I hate those guilt trip posts like happy fourth of July, america killed a butt ton of people.
Liked cant we just have one day to embrace the good things this country has done? Because a lot of other countries have killed a lot of people too. I’m not saying to completely forget the bad, because then it would repeat, but to set it aside for a day.

Okay I just realized this and can be off but if sweden and other Nordics can be considered parents of america, then take into consideration that Vikings first settled where modern day Russia is right now long before going to america and then the Vikings kinda just integrated themselves with who was there that kinda makes America and Russia brothers in some sense and that Russia is the older brother.


Can someone please cosplay makoto at a con with a pool and just point at signs that say “pool this way” etc and have their Hakura cosplay rip off his shirt every time and scream WHERE?!!
Please?? Film it I need this!