BTS| Ice skating

BTS Preference: You want to go ice skating

                                                                                                    - mi


  • *gentleman mood on*
  • would take you to a frozen lake or ice skating area  immediately
  • of course he knows how to
  • but you don’t
  • like what means balance ?
  • he would hold you tight
  • until he thought its okay
  • he thought wrong

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  • old grandpa would hate the idea
  • like where is the sense in sliding across a frozen lake and possibly break your bones instead of sitting in the safe studio and producing music
  • “please”
  • “no”
  • “please” 
  • “no”
  • “but i love you”
  • “no”
  • silent treatment and pouting from your side
  • “i don’t give a shit” from his
  • until he couldnt take it anymore 
  • “you take care of me when I break my bones”
  • when you stepped on the frozen lake, you would cling on him
  • “ what? your not able to do that? ”
  • would help you 
  • would be smug about it and would show it
  • would find your unability lowkey cute

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  • would be worried since he knew that both of you were more than clumsy
  • but would do it anyways to make you happy
  • would get faster and faster since both of you were stable on the ice
  • until he got foolish
  • “look how fast i am”
  • that was his end
  • (I’m laughing more than i should)

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  • would be happy to spent time with you
  • confident until he made his first step on the ice
  • would cling on you
  • “dont be scared jagi, I just want to make sure that you’re safe”
  • you would laugh so hard
  • “ its ok hoseok, let me teach you”
  • our little scream queen would try it for you

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  • okay, i can imagine him to make it a totally romantic thing
  • like hand holding, kissing, hugging
  • of course while sliding across the area
  • people would look because everyone would sense how much in love you are
  • a night whith a happy ending ( im sorry im sorry i needed to write this)

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  • more excited than you when you asked him
  • would giggle all the way to the lake
  • laughing the whole time 
  • but would  actually be pretty secure on the ice
  • people would look after you because you were so noisy
  • taehyung would be noisy
  • “come on jagi, lets make a video for the hyungs”
  • you filming him
  • it never works when someone’s watching
  • enough said

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  • golden maknae rises
  • if you thought about a romantic evening, you thought wrong
  • would burn for showing you how good he can hold the balance
  • woul even try some figures 
  • feels like the king, looks like a three-year-old

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