areas as well as to the entire nation.  But, he said that his thoughts were complicated.)

Yuzuru: At that time when I received the Olympics gold medal, I wondered what on earth I was able to offer.

(Narration: Wondering what he could offer, Mr.Hanyu performed a story of hope for reconstruction, through the song “Hana wa saku.”  He first performed “Hana wa saku” at the Icerink Sendai where he was training since his childhood. He was there at the time of the [3.11] earthquake.)  

Yuzuru: I myself was hit by the earthquake.  While the building didn’t collapse, I witnessed big cracks and the rink in pitch dark.  That’s why I was able to put my special emotion [into the programme] when the rink was light up, remembering that I had been hit by the earthquake and had scary experience.  As the song gradually went to the climax, the scene [i.e. the rink] also became clearer.  I was skating to the song, feeling that I am so blessed to be able to skate and that the reconstruction of many facilities progressed this much thanks to so many people’s efforts.    

To be sure, I would like to convey a message to those affected populations. But, at the same time, by expressing my own experience, I would be happy if audience can feel something in their heart, by watching me as I am.

(Narration: Lastly, he gave a message to those affected populations.)  

Yuzuru:  [Yuzuru wrote ARIGATOU (thank you) on the board.]  One of the meanings is that I thank all the cheering and support for my skating.   It also refers to the thank-you messages that I have always received from my fans.  As those two “thank you” messages overlap, it would be great if fans and I can be united into one and achieve something together.  In addition, I am sure fans will continue supporting me, so “thank you” to such continuous support from now on, too. 

Translated by Sophie Moroi on FB (YH International Fan Group

Winter Wonderland

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Oswald finished lacing up Elijah’s skates, ensuring they were a tight fit so the boy wouldn’t damage an ankle on the ice. He’d taken the family out to a local outdoor pond turned winter icerink where it had entirely frozen over. They maintained it enough that the ice was mostly smoothed over with only a few bumps in it. Not perfect, but it was a gorgeous location, much better then a noisy rink in the city center. It was also wonderfully private.

“Where’s your mothe- Oh! Ivy… what is that?” Staring at the penguin shaped contraption she had packed along with them. It appeared to be some kind of device one could lean on for balance. “I’m sure Elijah can learn to skate without that…”


From the history of Budapest’s Icerink

The City Park Ice Rink is a public ice rink located in the City Park of the Hungarian capital Budapest, between the Heroes’ Square and the Vajdahunyad Castle. Opened in 1870, it is the largest and one of the oldest ice rinks in Europe. The official opening ceremony took place on 29th January 1870 in the presence of Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria, and skating got underway immediately, with the first ever race held on 2 February. This time the association had only 35 members, which increased to 432 by the end of the year. The outset of figure skating in Hungary can be dated from 6 January 1871, when Jackson Haines, who is regarded as the father of figure skating, presented his show for the Hungarian audience. He repeated his visit in the next year, due to that figure skating gained ground quickly among Hungarian skaters. In 1874 the wooden cottage was burnt down, following that a new stable building was erected by the plans of Hungarian secessionist architecht Ödön Lechner. On the ground floor was found the changing room and warming room, while on the upstaris was placed the main hall and the music room.For 1879 floodlights were installed to ensure a skating opportunity at nights.

Sometimes you get to do something you never thought you would! Thanks @cheapskatehockey @msinclair78 and all who set up the killer scrimmage this afternoon! @destroyalllines @hysteriamag @icezoo_icerink Tomorrow Night! Oi! (at Ice Zoo)

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Icerink on the roof - Paris Department Store Budapest
The Paris Department Store’s - Párisi Nagyáruház or Divatcsarnok-
predecessor was the Terézvárosi Casino. Budapest’s first major department store opened its gates in 1911. The building shows some wonderful no-renaissance characteristics, especially when we’re drinking a hot black coffee in the room decorated with Lotz Károly’s murals, though basically the shoppomg mall is an Art Noveau building.
The original property was bought in 1884 from the agency managing the construction of Andrássy boulevard, with the purpose of erecting a casino. Construction ensued to realize Gusztáv Petschacher’s design, in grand neo-reneissance style. The Teréz Town Casino had a vaulted hall on the ground floor, accommodating József Petanovics’s famous beer hall and restaurant. The first floor fitted a billiards room, flanked by podiums held up by columns for the onlookers. The Paulay Ede street wing housed the glamorous ball room still visible today. The second floor had further reading and game rooms, while two luxury suites occupied the third floor.

Sámuel Goldberger purchased the real estate in 1909 and promptly started rebuilding: he wished to resurrect the Great Parisian Department Store demolished by fire on its previous location, near to Balha Lujza square. The first of its kind in the capital, the jewel of the most attractive avenue in the city, the modern structure stunned shoppers from 1911 on, including the icerink on the roof!

As to the fate of many of Budapest’s notable buildings, the Paris
Department Store didn’t emerge unscathed from World War WW bombardments; and also suffered from ensuing nationalization. To delete the memory of bourgeois grandeur the building was used for storing books for two decades. Following a slapdash refurbishment, in 1964 the department store opened its gates to customers again. Until 1999, it operated as a branch of the Centrum chain, when, bowing to commercial pressure, it had to close. Doors remained shut, and the building decayed for years. Orco Property Group eventually bought the property, and renovated the building. The Art Nouveau edifice was thoroughly rejuvenated, an air of beauty and elegance again surrounds it. The design elements (columns decorated with Zsolnay ceramics, Art Nouveau decoration, stone casing), as well as the neo-reneissance ball room qualify the Parisian Department Store for heritage listing. Luckily much of the building’s elements were preserved and incorporated by the architect, Zsigmond Sziklay. As a result, visitors may still marvel at the dazzling Lotz Hall. Allegorical paintings represent the capital’s
flourishing, the work of Károly Lotz and Árpád Feszty.
The Alexandra Bookstore operating in the Paris Department Store won the Year’s Metropolitan Bookshop prize in 2011. The former ballroom is now a coffee house, while the uppermost storey houses the Párisi Gallery and Arts Salon, only “topped” by the rooftop 360 Bar.


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5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  • book (or ebook)
  • hair buckle
  • deodorant
  • big red gums
  • tote bag from LKFF (it’s very precious to me:D)

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • Books everywhere
  • photos with my friends and from my trips
  • katana
  • board games
  • Plushies (like little Deadpool and Spiderman, Nemo, big Rilakkuma, Angry Bird Vader XD) 

5 things I am currently into:

  • Yuri!!! on Ice
  • YOI
  • Victuuri
  • Viktor Nikiforov’s love for Katsuki Yuri and vice versa
  • Ice Skating

(^^^ I just leave it because lol #same) 

5 things on my to-do list:

  • Start a diet… ;;
  • Catch up with tv series
  • Go visit that temporary exhibition about mummies in museum
  • Go to the swimming pool and to the icerink
  • Go back to learning japanese and russian and start improving my english…

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