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HOLY SHIT. HOLY SHIT. I finally read Hyde's Long Way Home - EVERYWHERE. Passerby moved around me as I walked through town, having downloaded it onto my tablet, my eyes only briefly looking up to ensure I wouldn't bump into anything. On the bus, off the bus, at home, before bed, waiting; I could not put it down. I'm sure you get this a lot, but I still want to tell you how phenomenal your story is. Your grasp on Hyde is amazing and I loved how you had not only him and JH evolve, but everyone(tbc)

and even, to a small degree, Kelso, I think. (Had he stayed exactly the same throughout, he wouldn’t have just comforted Jackie in the motel when she was vulnerable.) I found it fascinating that Hyde’s second-to-last day in the time loop was the future he always expected to have, and I especially loved that he learned French and horseback riding for Jackie. Everything about it was magnificent; my fave JH fic. You are an incredible writer and I hope I’ll be able to read a novel of yours one day.    

Thank you so much for the delightful comments! I really appreciate them. <3 Your observation about Hyde’s second-to-last day is sharp (and the image you conjure of reading HLWH is … flatteringly worrisome *lol*). I’m so glad you enjoyed the story.

Hyde’s Long Way Home [FFNet / AO3]

icelovesfire replied to your postOkay so i know you’re a big LP fan but i think you’re forgetting an important scene remeber in 3x13 Lucas said to brooke “the DIFFERENCE is I love You not peyton” so i dont see the hype for this leyton fandom. Sorry not to offend you but you have to admit that Lucas never fought for Peyton. Unlike brooke he always let peyton walk away. Brooke on the other hand he chased after. like he went into a storm because of her and never let her go.

This right here is why I can never ship Brucas, even though Brooke was my favorite on the show.

My favourite is Peyton and I adore Leyton, but I love Brooke. She’s my 2nd favourite character in the show. This isn’t the case where I hate one of the characters of the triangle. And I felt her pain so much and it’s one of the reasons I don’t like Brooke and Lucas as a couple. Because how Brooke felt most of the time. I think her “breakdown” in 3x22 is one her most powerful scene because you totally feel how desperate she is, the pain she’s going through and how much he doesn’t understand her.

“I bawled just because of feeling that pain and in this moment, for her, it’s like he still doesn’t even get it. She’s not mad. She’s crushed. And she’s realizing that this boy that she loves so much just doesn’t know herShe’s not mad, she’s just heartbroken.” -Sophia Bush (x)

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I actually have some scenes of vintage LL2 and JY LL2 that I love…but 2005 LL2 is the only one I could ever really ship, if pigs flew and I shipped them. I blame Greg, of course.

Maybe I’m not giving JY’s LL2 a fair shot because I’ve seen very little of them. But in the Liason clips I’ve seen, his Lucky just seemed really aggressive but then again, I think he was brainwashed by Helena (?). On a tangent…this is ironic to me because I love JY’s Rick on The Bold and Beautiful and think Kyle Lowder’s Rick was too aggressive and JY’s RIck is more gentle. 

And I do credit Greg for my stray LL2 feels too. And his chem with Becky. :)